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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The MSB7700-ES2F Mellanox is a Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U InfiniBand switch that offers a non-blocking switching capacity of 7.2Tb/s and features 90ns switch latency. It supports adaptive routing, congestion control, and is compliant with IBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3, ensuring efficient data management and transfer. This switch is designed with 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies, N+1 redundant & hot-swappable fans, and boasts 80 gold+ and energy star certified power efficiency, making it ideal for high-performance computing environments.

Key Feature for the MSB7700ES2F

  • What is the switching capacity of the Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U Managed InfiniBand switch system?
    The switching capacity is 7.2Tb/s.
  • How many power supplies does the Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U feature?
    It features 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies that are 80 gold+ and energy star certified.
  • What type of airflow configuration does the system have?
    It has a P2C (Port to Connector) airflow configuration.
  • Is the Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U compliant with IBTA standards?
    Yes, it is compliant with IBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3.
  • What are the typical power consumption and switch latency of this InfiniBand switch?
    The typical power consumption is 136W, and it has a switch latency of 90ns.
  • How many virtual lanes are supported by the system?
    It supports 9 virtual lanes: 8 for data and 1 for management.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U?
    The dimensions are 1.7’’ (43.6 mm) H x 16.85’’ (428mm) W x 27’’ (685.8mm) D, and it weighs 11kg (24.2lb).
  • Does the system offer any features for congestion control?
    Yes, it includes features for congestion control.
  • What is the operating temperature range for the Switch-IB™-based 36-port QSFP28 EDR 1U?
    The operating temperature ranges from Min 0ºC to Max 45ºC.
  • What connectivity options does the InfiniBand switch offer?
    It offers Dual 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet ports and an RS232 port over DB9 for connectivity.

Product Review

The Mellanox MSB7700-ES2F offers a high switching capacity of 7.2Tb/s with a low switch latency of 90ns, catering to environments requiring fast data transmission and minimal delay. However, its power consumption, at 136W typical, may be a concern for energy-sensitive deployments, despite being 80 gold+ and energy star certified. Additionally, the switch's support for adaptive routing and compliance with IBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3 make it a flexible choice for varied networking requirements, although the need for dual Ethernet ports and a RS232 port may not suit all infrastructures.


The Mellanox MSB7700-ES2F is a high-performance InfiniBand switch system designed to enhance the efficiency and scalability of high-performance computing (HPC) environments and enterprise data centers. This 1U managed switch is built on the advanced Switch-IB™ technology, featuring 36 QSFP28 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) ports. It supports a non-blocking switching capacity of 7.2Tb/s, ensuring efficient data transfer and networking operations. With a low switch latency of 90ns, the MSB7700-ES2F significantly reduces data transfer delays, making it ideal for applications that require high throughput and low latency. The system's power consumption is optimized, with a typical usage of 136W, minimizing operational costs without compromising on performance. The MSB7700-ES2F is designed for redundancy and high availability. It includes 1+1 redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and N+1 redundant and hot-swappable fans, ensuring uninterrupted operation and ease of maintenance. The power supplies are 80 Gold+ and Energy Star certified, emphasizing the switch's energy efficiency.
  • Compliant with IBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3, the switch supports advanced networking protocols and features, including congestion control and adaptive routing, enhancing network reliability and performance.
  • It offers flexibility in network design and scalability, supporting 9 virtual lanes (8 data + 1 management) and adjustable MTU sizes from 256 to 4Kbyte.
  • The MSB7700-ES2F provides dual 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet ports and an RS232 port over DB9 for management and connectivity options, ensuring easy integration into existing network infrastructures.
The switch's power supply supports a wide input range of 100-127 VAC and 200-240VAC, with a frequency of 50-60Hz, single phase AC, accommodating various power sources and ensuring operational flexibility across different regions. The system's dimensions are 1.7’’ (43.6 mm) in height, 16.85’’ (428mm) in width, and 27’’ (685.8mm) in depth, making it compatible with standard 19’’ rack mount setups. Weighing 11kg (24.2lb), it is designed for easy installation and integration into data centers. Operating temperature ranges from a minimum of 0ºC to a maximum of 45ºC, allowing the switch to perform reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions. This operational flexibility, combined with its high performance and energy efficiency, makes the Mellanox MSB7700-ES2F an excellent choice for organizations looking to upgrade their network infrastructure to support demanding applications and workloads.


Item NumberMellanox MSB7700-ES2F
ManufacturerMellanox Technologies
Product TypeInfiniBand Switch System, 36 QSFP28 EDR Ports, 1U
Switching Capacity7.2 Terabits per second, non-blocking
Power SuppliesDual, redundant and hot-swappable
Cooling SystemN+1 redundancy, hot-swappable fans
Energy Efficiency80 PLUS Gold, Energy Star compliant
ComplianceIBTA 1.2.1 and 1.3 standards
Latency90 nanoseconds
Power Usage136 Watts (typical)
Form Factor1U, fits standard 19-inch rack
Virtual Lanes9 (8 for data, 1 for management)
MTU Size256 bytes to 4096 bytes
Adaptive RoutingSupported
Ethernet PortsTwo ports, 10/100/1000 Mbps
Serial PortRS232, DB9 connector
Voltage Input100-127VAC, 200-240VAC
Frequency50-60Hz, single phase
Current4.5A at 100-127VAC, 2.9A at 200-240VAC
DimensionsHeight: 43.6mm, Width: 428mm, Depth: 685.8mm
Weight11kg (24.2lb)
Operating Temperature Range0ºC to 45ºC
Airflow DirectionPort to Cable (P2C)
Rack DepthStandard

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