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by Juniper
Product Line: QFX Series Switches
Product Type: Switch Power Supply
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Product Description

The QFXC01-PWRACI-650A Juniper is equipped with a 650W AC FRU-to-Port power supply, ensuring a consistent power capacity of 650W. It operates within a voltage range of 100V to 240V, adaptable to various power sources, and supports a frequency of 50/60 Hz at a current of 3.0 A. This flexibility and power efficiency make it suitable for diverse networking environments.

Key Feature for the QFXC01-PWRACI-650A

  • What is the power capacity of the 650W AC FRU-to-Port power supply?
    The power capacity is 650 watts.
  • Can the power supply operate on a 240V input voltage?
    Yes, it can operate with a maximum input voltage of 240V.
  • What is the minimum input voltage required for the 650W AC FRU-to-Port to function?
    The minimum input voltage required is 100V.
  • Is the 650W AC FRU-to-Port compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical systems?
    Yes, it is compatible with electrical systems operating at both 50 and 60 Hz.
  • What is the amperage draw of the power supply at maximum load?
    At maximum load, the amperage draw is 3.0 A.
  • Can I use the 650W AC FRU-to-Port in countries with different voltage standards?
    Yes, it supports input voltages ranging from 100V to 240V, making it versatile for use in various countries.
  • What is the efficiency rating of this power supply?
    The efficiency rating is not specified; please refer to the product documentation for details.
  • Does the 650W AC FRU-to-Port come with a warranty?
    Warranty information varies by supplier and region; check with the specific supplier for details.
  • Is there a specific operating temperature range for the 650W AC FRU-to-Port?
    The operating temperature range is not specified; refer to the product documentation for details.
  • Can the power supply handle power surges?
    Handling of power surges is not specified; it is advisable to use surge protection devices for safety.

Product Review

The Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A power supply offers a solid 650W of power, ensuring sufficient capacity for most networking needs. With an input voltage range of 100V to 240V, it accommodates global electrical standards, enhancing its versatility for international use. However, the limitation to a maximum of 650W may restrict its application in environments requiring higher power for extensive networking setups.


The Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A is a 650W AC power supply designed to deliver efficient and reliable power to networking hardware. This power supply unit (PSU) is specifically engineered for compatibility with select Juniper networking devices, providing a seamless integration for enhanced system performance and uptime. Its front-to-rear airflow design ensures proper cooling, maintaining optimal operating conditions for the hardware it supports. With a power capacity of 650 watts, the Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A is equipped to handle the demands of high-performance networking equipment, ensuring that your system remains operational even under heavy loads. This PSU is capable of operating efficiently across a wide range of input voltages, from a minimum of 100V to a maximum of 240V, making it versatile for use in various geographical locations and power environments. Its ability to operate on both 50 and 60 Hz and accommodate an input current of up to 3.0 A adds to its flexibility, allowing it to adapt to the specific power requirements of your network infrastructure. Key features of the Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A include: - Power Capacity: 650W, ensuring sufficient power for demanding network environments. - Input Voltage Range: 100V to 240V, accommodating a wide array of electrical standards. - Frequency Compatibility: 50/60 Hz with a 3.0 A input, offering adaptability to various power grids. The design of the Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A emphasizes not only operational efficiency but also reliability and durability. Its build is tailored to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in data center environments, where consistent power delivery is critical to maintaining network connectivity and performance. This PSU is a field-replaceable unit (FRU), meaning it can be easily installed, replaced, or removed without the need for significant downtime, thus minimizing disruption to network operations. In addition to its technical specifications, the Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A is designed with safety and compliance in mind, meeting the necessary regulatory requirements for power supplies. This attention to compliance ensures that the PSU not only performs well but also adheres to industry standards for safety and electrical specifications. In summary, the Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A serves as a reliable power source for Juniper networking equipment, offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and adaptability. Its 650W power capacity is suited for supporting the needs of high-performance network devices, while its wide input voltage range and frequency compatibility make it a flexible choice for deployment in various power environments. The PSU's design focuses on ensuring sustained operation, ease of replacement, and compliance with safety standards, making it a valuable component of any network infrastructure seeking stability and reliability in power delivery.


Item Number Juniper QFXC01-PWRACI-650A
Power Output 650 Watts
Minimum Input Voltage 100 Volts
Maximum Input Voltage 240 Volts
Electrical Frequency 50/60 Hertz, 3.0 Amps

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