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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Nexus 7000 Series
Product Type: Bundle
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Product Description

The N7K-C7010-B2S2-R is a Cisco networking chassis that integrates 2 SUP2 Modules and 2 FAB2 Modules, designed to facilitate efficient data processing and connectivity. This model does not include power supplies, necessitating external provisioning. It supports a scalable architecture to meet diverse networking requirements.

FAQs for the N7K-C7010-B2S2-R

  • What is the function of the chassis in the networking hardware setup?
    The chassis serves as the structural framework that houses the SUP2 Modules, FAB2 Modules, and other components, facilitating connectivity and communication within the network infrastructure.
  • How many SUP2 Modules does the system support?
    The system supports two SUP2 Modules, enhancing its processing and control capabilities.
  • Can you explain the role of FAB2 Modules in the network infrastructure?
    FAB2 Modules are essential for expanding the system's bandwidth and improving data traffic flow between the SUP2 Modules and other network interfaces.
  • Is a power supply included with the chassis?
    No, the chassis does not come with a power supply.
  • What are the benefits of having two SUP2 Modules in a network setup?
    Having two SUP2 Modules increases redundancy, ensuring network reliability and uninterrupted operation by providing backup in case one module fails.
  • How do FAB2 Modules contribute to network performance?
    FAB2 Modules enhance network performance by facilitating efficient data routing and reducing bottlenecks, leading to faster and more reliable network operations.
  • Without a power supply, how is the chassis powered?
    The chassis requires an external power supply source to be operational, which must be procured separately based on the specific power requirements of the network setup.
  • What happens if one SUP2 Module fails?
    If one SUP2 Module fails, the second SUP2 Module automatically takes over, ensuring continuous network operation without downtime.
  • Are there any scalability options with the FAB2 Modules?
    Yes, FAB2 Modules provide scalability options, allowing for network expansion and increased capacity as demand grows.
  • Can the chassis operate with only one SUP2 Module or FAB2 Module?
    Yes, the chassis can operate with only one SUP2 Module or FAB2 Module, but utilizing both ensures optimal performance and redundancy.

Product Review

The CISCO N7K-C7010-B2S2-R, equipped with two SUP2 Modules and two FAB2 Modules, offers solid performance and high availability for demanding network environments. However, the absence of power supplies necessitates additional purchases, impacting overall cost-efficiency. Its chassis design supports scalability, making it suitable for future network expansions.


The Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R represents a pivotal component in modern network infrastructure, offering a blend of performance, scalability, and flexibility. Designed to cater to the demanding requirements of large enterprise and data center networks, this product is part of Cisco's Nexus 7000 series, renowned for its capability to support comprehensive features for data center consolidation, core network infrastructure, and campus core deployments. At the heart of the Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R's design is its chassis, which accommodates a wide array of modules and components. The chassis itself is engineered for high-density, high-performance Ethernet switching, providing a solid foundation for scalable network architecture. This foundation is crucial for supporting the vast amounts of data transiting through modern networks, ensuring efficient data flow and high availability. Key to the system's operation are the SUP2 (Supervisor 2) modules, with the Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R equipped with two of these modules. These supervisor modules are responsible for the centralized control of the chassis, managing and monitoring the system's operations. They play a critical role in network resilience, facilitating features such as high availability and fault recovery. Each SUP2 module is designed to handle complex network protocols and routing, ensuring optimal performance and enabling the system to support a wide range of network applications. Additionally, the system incorporates two FAB2 (Fabric-2) modules, which are instrumental in providing the high-speed interconnection between the I/O modules and the supervisor engines. These fabric modules are designed to enhance the system's overall throughput and efficiency, enabling the Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R to manage and distribute network traffic effectively. The presence of two FAB2 modules ensures redundancy and improves the system's ability to handle large volumes of data, making it well-suited for environments with intensive data or high-speed networking requirements.
  • Chassis designed for high-density Ethernet switching, supporting scalable network architecture.
  • Two SUP2 Modules for centralized control, enhancing network resilience and performance.
  • Two FAB2 Modules to facilitate high-speed interconnections and improve throughput.
It's important to note that the Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R does not include power supplies. This allows customers the flexibility to choose power supplies that best fit their specific operational requirements and standards. This aspect of customization is critical for ensuring that the system can be tailored to various power environments and can operate efficiently in different geographic regions and data center configurations. In summary, the Cisco N7K-C7010-B2S2-R is engineered for organizations requiring a high-performance, scalable, and flexible network infrastructure. With its advanced supervisor and fabric modules, this system is capable of meeting the rigorous demands of large-scale networks, providing a foundation for high availability, efficient data processing, and robust network operations. Its design reflects Cisco's commitment to delivering advanced networking solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern enterprises and data centers.


Item Code & Producer N7K-C7010-B2S2-R by CISCO
SUP2 Modules Quantity 2
FAB2 Modules Count 2
Includes Power Supplies Not included

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