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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 5000 Series
Product Type: Ethernet Switch
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Product Description

The N5K-C5010P-BF Cisco features 20 SFP ports and supports Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet data link protocols, accommodating diverse network requirements. It is designed with 1 standard power supply, 2 fans, and a 1 RU form factor, ensuring reliable operation and easy integration into server racks. Advanced networking capabilities are enabled through support for ACL, QoS, Syslog, and IGMP Snooping, along with SNMP, RMON, Telnet, SMI-S, and SSH-2 for comprehensive remote management.

FAQs for the N5K-C5010P-BF

  • What is the port type available on this device?
    The device offers SFP port types.
  • How many ports does the device feature?
    It features 20 ports.
  • Can you detail the data link protocols supported by this hardware?
    It supports Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet.
  • What is the standard number of power supplies in the device?
    The device comes with 1 standard power supply.
  • Does the device support IGMP Snooping?
    Yes, IGMP Snooping is supported.
  • What form factor is this device?
    It is designed in a 1 RU form factor.
  • Is Quality of Service (QoS) supported?
    Yes, QoS support is available.
  • How many expansion slots does the device have?
    There is 1 expansion slot available.
  • What remote management protocols are supported?
    Supported protocols include SNMP 1, SNMP 2, RMON, Telnet, SNMP 3, SMI-S, and SSH-2.
  • What authentication methods are compatible with this hardware?
    The device supports RADIUS, TACACS+, MS-CHAP, and Secure Shell v.2 (SSH2) for authentication.

Product Review

The Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF offers a comprehensive set of features for network management, including support for multiple remote management protocols like SNMP, SSH-2, and Telnet, ensuring versatile administration capabilities. However, its limitation to a single power supply could pose a risk for environments requiring high availability. Additionally, the device supports a wide range of data link protocols and has a decent port count, but the form factor of 1 RU and a MAC address table size of 16K may not meet the demands of larger, more complex network infrastructures.


The Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF is a compact, high-performance network switch engineered to meet the demands of data centers and high-density networking environments. It integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures, supporting a variety of data link protocols including Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet, making it versatile for both data and storage networking. This switch is designed to optimize space with its 1 Rack Unit (RU) form factor, fitting efficiently in any server room or data center layout. Equipped with 20 SFP ports, the Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF facilitates high-speed connectivity and network scalability. Users can expand network capabilities as needed, thanks to the single expansion slot available for additional modules. The switch comes standard with one power supply unit and two fans, ensuring reliable operation and system cooling under varying load conditions. Key hardware features include: - MAC Address Table Size: Capable of holding up to 16K entries, this switch can efficiently manage large volumes of network traffic, ensuring smooth data transmission across the network. - Encryption Algorithm: With AES support, the switch provides secure data transmission, safeguarding sensitive information against external threats. - Authentication Method: Supports multiple authentication methods including RADIUS, TACACS+, MS-CHAP, and SSH2, offering flexible and secure access control. The Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF boasts advanced networking features to enhance the efficiency and security of enterprise networks. IGMP snooping, ACL support, QoS support, and Syslog support are integrated into the system, facilitating better network traffic management, access control, and monitoring. These features ensure that the network can handle high volumes of data while maintaining high levels of security and performance. Remote management is made simple and efficient through protocols such as SNMP 1, SNMP 2, RMON, Telnet, SNMP 3, SMI-S, and SSH-2. This enables network administrators to manage the switch remotely, reducing the need for on-site maintenance and allowing for timely adjustments to network settings from anywhere. The switch also supports a comprehensive set of Fiber Channel standards including FC-DA, FC-FS, FC-GS-3, FC-GS-4, FC-MI, FC-PH, FC-PH-2, and FC-PH-3. This makes the Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF highly suitable for environments where storage networking is critical, offering flexibility in connecting to SAN (Storage Area Network) fabrics without sacrificing performance. In summary, the Cisco N5K-C5010P-BF is a powerful and efficient solution for data centers and complex network environments requiring high-speed data and storage networking. Its compact 1 RU form factor, combined with a wide range of supported protocols and security features, makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to maximize their networking capabilities while maintaining tight security and performance standards.


Item Code N5K-C5010P-BF
Manufacturer Cisco
Total Ports 20
Port Configuration SFP
Default Power Supply Units 1
Default Fan Count 2
Unit Size 1 RU
Supported Network Protocols Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel over Ethernet
Module Expansion Slots 1
Management via Network SNMP 1, SNMP 2, RMON, Telnet, SNMP 3, SMI-S, SSH-2
IGMP Snooping Capability Enabled
Access Control Lists (ACL) Supported
Quality of Service (QoS) Available
System Log Integration Supported
MAC Addresses Supported 16K entries
Supported Encryption AES
Verification Methods RADIUS, TACACS+, MS-CHAP, SSH version 2
Interfaces for Management 1 RJ-45
Fibre Channel Standards FC-DA, FC-FS, FC-GS-3, FC-GS-4, FC-MI, FC-PH, FC-PH-2, FC-PH-3

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