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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Network Access Control
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Product Description

The NAC3315-100-K9 CISCO is equipped with an Intel Xeon processor featuring 4 cores and 4 GB RAM, designed to support up to 100 users. It includes 2 HDDs with 250 GB SATA storage each, 4 LAN ports supporting 10/100/1000 speeds, and 4 USB ports distributed evenly between the front and rear panels. This model is powered by a 350 W power supply, utilizes the IBM System x3250 M2 server platform, and features comprehensive connectivity options including dual 1-Gb Ethernet ports, a VGA video connector, and both serial and console ports located at the rear.

FAQs for the NAC3315-100-K9

  • What is the maximum number of users supported by the IBM System x3250 M2?
    The IBM System x3250 M2 supports up to 100 users.
  • Can you specify the processor type in the IBM System x3250 M2?
    The server is equipped with an Intel Xeon processor.
  • How many processor cores does the IBM System x3250 M2 have?
    It features 4 processor cores.
  • What amount of RAM is installed in the IBM System x3250 M2?
    The server has 4 GB of RAM.
  • How many HDDs are included and what is their type?
    The IBM System x3250 M2 includes 2 HDDs, each being a 250 GB SATA type.
  • What are the LAN port specifications on the IBM System x3250 M2?
    It has 4 LAN ports, each being a 10/100/1000 type.
  • How many USB ports are available, and how are they distributed?
    There are 4 USB ports, with 2 located in the front and 2 in the rear.
  • What is the power supply capacity of the IBM System x3250 M2?
    The server comes with a 350 W power supply.
  • How many LEDs are there in the front and rear panels?
    There are 6 LEDs in the front panel and 5 LEDs in the rear panel.
  • Does the IBM System x3250 M2 feature any special ports?
    Yes, it includes a serial port (RJ-45 connector), VGA video connector, dual 1-Gb Ethernet ports, and a rear identification button/LED.

Product Review

The CISCO NAC3315-100-K9, with its Intel Xeon processor and four cores, offers reliable performance for managing network access control for up to 100 users. However, its 4 GB of RAM and dual 250 GB SATA HDDs may limit its efficiency in high-demand environments, potentially requiring future upgrades. The inclusion of four 1-Gb LAN ports and a comprehensive set of connectivity options, including USB and serial ports, enhances its versatility in various network configurations.


The CISCO NAC3315-100-K9 is a dedicated network access control device designed to support up to 100 users, making it suitable for small to medium-sized business environments. At the heart of this device is an Intel Xeon processor with four cores, ensuring efficient processing and handling of network access requests and policies. This is complemented by 4 GB of RAM, which aids in smooth operation even under heavy load, ensuring that network access control and monitoring functions do not lag or disrupt network performance. For storage, the CISCO NAC3315-100-K9 is equipped with two 250 GB SATA hard drives. This not only provides ample space for operating system files, logs, and user data but also allows for redundancy, enhancing data integrity and system reliability. Connectivity is a strong point for this device, featuring four LAN ports of 10/100/1000 type, ensuring high-speed network connections and facilitating efficient network traffic management. Furthermore, the device boasts a total of four USB ports, with two located on the front panel and two on the rear. This allows for easy connection of peripherals and external storage solutions, enhancing the device's functionality and ease of maintenance. The power supply is rated at 350 W, sufficient to support all onboard components even under full load. Built on the IBM System x3250 M2 server platform, the CISCO NAC3315-100-K9 combines reliable hardware with specialized network access control functionality. The front panel features six LEDs for at-a-glance system status monitoring, while the rear panel has five LEDs, providing clear and immediate feedback on the system's health and activity.
  • Serial and console ports located at the rear of the device offer direct device management and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Dual 1-Gb Ethernet ports enhance network throughput and resilience.
  • A VGA video connector, alongside the rear identification button/LED, facilitates easy setup and maintenance.
Additional hardware specifications include one serial port with an RJ-45 connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of management and monitoring tools. The inclusion of one console port, also located at the rear, simplifies direct device configuration and management tasks. The dual 1-Gb Ethernet ports, designated LAN1 and LAN2, are crucial for managing network traffic, offering redundancy and high availability options for critical network infrastructures. The CISCO NAC3315-100-K9 is designed to be both functional and manageable, with a design that supports up to two power supplies for enhanced redundancy and reliability. The inclusion of a VGA video connector allows for direct monitor connection, simplifying setup and configuration processes. The rear identification button/LED is a useful feature for quickly identifying the device in racks filled with multiple units. In summary, the CISCO NAC3315-100-K9 is a comprehensive network access control solution, built on reliable hardware foundations. It is designed to effectively manage network access, ensuring security and performance for small to medium-sized business networks.


Part Number CISCO NAC3315-100-K9
Manufacturer Cisco
Supported User Count 100
CPU Intel Xeon
CPU Cores 4
Memory Capacity 4 GB
Storage Drive Quantity 2
Storage Type 250 GB SATA
Ethernet Ports Count 4
Ethernet Interface 10/100/1000
Total USB Ports 4
USB Ports - Back 2
USB Ports - Front 2
Power Unit 350 W
Hardware Platform IBM System x3250 M2
Front Panel LEDs 6
Back Panel LEDs 5
Serial Interface Count 1
Management Port Count 1
Serial Interface Position Rear
Management Port Position Rear
Max Power Supplies 2
VGA Port Available Yes
Serial Connector Type RJ-45
Gigabit Ethernet Ports LAN1 and LAN2
Identification Button/Light - Rear Yes

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