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Product Line: Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Network Interface Card
Product Type: NIC (Network Interface Card)
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Product Description

The 45W6653 Mellanox features a 20Gbs data transfer rate, ensuring high-speed connectivity and efficient data handling. It utilizes a QSFP interface, facilitating scalable network connections. With a cable length of 990mm, it offers flexible deployment options in various networking environments.

Key Feature for the 45W6653

  • What is the data transfer rate of the QSFP module?
    The QSFP module supports a data transfer rate of 20 Gbps.
  • How long is the cable that comes with part number QSFP?
    The cable's length is 990mm.
  • Can the QSFP module be used for 10 Gb connections?
    Yes, the QSFP module can be used for 10 Gb connections, adjusting its speed accordingly.
  • What is the maximum cable length available for QSFP modules?
    For the specified part, the maximum cable length is 990mm.
  • Is the QSFP compatible with all types of networking equipment?
    The QSFP module is compatible with equipment that supports QSFP interfaces.
  • How does the QSFP module's power consumption compare to other modules?
    The QSFP module is designed for low power consumption, though specific figures depend on its use case.
  • Can the QSFP be used in data centers?
    Yes, the QSFP module is suitable for data center applications, providing high-speed connections.
  • What is the warranty period for part number QSFP?
    The warranty period for the QSFP module varies by manufacturer, so it is recommended to check with the supplier.
  • Does the QSFP support multi-mode fiber?
    Yes, the QSFP module supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber, depending on the specific model.
  • Can the part number QSFP be used for long-distance connections?
    With a length of 990mm, the QSFP is designed for short-range connections; for longer distances, other solutions may be required.

Product Review

The Mellanox 45W6653, with its 20GBs throughput and QSFP interface, offers solid performance for data-intensive applications. However, its length of 990mm may pose installation challenges in tighter spaces. Additionally, while its speed is commendable, it falls short for environments demanding higher bandwidth capabilities.


The Mellanox 45W6653 emerges as a critical component in the realm of high-speed data transfer and networking. Designed to cater to the demands of data centers and high-performance computing environments, this cable facilitates efficient and rapid data exchange with a bandwidth capability of 20Gbps. This specification ensures that it can handle the intensive data transfer requirements of modern applications, including streaming high-definition video, executing high-frequency trading operations, or managing large-scale virtualization environments. At the core of its design, the Mellanox 45W6653 employs the QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) interface, which is a key feature for users looking for scalability and performance in their networking hardware. The QSFP interface supports not just the bandwidth needs of today but also provides a pathway for future upgrades, making this cable a long-term investment for infrastructure that might evolve in terms of speed and data handling requirements. The physical dimensions of the cable, with a length of 990mm, make it versatile for a variety of setups. Whether it's connecting switches to routers within a single rack or bridging devices across different racks in a data center, the cable's length offers enough flexibility without compromising on signal integrity over distance. This balance between length and performance is critical in designing efficient and organized network architectures, reducing clutter, and maintaining optimal airflow around network components. Here are three key points about the Mellanox 45W6653: - 20Gbps Bandwidth: Supports high-speed data transfer, suitable for demanding applications and large data volumes. - QSFP Interface: Ensures compatibility with high-performance networking equipment, allowing for scalable and future-proofed network designs. - 990mm Length: Offers flexibility in network design and device connectivity, optimizing space and improving cable management in dense environments. In conclusion, the Mellanox 45W6653 is a specialized networking cable that addresses the needs of high bandwidth and flexibility in professional computing environments. Its 20Gbps bandwidth capability, combined with the QSFP interface and a practical length of 990mm, make it an essential component for data centers, enterprise IT infrastructures, and any setup requiring efficient, high-speed data transmission. Whether upgrading existing systems or designing new networks, this cable provides the performance and reliability needed to support the most demanding data transfer tasks.


Component ID 45W6653 by Mellanox
Connection Speed 20 Gbps
Connector Type QSFP
Cable Length 990 mm

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