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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper QFX
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Juniper QFX10000-RE is a top-of-rack data center switch designed for use in high-density, high-performance computing environments. It features advanced routing, switching, and security capabilities, allowing organizations to effectively manage and scale their network infrastructure. The switch offers a wide range of connectivity options, including 40/100GbE and 10GbE, and supports Juniper's virtual Chassis technology for simplified network management. The QFX10000-RE is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern data centers, offering high availability, low latency, and resilient network performance.

Key Feature for the QFX10000-RE

1. Switching Capacity: Up to 8Tbps 
2. Ports: 40/100GbE, 10GbE 
3. Routing Protocols: BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, and MPLS 
4. Management: Juniper Network Director, Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller, Juniper Networks Network Management System (NMS) 
5. Form Factor: 1U 
6. Power Supply: AC or DC

Product Review

The Juniper QFX10000-RE is a well-designed switch that offers excellent performance and versatility. It is ideal for large-scale data centers and high-performance computing environments, providing reliable, high-speed connectivity for demanding applications. The switch's advanced routing and security capabilities, combined with its scalable architecture, make it a great choice for organizations looking to build a robust and flexible network infrastructure. The only downside is its relatively high cost, but this is to be expected for a top-of-the-line switch with such advanced features


Juniper QFX10000-RE is a revolutionary switch platform specifically designed to support the demands of modern data center networks. This high-performance 1RU device features an advanced Multi Layer Fabric (MLF) design to provide 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE connectivity for all of your critical applications. The hardware specifications for this device are some of the most impressive in the enterprise networking solutions space, offering: • Sixteen slots for integrated line cards, providing up to 460 Tbps of aggregate capacity across 32 ports at 100GbE speeds • Support for up to one million MPLS service instances • Configurable with up to 256GB of DRAM and up to 4TB of SSD flash storage per line card • A powerful, customizable Trio chipset that provides up to 480Gbps to 1.44Tbps switching capacity per slot • Hot-swappable fans and power supplies, ideal for cold air or hot aisle deployments • An integrated ASIC bypass path switch feature that allows continued connection even in the event of an ASIC failure The Juniper QFX10000-RE also boasts extraordinary levels of energy efficiency and operational simplicity. For example, it features: • An single-piece base unit line card and switch fabric design to facilitate easy access, installation and upgrades • Optimized power settings and tuning that reduce energy consumption by up to 60 percent • An automated software update process that significantly simplifies long-term maintenance tasks • A built-in thermal optimization feature that dynamically adjusts fan speeds based on the environment temperature • Automated control plane protection that further boosts system resiliency • Flexible port intelligence service offerings for enhanced policy development and control—including the ability to enforce Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) traffic profiles Overall, the Juniper QFX10000-RE is an ideal choice for large scale enterprise data centers looking to upgrade their network architectures. It offers a superior mix of speed, capacity, scalability and reliability in one powerful device.

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