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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper QFX Series
Product Type: QSFP+ Transceiver Module
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Product Description

The QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4 is a QSFP+ module designed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking, supporting a 40 Gbps signaling rate over 850 nm wavelength with a transmission distance of up to 150 m on MMF. It features a 3.5 W maximum power consumption and operates within a temperature range of 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C). This module accommodates up to 128 link aggregation groups (LAGs), with a maximum of 32 ports per LAG, and supports jumbo frames up to 9,216 bytes.

Key Feature for the QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4

  • What is the maximum transmission distance for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4 module?
    The maximum transmission distance is up to 150 meters on multimode fiber (MMF).
  • How many Gigabits per second does each lane of the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4 transmit?
    Each lane transmits at a rate of 40 Gbps.
  • What is the operating temperature range for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The operating temperature range is from 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C).
  • What wavelengths do the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4 receiver lanes operate within?
    Receiver lanes operate within a wavelength range of 840 nm to 860 nm.
  • What is the maximum power consumption of the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The maximum power consumption is 3.5 Watts.
  • What is the core size and cladding specification for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The core size is 50 µm and the cladding is 125 µm.
  • How many ports per link aggregation group (LAG) does the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4 support?
    It supports up to 32 ports per LAG.
  • What is the maximum output power per lane for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The maximum transmitter output power per lane is 2.4 dBm.
  • What is the effective modal bandwidth of the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The effective modal bandwidth is 2000 MHz x km.
  • What is the maximum relative humidity during operation for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4?
    The maximum relative humidity during operation is 90% (non-condensing).

Product Review

The Juniper QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4 offers a 40 Gigabit Ethernet transmission over multimode fiber with a reach of up to 150 meters, catering well to high-density data center environments. However, its operating temperature range is limited to 0° to 40° C, potentially restricting deployment in environments with more extreme temperatures. Additionally, the module supports up to 128 link aggregation groups with 32 ports each, enhancing network flexibility and scalability, but its power consumption of 3.5W could impact overall energy efficiency in large-scale deployments.


The Juniper QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4 is a QSFP+ module designed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks. It operates at a wavelength of 850 nm, enabling data transmission up to 150 meters over multimode fiber (MMF). This module is specifically engineered to meet the demands of high-speed data centers and networking environments, providing a seamless and efficient connection for various networking equipment. Key specifications include a signaling rate of 40 Gbps per lane, with the module featuring four lanes to support the overall 40 Gigabit Ethernet speed. The transmitter section of the module utilizes 12 fibers, with wavelengths ranging from 850 nm, ensuring compatibility and performance across a broad spectrum of networking equipment. On the receiving end, the module can handle wavelengths from 840 nm to 860 nm, offering flexibility in terms of signal reception. The output power of the transmitter ranges from a minimum of -7.6 dBm to a maximum of 2.4 dBm per lane, while the receiver can handle input power levels from -9.5 dBm to 2.4 dBm. This wide range of power handling capabilities ensures that the module can maintain optimal performance across various operating conditions. The optical transmitter features a 3-dB spectral width of up to 0.65 nm, further enhancing the module's efficiency in transmitting signals over MMF.
  • Core size/cladding: 50/125 µm
  • Effective modal bandwidth: 2000 MHz x km
  • Distance: Capable of 100 m transmission
The module is designed to operate within a temperature range of 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C) and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C). It can function at altitudes up to 2,000 meters (610 m) and is built to withstand relative humidity levels from 5% to 90% during operation, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. With a maximum power consumption of 3.5 W, the Juniper QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4 balances performance with energy efficiency. This aspect is crucial for reducing operational costs in data centers where multiple modules are in use. The module supports up to 128 link aggregation groups (LAGs) with the ability to connect up to 32 ports per LAG, significantly enhancing network flexibility and throughput. Additionally, it can handle jumbo frames up to 9,216 bytes, allowing for the efficient transmission of large data packets and reducing the overhead associated with smaller packet sizes. In summary, the Juniper QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4 QSFP+ module is a high-performance, efficient solution designed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Its specifications, including support for transmission over MMF, a wide range of operating conditions, and compatibility with various networking equipment, make it an ideal choice for data centers looking to optimize their networking infrastructure.


Item NumberJuniper QFX-QSFP-40G-SR4
TypeQSFP+ 40GBASE-SR4 40G Optics
Wavelength850 nm for transmissions up to 150 m over MMF
Interface Speed40 Gigabit Ethernet
Per Lane Data Rate40 Gbps
Number of Transmitting Fibers12
Emission Wavelength850 nm
Receiving Lane Wavelength Range840 nm to 860 nm
Minimum Output Power Per Lane-7.6 dBm
Maximum Output Power Per Lane2.4 dBm
Minimum Input Power Per Lane-9.5 dBm
Maximum Input Power Per Lane2.4 dBm
Max 3-dB Spectral Width of Optical Transmitter0.65 nm
Fiber Core/Cladding Diameter50/125 µm
Modal Bandwidth2000 MHz·km
Transmission Distance100 m
Max Power Usage3.5 W
Operational Temperature Range0° to 40° C
Storage Temperature Range-40° to 70° C
Max Operating Altitude610 m
Operating Humidity Range5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity Range0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Supported LAGs128
Ports per LAG32
Maximum Frame Size9,216 bytes

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