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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The MSN2100-BB2F Mellanox Technologies Ethernet Switch features a Spectrum-based 40GbE 1U form factor with 16 QSFP28 ports, designed for high-density networking environments, supporting a wide range of speeds including 1/10/25/40/50/56/100GbE. It achieves a high throughput of 3.2Tb/s and a packet processing rate of 2.38 billion packets per second (Bpps), while maintaining low latency with 300nsec for 100GbE port-to-port communication. This switch operates efficiently, consuming under 6 watts per port, and is equipped with dual AC power supplies, a Rangeley CPU for advanced processing capabilities, and supports OpenFlow 1.3 for versatile network configuration and management.

Key Feature for the MSN2100BB2F

  • What is the throughput capacity of the Mellanox Spectrum-based 40GbE 1U Open Ethernet Switch?
    The switch offers a throughput capacity of 3.2Tb/s.
  • How many QSFP28 ports does the switch have?
    It is equipped with 16 QSFP28 ports.
  • What power supplies are included with the switch?
    It comes with 2 AC power supplies.
  • Is the Mellanox Spectrum-based switch RoHS compliant?
    Yes, the switch is RoHS compliant.
  • What type of CPU does the switch utilize?
    It uses a Rangeley CPU.
  • What is the power consumption under typical conditions with passive cables?
    Typical power consumption with passive cables is 94.3W.
  • Does the switch support 802.1Q Multiple STP?
    Yes, it supports 802.1Q Multiple STP.
  • What airflow direction does the switch have?
    The switch has P2C (port to connector) airflow.
  • What is the port-to-port latency for 100GbE on this switch?
    The port-to-port latency for 100GbE is 300nsec.
  • Are rail kits included with the Mellanox Spectrum-based 40GbE 1U Open Ethernet Switch?
    No, rail kits must be purchased separately.

Product Review

The Mellanox Technologies MSN2100-BB2F offers high-density connectivity with 16 QSFP28 ports supporting a wide range of speeds up to 100GbE, coupled with a high throughput of 3.2Tb/s and 2.38 billion packets per second, ensuring efficient data flow and zero packet loss. However, it requires the purchase of a separate rail kit for installation, and its reliance on the Rangeley CPU may not meet the needs of all network configurations looking for the latest processor technology. Additionally, its low power consumption of under 6 watts per port and compatibility with OpenFlow 1.3 make it a cost-effective and flexible choice for various network environments.


The Mellanox Technologies MSN2100-BB2F is a Spectrum-based 40GbE switch designed for high efficiency and performance in a compact 1U form factor. This Open Ethernet Switch is powered by Mellanox Onyx software, offering a versatile and high-speed networking solution for data centers. It features 16 QSFP28 ports that support a wide range of speeds, including 1/10/25/40/50/56/100GbE, making it adaptable to various network demands. Key hardware specifications of the MSN2100-BB2F include: - The switch delivers a high throughput of 3.2Tb/s and a packet processing rate of 2.38 billion packets per second (Bpps), ensuring efficient data movement across the network. - It boasts a low latency of 300nsec for 100GbE port-to-port communication, minimizing delay and enhancing overall network performance. - Power efficiency is a hallmark of this model, with consumption under 6 watts per port, which contributes to lower operational costs. With its high-density configuration, the MSN2100-BB2F can accommodate up to 16 40/56/100GbE ports in a single rack unit (1RU). It also supports expansion, allowing up to 64 10/25-ports or up to 32 50GbE ports, providing flexibility for network upgrades or expansions. This capability ensures that the switch can meet the needs of growing data centers and high-demand applications. The switch is designed with a short depth and includes two AC power supplies, ensuring reliable operation. However, it's important to note that a Rail Kit must be purchased separately for installation. The device operates with a P2C airflow scheme, optimizing cooling and maintaining performance under various conditions. Additional technical features of the MSN2100-BB2F include: - Zero Packet Loss, guaranteeing data integrity and reliable transmission across the network. - RoHS compliance, ensuring environmental safety and adherence to regulations. - Support for 802.1Q Multiple STP and 802.3X Flow Control, enhancing network management and efficiency. - OpenFlow 1.3 compatibility with hybrid mode, supported by controllers such as ODL, ONOS, FloodLight, and RYU, offering flexibility in network programming and management. Power specifications indicate a typical power consumption with passive cables (ATIS) of 94.3W, with an input voltage range of 100-240VAC. The device's dimensions are 1.72” (43.8mm) H x 7.87” (200mm) W x 20” (508mm) D, and it weighs 4.540kg (10lb), making it suitable for various rack configurations and spaces. Connectivity options include QSFP28, SFP28 short and long-range optics, providing versatility in network design and connectivity. With these features, the Mellanox MSN2100-BB2F stands out as a powerful, efficient, and flexible solution for modern data centers requiring high-speed, reliable network infrastructure.


Part Number MSN2100-BB2F
Manufacturer Mellanox Technologies
Product Description 40GbE 1U Ethernet Switch based on Mellanox Spectrum, equipped with Mellanox Onyx software, featuring 16 QSFP28 ports
Power Supplies Included 2 (AC type)
Form Factor Compact design
Processor Intel Rangeley CPU
Cooling Airflow Direction Port to Cable (P2C)
Mounting Option Rail Kit available separately
Data Integrity Guarantees no packet loss
Supported Speeds 1/10/25/40/50/56/100GbE compatibility
Switching Capacity 3.2 Terabits per second
Forwarding Rate 2.38 billion pps
Port Density 16 ports supporting 40/56/100GbE in one rack unit, expandable to 64x 10/25GbE or 32x 50GbE ports
Latency 300 nanoseconds for 100GbE
Energy Efficiency Less than 6W per port
Environmental Compliance Meets RoHS standards
Spanning Tree Protocol Supports 802.1Q, multiple spanning tree instances
Flow Control Complies with 802.3X standard
Software Defined Networking OpenFlow 1.3 compatible, works with controllers like ODL, ONOS, FloodLight, RYU
Power Usage Typical consumption with passive cables: 94.3W, 100-240VAC input
Dimensions (HxWxD) 43.8mm x 200mm x 508mm
Weight 4.540kg
Optics Compatibility Supports QSFP28, SFP28 for both short and long haul connections

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