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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper XFP Transceivers
Product Type: XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2
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Product Description

The XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2 is a Juniper 10GBase-ER XFP transceiver designed for long-range data transmission over single-mode fiber, supporting distances up to 40km with a 1550nm wavelength. It features a duplex LC connector, operates at a bitrate of up to 11.3 Gbps, and is compatible with both Ethernet and 8x/10x Fibre Channel applications. This transceiver has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, and its power consumption is rated at 3.5W, ensuring efficient performance across various environmental conditions.

Key Feature for the XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2

  • What is the maximum distance supported by the 10GBase-ER XFP Transceiver?
    The transceiver supports a maximum distance of up to 40km.
  • Can you specify the operating temperature range for part number 10GBase-ER XFP Transceiver?
    Yes, the operating temperature range is from 0°C to 70°C.
  • What type of fiber is compatible with this transceiver?
    It is compatible with Single-mode Fiber (SMF).
  • What is the power consumption of the 10GBase-ER XFP Transceiver?
    The power consumption is 3.5W.
  • What wavelength does the transceiver operate at?
    It operates at a wavelength of 1550nm.
  • What are the minimum and maximum supply voltage specifications for this device?
    The minimum supply voltage is -0.5V, and the maximum is 3.6V.
  • What type of connector does the transceiver use?
    It uses a Duplex LC Connector.
  • What is the receiver sensitivity of the transceiver?
    The receiver sensitivity is -15.8 dBm on average.
  • What is the bitrate supported by the transceiver?
    The maximum bitrate supported is 11.3 Gbps.
  • What are the operating humidity levels for the transceiver?
    The operating humidity levels range from 5% to 85%.

Product Review

The Juniper XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2 transceiver offers a high-performance solution with its 10GBase-ER Ethernet capability and support for up to 40km on single-mode fiber, making it suitable for extended network deployments. However, its power consumption of 3.5W and supply current requirement of 1061 mA may present challenges in environments sensitive to energy efficiency. Additionally, the operational temperature range of 0°C to 70°C and humidity tolerance from 5% to 85% ensure reliability in a variety of climatic conditions, though the upper temperature limit may require additional cooling measures in hot data centers.


The Juniper XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2 is a high-performance 10GBase-ER XFP transceiver designed for long-distance optical networking. This device supports a 10G Ethernet rate and is compatible with 8x/10x Fibre Channel, making it versatile for a range of network architectures. Operating over single-mode fiber, this transceiver ensures reliable connectivity over distances up to 40 kilometers, facilitated by a wavelength of 1550nm. Key hardware specifications include a duplex LC connector, ensuring a secure and efficient connection interface. The transceiver operates within a maximum supply voltage range from -0.5V to 3.6V, with a power supply current of 1061 mA. Its power consumption is rated at 3.5W, optimizing energy use across network operations. The device achieves a maximum bitrate of 11.3 Gbps, supporting high-speed data transfer rates essential for modern networking demands. Data integrity and signal quality are paramount, with the differential data input swing ranging from a minimum of 120mV to a maximum of 850 mV. Receiver sensitivity is another critical factor, with this model boasting an average of -15.8 dBm, and receiver overload at -1 dBm. The receiver operates across a wavelength range from 1260nm to 1565 nm, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with a variety of optical networking standards. Environmental conditions can significantly impact hardware performance. The Juniper XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2 is built to operate reliably within a broad range of temperatures, from a minimum of 0°C to a maximum of 70°C. Storage temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C, providing assurance that the device can withstand adverse conditions even when not in operation. Humidity tolerance ranges from 5% to 85%, ensuring continued performance in diverse environmental settings.
  • Duplex LC Connector: Ensures a secure and efficient optical connection.
  • High Maximum Bitrate: Supports up to 11.3 Gbps, facilitating rapid data transfer.
  • Extensive Temperature Range: Operable between 0°C and 70°C, suitable for varied environmental conditions.
In summary, the Juniper XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2 transceiver is engineered to meet the demands of modern optical networks, offering high-speed data transfer over long distances. Its compatibility with single-mode fiber and support for both 10GBase-ER Ethernet and 8x/10x Fibre Channel protocols make it a flexible solution for expanding network capacities. With its comprehensive range of operational parameters, this transceiver is designed for resilience and performance in a wide array of networking environments.


Item Number Juniper XFP-10G-E-OC192-IR2
Manufacturer Juniper
Type 10GBase-ER XFP Module (SMF, 1550nm, 40km, LC, DOM)
Connection Interface LC Duplex
Fiber Type Single-mode Fiber
Supported Network 10GBase-ER Ethernet
Fiber Channel Compatibility 8x/10x
Distance Capability Up to 40km
Emission Wavelength 1550nm
Input Voltage Lower Limit -0.5V
Input Voltage Upper Limit 3.6V
Peak Data Rate 11.3 Gbps
Current Draw 1061 mA
Energy Usage 3.5W
Minimum Input Differential Voltage 120mV
Maximum Input Differential Voltage 850 mV
Average Sensitivity of Receiver -15.8 dBm
Maximum Receiver Input -1 dBm
Minimum Receiver Wavelength 1260nm
Maximum Receiver Wavelength 1565 nm
Lowest Operating Temperature 0°C
Highest Operating Temperature 70°C
Lowest Storage Temperature -40°C
Highest Storage Temperature 85°C
Minimum Operational Humidity 5%
Maximum Operational Humidity 85%
Receiver Maximum Power -1 dBm

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