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Product Line: Mellanox Series
Product Type: Copper Hybrid Cable
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Product Description

The MCP7H00-G01AR MELLANOX offers 100GbE to 2x50GbE Ethernet connectivity, utilizing a QSFP28 cable type for efficient network configurations. This cable features 2 dual copper pairs within a single QSFP28 interface, supporting data transfer rates of up to 6.25 GB/s across a length of 4.92 ft. It is designed to enhance port bandwidth and density while ensuring lower power consumption in data centers, and it meets RoHS certification standards for environmental compliance.

FAQs for the MCP7H00-G01AR

  • Q: What is the data transfer rate of the QSFP28 cable?
    A: The QSFP28 cable supports a data transfer rate of 6.25 GB/s.
  • Q: How does the cable contribute to reduced power requirements in data centers?
    A: The QSFP28 cable helps lower power consumption by enabling higher port bandwidth and density, which allows for more efficient data transmission and reduces the overall energy needed.
  • Q: What is the length of the QSFP28 cable?
    A: The cable length is 4.92 feet.
  • Q: Can the QSFP28 support 100GbE to 2x50GbE Ethernet connectivity?
    A: Yes, the QSFP28 cable is designed for high-speed Ethernet connectivity, supporting 100GbE to 2x50GbE configurations.
  • Q: What type of certification does the QSFP28 cable have?
    A: The QSFP28 cable is RoHS certified, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.
  • Q: How does the QSFP28 cable achieve higher port bandwidth and density?
    A: By using 2 dual copper pairs (pair 1&2, 3&4) within a single QSFP28 connector, the cable allows for increased bandwidth and density, facilitating more efficient network configurations.
  • Q: Is the QSFP28 cable made of copper?
    A: Yes, the QSFP28 cable utilizes copper technology, specifically designed for high-speed data transmission over dual copper pairs.
  • Q: How does the QSFP28 cable enhance configurability in networking hardware?
    A: It offers flexibility in network design by enabling connections between different Ethernet speeds (100GbE to 2x50GbE), thus enhancing configurability and scalability in network infrastructure.
  • Q: What is the purpose of using dual copper pairs in the QSFP28 cable?
    A: Dual copper pairs in the QSFP28 cable allow for the transmission of data at high speeds by providing two separate channels for data flow, increasing the overall efficiency and capacity of data transmission.
  • Q: How does the QSFP28 cable contribute to cost savings in data center operations?
    A: By offering higher port bandwidth and density with reduced power consumption, the QSFP28 cable allows for more efficient network setups, leading to lower operational costs in data centers.

Product Review

The Mellanox MCP7H00-G01AR cable supports 100GbE to 2x50GbE Ethernet connectivity, offering high data transfer rates and efficient use of QSFP28 ports by utilizing dual copper pairs. This configuration not only increases port bandwidth and density but also enhances configurability at a lower cost, with the added benefit of reducing power consumption in data centers. However, its fixed length of 4.92 feet may limit installation flexibility in larger setups.


The MELLANOX MCP7H00-G01AR is designed to facilitate efficient and fast Ethernet connectivity by bridging 100GbE to 2x50GbE connections. This product leverages a QSFP28 copper cable to ensure high-speed data transfer, making it an ideal solution for data centers looking to enhance their network bandwidth, density, and configurability without incurring high costs. The cable's construction includes 2 dual copper pairs, specifically pairs 1&2 and 3&4, with the dual copper pair of each QSFP28 further optimizing the connectivity for improved performance. One of the standout features of the MELLANOX MCP7H00-G01AR is its ability to significantly reduce power requirements within data center operations. This characteristic not only contributes to a greener computing environment but also helps in lowering operational costs over time. The product's design and functionality are focused on delivering a high data transfer rate, which reaches up to 6.25 GB/s, ensuring that large volumes of data can be moved quickly and efficiently across the network. The cable has a length of 4.92 ft, providing sufficient flexibility for most data center configurations without compromising signal integrity or performance. This length is particularly suited for connecting equipment within the same rack or adjacent racks, thereby supporting a tidy and organized data center environment. Key specifications include: -
  • Cable Type: QSFP28
  • Cable Length: 4.92 ft
  • Data Transfer Rate: 6.25 GB/s
Furthermore, the MELLANOX MCP7H00-G01AR is RoHS certified, affirming its compliance with strict environmental standards. This certification ensures that the product is free from certain hazardous materials, making it a safer choice for both users and the planet. The RoHS certification reflects Mellanox's commitment to environmental responsibility and the health and safety of their customers. In summary, the MELLANOX MCP7H00-G01AR copper cable is a high-performance solution tailored for data centers requiring high-speed Ethernet connectivity. Its design, which features 2 dual copper pairs on a single QSFP28, enables a significant increase in port bandwidth and density. The product’s low power requirement and RoHS certification further emphasize its appeal to organizations looking to optimize their network infrastructure in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Whether for upgrading existing networks or designing new ones, this cable stands out as a cost-effective, high-speed connectivity solution.


Part Number MELLANOX MCP7H00-G01AR
Manufacturer Mellanox
Connectivity Type 100GbE to 2x50GbE Ethernet
Material Copper cable, high-speed transmission
Configuration Four copper conductors in QSFP28 interface (pairs 1&2, 3&4)
QSFP28 Interface Each interface contains two copper conductors (pairs 1&2)
Benefits Increases port bandwidth and density, allows for greater network configuration flexibility, cost-effective
Energy Efficiency Lowers power consumption in data centers
Cable Specification QSFP28, 4.92 feet in length
Transmission Speed 6.25 gigabytes per second
Environmental Compliance RoHS certified

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