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Product Line: Mellanox Technologies SN2010
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Mellanox SN2010 is a high-performance, low-latency, scalable InfiniBand switch designed for use in data center and high-performance computing environments. It provides up to 56 ports of FDR (Fourteen Data Rate) InfiniBand connectivity with support for both 40 Gb/s and 56 Gb/s speeds. The SN2010 is designed to work with Mellanox's ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-3 Pro adapters to provide a complete end-to-end solution for InfiniBand networks.

Key Feature for the SN2010

1. Port count: 56 ports of FDR InfiniBand
2. Speed: Support for 40 Gb/s and 56 Gb/s speeds
3. Latency: Low-latency performance
4. Scalability: Scalable solution for InfiniBand networks
5. End-to-end solution: Designed to work with Mellanox's ConnectX-3 and ConnectX-3 Pro adapters
6. FDR (Fourteen Data Rate) InfiniBand connectivity

Product Review

The Mellanox Technologies SN2010 is a high-performance Ethernet switch designed for data center applications. It features 18 SFP28 ports, 4 QSFP28 ports, and a switching capacity of 1.44 Tbps, making it an ideal solution for high-bandwidth, low-latency networks. The SN2010 also supports software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization, making it a versatile and flexible option for modern data center environments.


The Mellanox Technologies SN2010 is an advanced network switch designed to meet advanced data storage, networking and interconnect solutions. It offers a reliable, high-performance solution that is ideal for use in data centers and hyperscale environments. This comprehensive switch makes it easy to deploy and manage your network, allowing you to maintain a secure, solid network foundation. The switch is powered by a 48+4 port configuration with 10/25/50/100 Gb/s optical ports. The ports are backwards compatible with any Ethernet or Fibre Channel product allowing for 10G/100G or higher connections. It provides an enhanced data rate of up to 960 Gb/s non-blocking capacity for low latency performance. The switch also includes advanced features like RoCEv2, Mixed Mode Multi-rate Link, 40GbE support and MLnX-OS operating system. The SN2010 provides a comprehensive management platform with a robust set of features including: Web User Interface, SSH Support, In-Band Management, Performance Monitoring Features and Dynamic Buffer Allocation. These features allow the user to monitor their network performance while managing the data efficiently. Other additional features include autonegotiation capabilities which are designed to adjust the network configuration to meet the requirements of high traffic applications in order to optimize the performance of your network. In terms of reliability, the SN2010 comes with MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 653K hours (equivalent to 75 years) at 25°C, providing added assurance even in extreme environments. As such, the SN2010 is ideal for critical applications such as server virtualization, HPC(High Performance Computing) clustering and cloud computing. The SN2010 is built on Mellanox’s Open Ethernet hardware architecture and offers a wide range of hardware management capabilities, making it a great choice for businesses that need superior reliability, scalability, and performance from their network infrastructure. It comes with an optional redundant power supply which is required for mission-critical applications where downtime needs to be minimized. With its robust hardware and software features, the SN2010 ensures maximum uptime while providing reliable and secure network access across the organization.

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