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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies
Product Type: Network Adapter
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Product Description

The Mellanox Technologies QM8790-HS2F is a high-performance network adapter designed for use in data centers and high-performance computing environments. It supports InfiniBand and Ethernet connectivity and provides low latency and high bandwidth for demanding applications. The adapter is equipped with two FDR InfiniBand ports, each capable of 56 Gbps data transfer rate. It also features advanced hardware offloads and software optimizations for improved network efficiency and security. The compact form factor makes it easy to install and integrate into existing systems.

Key Feature for the QM8790-HS2F

1. Data Transfer Rate: 56 Gbps per port
2. Connectivity: InfiniBand and Ethernet
3. Latency: Low
4. Bandwidth: High
5. Form Factor: Compact
6. Advanced Hardware Offloads: Yes

Product Review

The Mellanox Technologies QM8790-HS2F is a high-speed InfiniBand switch designed for data centers and HPC environments. It boasts a large switching capacity of up to 7.2Tbps and low-latency connectivity. Its unique hardware features include adaptive routing, congestion control, and quality of service management, which enable efficient data transfer and optimal network performance. Overall, the QM8790-HS2F is a robust and reliable switch that offers exceptional speed and flexibility for demanding workloads.


The Mellanox Technologies QM8790-HS2F is a high-performance Ethernet switch designed for modern data centers and cloud deployments. This switch is part of Mellanox's Quantum family of switches and is specifically built for the demands of hyperscale environments, delivering fast and reliable connectivity for mission-critical applications. The QM8790-HS2F is equipped with 32 QSFP28 ports, each capable of delivering up to 100GbE of bandwidth, resulting in a total switching capacity of 3.2 Tbps. Additionally, the switch supports advanced features such as congestion control, adaptive routing, and low-latency forwarding, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency. One of the key features of the QM8790-HS2F is its support for Mellanox's Switch-IB 2 interconnect technology, which provides ultra-low latency and high throughput for data-intensive workloads. The switch also features Mellanox's SmartMANAGE technology, which enables easy configuration and monitoring of the switch through a user-friendly web interface. In terms of hardware specifications, the QM8790-HS2F is powered by a dual-core ARM processor and 16GB of DDR4 memory, providing ample processing power for complex networking tasks. The switch also includes redundant power supplies and fans, ensuring high availability and reliability. Overall, the Mellanox Technologies QM8790-HS2F is a powerful and reliable Ethernet switch that delivers high-performance connectivity for hyperscale data center environments. With its advanced features and robust hardware specifications, this switch is an excellent choice for organizations that require fast and efficient networking capabilities for their most demanding applications.

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