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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper SRX Series
Product Type: Firewall Chassis
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Product Description

The Juniper SRX5800-CHAS is a high-performance firewall chassis designed for large enterprises and service providers that require the highest levels of security and reliability. The SRX5800-CHAS can support up to 16 line cards, providing flexible configuration options and scalable throughput of up to 1 Tbps. The chassis also includes redundant power supplies and fans for maximum uptime, and is built with Juniper's advanced security technologies such as AppSecure and Unified Threat Management.

Key Feature for the SRX5800-CHAS

1. 16 line card slots
2. Scalable throughput of up to 1 Tbps
3. Redundant power supplies and fans
4. Advanced security technologies, including AppSecure and Unified Threat Management
5. Dual Routing Engines for high availability
6. Modular design for easy maintenance and upgrades

Product Review

The Juniper SRX5800-CHAS is a chassis for the SRX Series of firewalls, designed for high-performance security at the enterprise level. It features scalable performance with up to 1 Tbps of firewall throughput, 400 Gbps of VPN throughput, and 200 Gbps of IPS throughput, making it suitable for large data centers and service providers. The SRX5800-CHAS also includes advanced security features such as unified threat management, intrusion prevention, and application visibility and control.


The Juniper SRX5800-CHAS is a high-performance chassis designed for large enterprises and service providers that require a scalable and flexible networking solution. This chassis boasts impressive hardware specifications that make it a powerful tool for managing and securing network traffic. One of the most notable features of the Juniper SRX5800-CHAS is its high scalability, supporting up to 30 line cards and providing a throughput of up to 1.6 Tbps. This provides plenty of connectivity options for devices and servers, making it ideal for large-scale deployments. The chassis also includes advanced features such as Juniper's Services Processing Units (SPUs) and Content Security Accelerators (CSAs), which enable high-speed processing of complex security functions like firewall, VPN, and intrusion detection and prevention. This ensures that the network is protected from a wide range of threats, including malware and other malicious attacks. In addition to its high-speed performance and advanced security features, the Juniper SRX5800-CHAS also includes Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, allowing administrators to prioritize network traffic and ensure that critical applications receive the bandwidth they need. This can be especially important in environments where network congestion is a concern. Overall, the Juniper SRX5800-CHAS is a reliable and high-performance chassis that is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and service providers. Its advanced features and robust hardware make it a versatile tool for managing network traffic and securing sensitive data.

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