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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX Series Series
Product Type: Expansion Module
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Product Description

The MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B is a next-generation line card for Juniper MX Series, featuring an upgraded CPU and memory, ensuring compatibility with MICs from the MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E. It supports comprehensive networking capabilities, including L2, L2.5, L3, and L3VPN, along with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) through hierarchical queuing up to 32,000 queues. Designed as a plug-in module, it offers a system capacity of 1.92 Tbps, supports up to 80 10GbE ports, and is equipped with two expansion slots for enhanced connectivity and performance.

FAQs for the MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B

  • What features does the next-generation MPC3E line card bundle offer?
  • The MPC3E line card bundle offers full feature parity with MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E, including comprehensive L2, L2.5, L3, and L3VPN features. It supports a flexible queuing option for hierarchical QoS with up to 32,000 queues and is compatible with all MICs supported by earlier versions.
  • Can the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module support Layer 3 VPNs?
  • Yes, the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module supports Layer 3 VPNs, along with other features such as Layer 2.5 and Layer 3 switching, load balancing, Quality of Service (QoS), NAT, Class of Service (CoS), and more.
  • How does the queuing option enhance the next-generation MPC3E line card bundle's performance?
  • The flexible queuing option enables hierarchical Quality of Service (QoS) support, allowing for up to 32,000 total queues. This enhances network performance and efficiency by prioritizing network traffic.
  • What are the connectivity specifications of the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module?
  • The module is a wired plug-in unit with two free expansion slots, supporting a range of features including Layer 2.5 and Layer 3 switching, and VPN support, among others. It adheres to RoHS 2011/65/EU standards.
  • How does the upgraded CPU and memory in the MPC3E line card bundle benefit network operations?
  • The upgraded CPU and memory enhance the processing power and efficiency of the MPC3E line card bundle, enabling it to handle more complex operations and larger volumes of network traffic without performance degradation.
  • What standards does the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module comply with?
  • The module complies with RoHS 2011/65/EU standards, ensuring it meets specific requirements for environmental safety and electronic equipment.
  • What is the system capacity of the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module, and how does it impact network performance?
  • The MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module has a system capacity of 1.92 Tbps, significantly enhancing network performance by allowing for high-speed data transmission and efficient load balancing across the network.
  • Describe the environmental operating conditions of the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module.
  • The module operates within a humidity range of 5% to 90% and at altitudes up to 10,000 feet (3048 m), ensuring reliable performance across various environmental conditions.
  • How does the next-generation MPC3E line card bundle support network scalability?
  • By offering full scale L2/L2.5, L3, and L3VPN features along with hierarchical QoS support, the MPC3E line card bundle facilitates network scalability, allowing businesses to expand their network capabilities as needed.
  • What is the form factor of the MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module, and how does it affect installation?
  • The MX Series 2x Slot Expansion Module has a plug-in module form factor, simplifying installation by allowing it to be easily integrated into existing rack units without the need for extensive modifications.

Product Review

The Juniper MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B line card offers significant improvements with its upgraded CPU and memory, enhancing overall performance and capability in handling complex network demands. It maintains compatibility with previous models (MPC1E, MPC2E, MPC3E) and supports a wide range of features including L2, L2.5, L3, L3VPN, and comprehensive QoS options, allowing for up to 32,000 queues for hierarchical quality of service. However, the requirement for a 5-rack unit space could be a limiting factor for environments with space constraints, despite its impressive system capacity of 1.92 Tbps and support for a high number of 1GbE and 10GbE ports.


The Juniper MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B is a next-generation modular port concentrator (MPC) designed for use with Juniper MX Series routers. This line card bundle enhances network performance and efficiency with an upgraded CPU and memory, ensuring high-speed connectivity and reliable service delivery across various applications. It is built to offer full feature parity with its predecessors, the MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E, making it a versatile choice for network expansion or upgrades. One of the key specifications of this MPC is its support for full-scale Layer 2, Layer 2.5, Layer 3, and Layer 3 VPN features. This broad feature set allows for efficient data communication, high-speed internet access, and secure connectivity across a wide area network (WAN), catering to the demands of enterprise and service provider networks alike. In terms of quality of service (QoS), the Juniper MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B introduces a flexible queuing option that enables hierarchical QoS support. This functionality allows for the prioritization of network traffic, ensuring that critical applications receive the bandwidth and processing they need to perform optimally. With support for up to 32,000 total queues, network administrators can finely tune performance to meet the specific needs of their network.
  • Supports all MICs (Modular Interface Cards) supported by the MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E, ensuring a wide range of connectivity options and network configurations.
  • Designed as a 2x slot expansion module with a plug-in form factor, it seamlessly integrates into existing network infrastructures, providing a straightforward upgrade path.
  • Compliant with RoHS 2011/65/EU standards, emphasizing the commitment to environmental sustainability and safe electronic equipment usage.
The hardware specifications highlight the device's capacity for handling extensive network demands. It offers a per-slot capacity of 480 Gbps and a total system capacity of 1.92 Tbps, accommodating high-volume network traffic and enabling efficient data processing and transfer rates. The device supports a maximum of 80 1GbE and 80 10GbE connections, facilitating versatile connectivity options for different network requirements. Designed for a wired connectivity technology, the MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B includes features such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching, load balancing, NAT support, and VPN support. These features ensure a secure, reliable, and efficient network environment capable of supporting complex configurations and high-demand applications. The expansion slots, numbering 2 in total, provide flexibility for network customization and expansion, allowing for the addition of new services without the need for complete system overhauls. With a form factor that fits into a 5-rack unit space and the ability to house up to 9 systems per rack, this MPC is designed for dense, efficient, and scalable network deployments. Operating within a humidity range of 5% to 90% and at altitudes up to 10,000 ft, the Juniper MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B is built to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in diverse deployment scenarios. Its adherence to industry standards and support for a wide range of network features make it a powerful component for modernizing and enhancing network infrastructure.


Part NumberJuniper MPC3E-3D-NG-R-B
Product DescriptionEnhanced MPC3E line module bundle with advanced CPU and memory capabilities
Feature CompatibilityMatches capabilities of MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E
Supported FeaturesComprehensive L2, L2.5, L3, and L3VPN functionalities
Quality of Service (QoS)Advanced hierarchical QoS support, up to 32,000 queues
MIC CompatibilityCompatible with all MICs from MPC1E, MPC2E, and MPC3E series
Device TypeMX Series 2-slot expansion module
FormatPlug-in module
Connection InterfaceWired
CapabilitiesLayer 2.5 and Layer 3 switching, Load distribution, Service Quality management, VPN, NAT, Service Class, Layer 2 switching
Expansion Capacity2 available expansion slots
Regulatory ComplianceRoHS 2011/65/EU compliant
Unit Height5 rack units
Max Units per Rack9
Module Slots2 MPC slots
Bandwidth per Slot480 Gbps
Total Bandwidth1.92 Tbps
Humidity Range for Operation5% to 90%
Operational Altitude LimitUp to 10,000 ft (3048 m)
Max 1GbE Ports80
Max 10GbE Ports80
System Throughput1.92 Tbps

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