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Product Line: Hp Series
Product Type: Dual Radio
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Product Description

The JZ033A HP features 8 internal antennas and supports a wireless transmission speed of up to 3 Gbit/s. It is designed for versatility with a wall mountable and ceiling mountable form factor. The device measures 2" in height, 8.9" in width, and 8.8" in depth.

FAQs for the JZ033A

  • What are the dimensions of the networking device?
    The device measures 2 inches in height, 8.9 inches in width, and 8.8 inches in depth.
  • How many antennas does the device come with?
    It comes with 8 internal antennas.
  • Is the device suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting?
    Yes, the form factor supports both wall mountable and ceiling mountable options.
  • What is the wireless transmission speed of this networking hardware?
    The wireless transmission speed is 3 Gbit/s.
  • Can the device be installed outdoors?
    The specifications provided do not indicate suitability for outdoor installation. It's designed primarily for indoor use.
  • Does the device support dual-band or tri-band wireless networks?
    The provided information does not specify the band support. Please check the detailed specifications for this information.
  • What type of power supply does the device require?
    The power supply requirements are not specified in the provided information. Typically, devices like this use a standard AC power source or PoE (Power over Ethernet) if supported.
  • Are any cables included with the device?
    The package contents regarding cables are not mentioned. Usually, networking hardware comes with at least a power cable, but it's recommended to check the box contents or with the manufacturer directly.
  • Is the device compatible with all operating systems?
    Compatibility with specific operating systems depends on the networking protocols it supports. Most networking devices are OS-agnostic at the connectivity level but check for management software or app compatibility.
  • What warranty period does the manufacturer offer?
    Warranty information is not provided. Warranty terms often vary by region and vendor, so it's advisable to consult the purchase point or manufacturer's website for accurate details.

Product Review

The HP JZ033A offers a high wireless transmission speed of 3 Gbit/s, supported by 8 internal antennas, ensuring reliable and extensive coverage. Its versatile design allows for both wall and ceiling mounting, catering to different spatial needs in a compact form factor (2" H x 8.9" W x 8.8" D). However, the device's performance may be limited in extremely high-density environments, where more specialized solutions might be required.


The HP JZ033A is a high-capacity wireless access point designed to support the needs of modern businesses and institutions. Featuring eight internal antennas, this device ensures a wide and reliable wireless coverage, making it suitable for various environments, from offices to educational institutions. The device is capable of achieving a wireless transmission speed of up to 3 Gbit/s, which facilitates seamless streaming, fast downloads, and smooth online experiences for multiple users simultaneously. One of the key features of the HP JZ033A is its versatility in installation, with options for both wall and ceiling mounting. This flexibility allows for optimal positioning to maximize wireless coverage and performance in any setting. The dimensions of the device are compact, measuring 2 inches in height, 8.9 inches in width, and 8.8 inches in depth, making it unobtrusive and easy to integrate into various spaces without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.
  • Eight internal antennas ensure extensive wireless coverage.
  • Wireless transmission speeds up to 3 Gbit/s support high-bandwidth activities.
  • Wall and ceiling mountable options offer flexibility in deployment.
The HP JZ033A stands out for its ability to support a dense number of devices, catering to environments where multiple connections are essential. This is particularly important in settings where users frequently access cloud-based applications, stream video content, or engage in online collaborations. The device's high-speed data transmission capability ensures that all these activities can occur without lag, promoting productivity and user satisfaction. In addition to its performance features, the HP JZ033A is designed for ease of installation and management. Its form factor allows for discreet placement, while still providing the powerful performance expected of modern wireless networking hardware. The inclusion of both wall and ceiling mount options means that the device can be positioned in the optimal location for signal distribution, regardless of the physical constraints of the environment. The HP JZ033A is an ideal choice for businesses and institutions looking for a wireless access point that combines high-speed connectivity with flexible deployment options. Its compact design, coupled with the ability to support a high number of simultaneous connections, makes it a valuable addition to any network infrastructure. Whether the goal is to enhance the user experience in a corporate setting, support the digital resources in an educational institution, or provide reliable wireless access in any other context, the HP JZ033A meets these needs efficiently and effectively.


Model Number HP JZ033A
Antenna Configuration 8 Built-in Antennas
Maximum Wireless Speed 3 Gbps
Mounting Options Can be mounted on walls or ceilings
Height 2 inches
Width 8.9 inches
Depth 8.8 inches

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