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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper QFX Series
Product Type: DAC Cable
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Product Description

The QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M is a QSFP+ to SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Direct Attach Break out Copper Cable designed for 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds over a 3m distance. It supports a signaling rate of 40-Gbps full-duplex transmission per lane, with a 30 AWG wire gauge and a 1.5 W maximum power consumption. This cable operates within a temperature range of –40° C to 85° C, has a 21mm minimum bend radius, and utilizes a PVC (OFNR) cable jacket for protection.

Key Feature for the QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M

  • What is the maximum data transfer rate of the QSFP+ to SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Direct Attach Copper Cable?
    The maximum data transfer rate is 40 Gbps, achieved through four lanes each supporting 10 Gbps.
  • How long is the cable and what is its wire gauge?
    The cable is 3 meters long and uses 30 AWG wire.
  • Is the QSFP+ to SFP+ cable breakout capable?
    Yes, the cable is designed for breakout capability, allowing for connection flexibility.
  • What are the minimum and maximum operating temperatures for this cable?
    The operating temperature range is from -40° C to 85° C.
  • What type of connectors are used on this cable?
    The cable features a 40G QSFP+ connector on one end and 4x10G SFP+ connectors on the other end.
  • What is the signaling rate per lane for this QSFP+ to SFP+ cable?
    Each lane supports a 40-Gbps full-duplex serial transmission, totaling a 160-Gbps signaling rate across all lanes.
  • What is the maximum power consumption of the QSFP+ to SFP+ Direct Attach Copper Cable?
    The maximum power consumption is 1.5 Watts.
  • What is the minimum bend radius for this cable?
    The minimum bend radius is 21mm, ensuring safe handling and installation without signal degradation.
  • What material is used for the cable jacket, and is it compliant with safety standards?
    The cable jacket is made of PVC (OFNR), which is compliant with safety standards for riser-rated cables.
  • Can this cable be used in environments with extreme temperatures?
    Yes, it is designed for use in environments with temperatures ranging from -40° C to 85° C, making it suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

Product Review

The Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M cable supports 4x10 Gigabit Ethernet connections with a QSFP+ to SFP+ configuration, offering a practical solution for high-speed data transmission over short distances of up to 3 meters. Despite its efficient signaling rate of 40-Gbps full-duplex per lane and low power consumption of 1.5W, the cable's minimum bend radius of 21mm and PVC jacket may limit its flexibility and durability in dense or physically demanding installations. Additionally, the wide operating temperature range ensures reliability across various environmental conditions.


The Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M is a high-speed, direct attach breakout copper cable designed to facilitate efficient and effective networking connectivity. This cable is specifically engineered to provide a direct connection between networking equipment utilizing QSFP+ and SFP+ ports. It is an essential component for data centers and enterprise networking environments where high bandwidth and reliable connections are critical. This cable supports a speed of 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet, enabling high-performance networking solutions. It is breakout capable, allowing a single QSFP+ port to connect to up to four SFP+ ports, thereby increasing network flexibility and efficiency. The transceiver type for this cable is QSFP+, which stands for Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus, indicating its capability to handle high-speed data transfer rates. The signaling rate of each lane in this cable is 40-Gbps full-duplex serial transmission, ensuring swift and efficient data transfer across the network. This is particularly beneficial in environments where data-intensive applications are run, and there is a need for high-speed data transmission capabilities. Constructed with 30 AWG wire, the Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M has a length of 3 meters, providing ample distance for connecting devices within a rack or across adjacent racks. The maximum power consumption of this cable is 1.5 W, making it an energy-efficient option for networking connectivity.
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 21mm, allowing for flexible installation in tight spaces without compromising the integrity of the cable.
  • Cable Jacket: Made of PVC (OFNR), which is flame-retardant, ensuring safety and durability in various operating environments.
  • Connector Type: Features a 40G QSFP+ to 4x10 SFP+ configuration, facilitating seamless connectivity between devices of different interface types.
The operating temperature range of the Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M spans from –40° C to 85° C, accommodating a wide range of environmental conditions. This ensures reliable performance in both cold and hot environments, making it suitable for global deployment. In summary, the Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M is a versatile and high-performance networking cable designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks. Its support for high-speed Ethernet, energy efficiency, and flexible installation options make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to optimize their networking infrastructure.


Item Number Juniper QFX-QSFP-DACBO-3M
Manufacturer Juniper
Interface Type QSFP+ to 4x SFP+ 10GbE Direct Attach Copper
Data Rate 4 channels, each at 10 GbE
Supports Breakout Configuration Supported
Module Form Factor QSFP+
Per Lane Speed 40 Gbps, both directions
Cable Gauge 30 American Wire Gauge
Length 3 meters
Power Use (Watts) 1.5W
Least Bendable Radius 21 millimeters
Cable Outer Material Polyvinyl Chloride (Optical Fiber Non-conductive Riser)
End Connectors 40G QSFP+ to four 10G SFP+
Lowest Operating Temperature -40 degrees Celsius
Highest Operating Temperature 85 degrees Celsius

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