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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper SRX5K-SCB
Product Type: Security appliance
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Product Description

The SRX5K-SCB is designed for high-capacity networking, featuring a 75 Gbps throughput per slot and equipped with a dedicated slot for the Routing Engine. It integrates advanced connectivity options including a Gigabit Ethernet switch connected to the embedded CPU complex, a 1000Base-T Ethernet controller for a 1-Gbps link between Routing Engines, and supports chassis management through I2C bus logic and component redundancy circuitry. This module operates efficiently within a power requirement of 150 W, a weight of approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg), and maintains optimal performance between 41° F and 104° F in long-term operating temperatures.

Key Feature for the SRX5K-SCB

  • What is the maximum throughput per slot for the SCB?
    The maximum throughput per slot is 75 Gbps.
  • How does the SCB connect to the Routing Engine?
    It connects through a slot specifically designed for the Routing Engine, incorporating a 1000Base-T Ethernet controller for a 1-Gbps link.
  • What are the power requirements for the SCB with a slot for the Routing Engine?
    The power requirement is 150 W.
  • Can you detail the weight of the SCB?
    The SCB weighs approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg).
  • What is the role of the I2C bus logic in the SCB?
    The I2C bus logic is used for low-level communication with each component.
  • What temperature ranges can the SCB operate within for long-term use?
    For long-term use, the SCB can operate between 41°F and 104°F.
  • Describe the Ethernet switch's functionality within the SCB.
    The Ethernet switch facilitates 1-Gbps link speeds between the Routing Engine and the IOCs.
  • What are the humidity requirements for the SCB's long-term operation?
    The long-term humidity range is 5% to 85% noncondensing.
  • What maximum IPS performance does the SCB support?
    The maximum IPS performance supported is 22 Gbps.
  • What is the maximum AppFW performance capability of the SCB?
    The maximum AppFW performance is 50 Gbps.

Product Review

The Juniper SRX5K-SCB excels in providing high-throughput capacity, supporting up to 75 Gbps per slot, which is crucial for handling large volumes of data efficiently in enterprise networks. Its design incorporates essential features like a slot for the Routing Engine, chassis management, and component redundancy circuitry, ensuring reliable performance and system resilience. However, its power consumption of 150W and weight of approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg) may pose challenges for environments with strict energy efficiency or space constraints.


The Juniper SRX5K-SCB, a critical component in the high-performance Juniper Networks security platforms, is designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability for demanding network environments. This Switch Control Board (SCB) features a dedicated slot for a Routing Engine, enabling efficient network routing alongside high-speed data processing and management capabilities. With a focus on delivering maximum throughput, the SRX5K-SCB supports up to 75 Gbps per slot, ensuring that data flows smoothly through the network without bottlenecks. At the heart of its design, the SRX5K-SCB incorporates various technological components to streamline network operations and enhance overall system efficiency. These include: - A chassis management Ethernet switch and I2C bus logic for low-level communication with network components. - Component redundancy circuitry and a Gigabit Ethernet switch connected to an embedded CPU complex to ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime. - A sophisticated switch fabric for efficient IOCs switching functions and a control FPGA that provides a PCI interface to the Routing Engine, facilitating rapid data exchange and processing. - A 1000Base-T Ethernet controller and an Ethernet switch, both of which establish a 1-Gbps Ethernet link between the Routing Engines and IOCs, respectively, for enhanced communication speed and reliability. - Integrated circuits for chassis management and control, alongside power circuits dedicated to the Routing Engine and SCB, ensure stable and reliable power supply and system management. The SRX5K-SCB is engineered to meet the rigorous power requirements of high-performance networking equipment, consuming 150 W of power. Its design is optimized for efficiency, ensuring that the system remains operational even under heavy loads. The unit's weight is approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg), making it both sturdy and manageable within the network infrastructure. Operating conditions for the SRX5K-SCB are designed to accommodate a wide range of environmental factors, ensuring reliability and performance stability across different scenarios. The operational temperature ranges from a long-term minimum of 41°F to a maximum of 104°F, with short-term tolerances allowing for temperatures as low as 23°F and as high as 131°F. Humidity levels are also carefully considered, with the device functioning optimally in 5% to 85% noncondensing environments. These specifications ensure that the SRX5K-SCB can perform reliably in various operational scenarios, from standard to extreme conditions. Performance metrics for the SRX5K-SCB highlight its capabilities in handling sophisticated network tasks: - Maximum Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) performance reaches 22 Gbps. - Maximum Application Firewall (AppFW) performance is 50 Gbps. These figures demonstrate the SCB's ability to manage and secure vast amounts of data, providing both protection and efficiency in high-demand network environments. With its comprehensive suite of features and specifications, the Juniper SRX5K-SCB stands as a pivotal element in the construction of robust, high-speed networking solutions, ensuring that data not only moves quickly but also securely across the network infrastructure.


Item Number Juniper SRX5K-SCB
Manufacturer Juniper
SCB Features Includes a dedicated slot for the Routing Engine
Slot Capacity Up to 75 Gbps throughput per slot
Connectivity Options Designed for Routing Engine insertion
Network Management Built-in Ethernet switch for chassis management
Signal Communication Utilizes I2C bus for component communication
Redundancy Features Engineered with component redundancy systems
Embedded Processing Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch links to CPU complex
Switching Fabric Handles switching operations for IOCs
Control FPGA Manages PCI interface connections to the Routing Engine
Ethernet Controller 1-Gbps 1000Base-T Ethernet link for Routing Engines
Internal Ethernet Switch Enables 1-Gbps connections between Routing Engine and IOCs
Management Circuits Facilitates chassis management and control
Power Systems Supplies power to the Routing Engine and SCB
Power Consumption 150 W
Physical Weight 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Operational Temperature Range - Long Term 41° F to 104°F
Operational Temperature Range - Short Term 23°F to 131° F
Humidity Tolerance - Long Term 5% to 85% non-condensing
IPS Throughput Capacity 22 Gbps
Application Firewall Throughput 50 Gbps

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