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Product Line: Mellanox SX1012 Series
Product Type: switch system
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Product Description

The MSX1012B-2BFS Mellanox is a 1U Ethernet Switch featuring 12 QSFP ports for 40/56GbE connectivity and the capability to expand up to 48 10GbE ports using a high-density configuration. It delivers low latency with 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE, alongside a maximum power consumption of less than 100 Watts. Supporting 802.1Q Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP with up to 16 Ports/Channel and 64 Groups Per System, and equipped with 48K L2 Forwarding Entries, this switch ensures efficient network traffic management and scalability.

FAQs for the MSX1012B-2BFS

  • What is the port configuration of the SwitchX®-2 based 12-port QSFP 40/56GbE 1U Ethernet Switch?
    The switch has 12 QSFP ports for 40/56GbE and can support up to 48 10GbE ports.
  • How does the airflow direction in the SwitchX®-2 contribute to its cooling?
    It utilizes P2C (port-to-core) airflow, ensuring efficient cooling across the device.
  • Is a rail kit included with the purchase of the SwitchX®-2 Ethernet Switch?
    No, the rail kit must be purchased separately.
  • What are the latency specifications for the Ethernet Switch?
    Latency is 220nsec for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE.
  • What power consumption metrics are associated with the SwitchX®-2?
    Maximum power consumption is less than 100 Watts, with an ATIS weighted power consumption of 49.9W.
  • Can you detail the L2 Forwarding Entries capacity and supported protocols of the Ethernet Switch?
    It supports 48K L2 Forwarding Entries, 802.1Q Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP, and 802.3X Flow Control.
  • What is the maximum number of ports per channel and groups per system for Link Aggregation on the Ethernet Switch?
    Link Aggregation supports 16 ports per channel and 64 groups per system.
  • What are the electrical specifications for the SwitchX®-2 Ethernet Switch?
    It operates within an input voltage range of 100-240VAC.
  • What physical dimensions and weight does the Ethernet Switch possess?
    The dimensions are 1.72’’H x 7.87”W x 15.74”D, and it weighs 7.1Lbs (3.2 Kgs).
  • What types of optics are compatible with the QSFP ports on the Ethernet Switch?
    QSFP, SFP+ short and long range optics can be used with the device.

Product Review

The Mellanox MSX1012B-2BFS Switch, featuring SwitchX®-2 with 12 QSFP 40/56GbE ports, excels in providing high density and low latency, with the capability to manage up to 48 10GbE ports in a half-width 1RU form factor, achieving 220nsec latency for 40GbE and 270nsec for 10GbE. However, it requires the purchase of a separate rail kit for installation, and its power consumption, while low at under 100 Watts, may still be a consideration for energy-conscious deployments. Its support for 802.1Q Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP, and a maximum of 48K L2 forwarding entries, along with a compact size and a weight of 7.1 lbs, makes it a versatile choice for various networking environments requiring high performance and efficient space utilization.


The Mellanox MSX1012B-2BFS is a high-performance Ethernet switch designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding data center environments. It is built on the SwitchX®-2 architecture and offers twelve 40/56GbE QSFP ports in a compact 1U form factor. This switch is engineered to provide a high density of up to 48 10GbE ports when using break-out cables, making it an ideal solution for environments where space and power efficiency are critical. Key Hardware Specifications: - The switch features twelve QSFP ports that support both 40GbE and 56GbE speeds, providing flexibility for various network deployments. - It is designed with a shallow depth and a port-to-core (P2C) airflow configuration, ensuring easy integration into data centers with space constraints and specific cooling requirements. - Compliance with RoHS-6 standards indicates a commitment to environmental sustainability by restricting the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of the switch. - While the switch itself is packed with features, it's important to note that a rail kit for installation must be purchased separately. - Despite its high port density, the switch maintains a low latency of 220 nanoseconds for 40GbE and 270 nanoseconds for 10GbE, ensuring fast data transmission and reducing bottlenecks in high-performance computing environments. - With a maximum power consumption of less than 100 Watts and an ATIS weighted power consumption of 49.9W, it stands out for its energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and supporting green computing initiatives. - The switch supports a broad input voltage range of 100-240VAC, making it adaptable to various power supplies and enhancing its deployment flexibility worldwide. - Its compact dimensions, measuring 1.72 inches in height, 7.87 inches in width, and 15.74 inches in depth, and weighing only 7.1lbs (3.2 Kgs), allow for efficient use of rack space without compromising on performance. Networking Features: - Offering up to 48K L2 forwarding entries, the switch can handle large amounts of data, making it suitable for enterprises with high traffic levels. - Supports 802.1Q Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP with up to 16 ports per channel and 64 groups per system, and 802.3X Flow Control, providing a comprehensive solution for network optimization and management. - The inclusion of port mirroring and a router port interface for routing extends its functionality, enabling network monitoring and facilitating advanced network configurations. Compatibility: - The switch is compatible with QSFP, SFP+ short, and long-range optics, allowing for flexible network connections and facilitating easy integration into existing network infrastructures. In summary, the Mellanox MSX1012B-2BFS Ethernet Switch stands as a versatile and efficient solution for data centers looking to optimize their network performance and scalability while minimizing power consumption and space usage. Its advanced features and compatibility with various protocols and optical modules make it a valuable asset for modern networking environments.


Part Number and Manufacturer Mellanox MSX1012B-2BFS
Description 12-port QSFP 40/56GbE Ethernet Switch based on SwitchX®-2, 1U form factor
QSFP Ports 12
Power Supplies 2
Chassis Depth Compact
Airflow Direction Port to Cable
Compliance RoHS-6 compliant
Rack Mount Kit Available separately
Port Density 48 x 10GbE connections in a half-width 1RU unit
Speed Configuration 12 ports configurable for 40/56GbE in a single RU; Expandable to 48 10GbE ports
Latency Performance 40GbE: 220ns; 10GbE: 270ns
Energy Efficiency Peak power under 100W
Supported Ethernet Speeds 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, 56GbE
L2 Forwarding Capacity 48,000 entries
Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1Q MSTP support
Link Aggregation IEEE 802.3ad/LACP; Up to 16 ports per channel, 64 groups per system
Flow Control IEEE 802.3X support
Energy Consumption Metrics ATIS weighted consumption: 49.9W
Power Usage Maximum 100W
Power Input 100-240VAC
Physical Dimensions Height 1.72 inches, Width 7.87 inches, Depth 15.74 inches
Device Weight 7.1 pounds (3.2 kilograms)
Optics Compatibility Supports QSFP, SFP+ for both short and long-haul links
Port Mirroring Support Yes
Routing Interface Router port interface available for network routing

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