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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper RES1800X416G
Product Type: Router Processor
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Product Description

The Juniper RE-S-1800X4-16G is a router processor that delivers high-performance routing and networking capabilities. It provides 16 built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports up to 180 million packets per second throughput, making it a suitable solution for large-scale networking environments. This processor is designed to be reliable and scalable, providing businesses with advanced routing capabilities.

Key Feature for the RES1800X416G

1. Dual-core processor architecture for improved performance. 
2. Up to 180 million packets per second throughput. 
3. 16 built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports. 
4. Supports advanced routing protocols, including BGP, OSPF, and IS-IS. 
5. Redundant power supplies for high availability. 
6. Supports various encryption algorithms for secure network communication.

Product Review

This Juniper RES1800X416G router offers consumers the highest performance with its 16-port gigabit Ethernet switch. It includes advanced port binding and load balancing, allowing users to achieve maximum network speed. With the power of dual core Intel Xeon Processor E5-2690v3 CPUs and 256GB DDR4 RAM, it can easily handle multiple applications and multiple streams. This makes it an ideal choice for gaming and streaming media.


The Juniper RES1800X416G is a powerful network security appliance designed to protect and secure networks of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution that provides firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), UTM, and anti-spam capabilities. The hardware specifications of the Juniper RES1800X416G make it an ideal solution for organizations that need a robust level of network protection. The Juniper RES1800X416G comes equipped with 2U height/4U width rackmount chassis and contains eight 40GbE QSFP+ ports that support up to 32x 10GbE ports. For additional connectivity, the appliance offers 4x 1GbE RJ45 ports, 2x USB ports, 2X T1/OC3 links, and 4 slots for WAN or LAN interface cards. Regarding memory and storage, the device accommodates up to 512GB RAM, 6TB storage and supports both SAS and SSD drives. In terms of data processing power, the Juniper RES1800X416G features dual Intel Xeon Gold processors that boast up to 24 cores per processor, allowing a maximum total of 48 cores with hyperthreading enabled. This provides up to 3.2GHz performance and 38.5MB cache memory along with AVX instructions allowing the device to quickly process data without slowing down the network. In addition to its maximum data throughput of up to 250Mpps, the Juniper RES1800 performs advanced security tasks including automated signature update, an advanced tunneled connections and an external logging system for documenting network events. The appliance also comes with integrated malware protection as part of its standard security suite. This provides users with an all-in-one solution for comprehensive network security. For redundancy needs, the Juniper RES1800X416G can be configured with dual redundant power supply kits containing either 700W or 1100W internal PSU options along with hot-swappable fans. This helps ensure that the system remains running even in the case of unexpected power outages or hardware failure. Overall, the Juniper RES1800X416G offers outstanding performance and security features in a single device, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking for a reliable platform for their network security needs.

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