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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper SRX Series Services Gateways
Product Type: Gateway
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Product Description

The SRX110H-VA is designed with a 1 GB DDR SDRAM, supporting 10/100Base-TX network technology across 8 Network (RJ-45) ports and a single RJ-11 port, facilitating a broadband transmission speed of 24 Mbps. It delivers firewall performance of 700 Mbps for large packets and 200 Mbps for IMIX, with an IPsec VPN throughput of 65 Mbps and supports up to 128 IPsec VPN tunnels. Engineered for efficiency, it operates within a temperature range of 32° to 104° F, consumes an average of 81 BTU/hr, and is designed for 1 RU rack mounting, measuring 11.02 x 1.72 x 8.385 in and weighing 6.7 lb.

Key Feature for the SRX110H-VA

  • What is the total number of ports available on this device?
    The device has a total of 10 ports.
  • How many network (RJ-45) ports does the device include?
    There are 8 RJ-45 ports.
  • Can you provide the broadband transmission speed of the device?
    The broadband transmission speed is 24 Mbps.
  • What network technology is supported by this device?
    It supports 10/100Base-TX network technology.
  • What is the standard memory capacity of this device?
    The device comes with 1 GB of standard memory.
  • What type of memory technology is utilized in this device?
    It uses DDR SDRAM memory technology.
  • What is the input voltage requirement for the device?
    The required input voltage is 12 V DC.
  • How many IPsec VPN tunnels can this device support?
    The device can support up to 128 IPsec VPN tunnels.
  • What are the device's dimensions and weight?
    The dimensions are 11.02 x 1.72 x 8.385 in (28 x 4.37 x 21.3 cm) and it weighs 6.7 lb (3.06kg).
  • Is the device rack mountable, and if so, what is the size?
    Yes, the device is rack mountable and fits a 1 RU size.

Product Review

The Juniper SRX110H-VA offers a decent array of connectivity options with eight RJ-45 network ports and one RJ-11 port, catering to small to medium-sized network environments. However, its broadband transmission speed is limited to 24 Mbps, which may not meet the requirements for high-bandwidth applications. Additionally, while it supports up to 128 IPsec VPN tunnels and has a firewall throughput of 700 Mbps for large packets, the IPsec VPN throughput is capped at 65 Mbps, potentially bottlenecking secure data transmissions.


The Juniper SRX110H-VA is a comprehensive networking solution designed for small to medium-sized business applications. It features a versatile set of hardware specifications that cater to a wide range of networking needs. With a focus on security, connectivity, and performance, this device is engineered to handle a variety of tasks efficiently. At the core of its specifications, the SRX110H-VA includes one total expansion slot, allowing for network customization and expansion. It is equipped with eight Network (RJ-45) Ports and a total of 10 ports, facilitating multiple wired connections for devices within the network. This ensures ample connectivity options for users. The broadband transmission speed of 24 Mbps supports adequate bandwidth for day-to-day operations, while the network technology of 10/100Base-TX ensures compatibility with most network environments. Memory and processing are pivotal for any networking device, and the SRX110H-VA comes with 1 GB of standard memory utilizing DDR SDRAM technology. This provides the necessary capacity to manage the device's operations and support its security features effectively. The power requirements are modest, with an input voltage of 12 V DC and a power source requirement of an AC adapter, making it suitable for typical office environments. Security features are robust, with firewall performance capable of handling up to 700 Mbps for large packets and 200 Mbps for IMIX traffic. Its IPsec VPN throughput for large packets reaches up to 65 Mbps, supporting secure remote connections. Additionally, the device can manage up to 128 IPsec VPN tunnels, offering secure site-to-site or remote access connections. With a capability to handle 1,800 connections per second, the SRX110H-VA stands out in managing new connections efficiently.
  • Firewall performance for large packets is rated at 700 Mbps.
  • IPsec VPN throughput for large packets stands at 65 Mbps.
  • Supports up to 128 IPsec VPN tunnels.
Physically, the device measures 11.02 x 1.72 x 8.385 inches and weighs 6.7 lb, including the power supply, making it compact and easy to integrate into various setups. It is designed to be rack-mountable in a 1 RU space, ideal for organized data center environments. The operational temperature range of 32° to 104° F ensures reliability under standard working conditions, while a non-operational temperature range of 4° to 158° F highlights its durability. Humidity tolerance is set at 5% to 95% noncondensing, allowing the device to operate effectively in a wide range of environmental conditions. Heat dissipation is another critical factor in maintaining performance, with an average of 81 BTU/hr and a maximum of 99 BTU/hr, ensuring that the device remains within safe operating temperatures. In summary, the Juniper SRX110H-VA is a well-rounded networking device that balances performance, connectivity, and security features. Its hardware specifications make it a suitable choice for businesses looking to secure and manage their networks efficiently.


Part NumberJuniper SRX110H-VA
Expansion Slots Total1
RJ-45 Ports Count8
Overall Port Count10
Max Broadband Speed24 Mbps
Supported Network Protocols10/100Base-TX
RAM Installed1 GB
Type of MemoryDDR SDRAM
Operating Voltage12 V DC
Power Supply TypeAC Adapter
RJ-11 Port Quantity1
Large Packet Firewall Speed700 Mbps
IMIX Firewall Speed200 Mbps
IPsec VPN Throughput for Large Packets65 Mbps
Max IPsec VPN Tunnels128
New Connections per Second1,800
Device Dimensions (W x H x D)11.02 x 1.72 x 8.385 in
Weight with Power Supply6.7 lb
Rack Compatibility1 RU
Peak Inrush Current70 A
Average Heat Output81 BTU/hr
Working Temperature Range32° to 104° F
Storage Temperature Range4° to 158° F
Operational Humidity Range5% to 95% non-condensing
Max Heat Output99 BTU/hr

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