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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco NCS 1000 Series
Product Type: Controller
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Product Description

The NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 is a Cisco wired controller with dimensions of 6.4 in. in width, 11 in. in depth, and 1.1 in. in height, weighing 1.08 kg. It operates between 0 °C and 40 °C with a nonoperating temperature range of -28 °C to 70 °C. Designed for reliability, it supports a minimum operating relative humidity of 5% (Noncondensing) and a maximum of 85% (Noncondensing), with short-term humidity tolerance ranging from 5% to 90% (Noncondensing).

FAQs for the NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9

  • What are the dimensions of this networking device?
    The dimensions are 6.4 inches in width, 11 inches in depth, and 1.1 inches in height.
  • How does the part handle temperature variations?
    It operates between 0 °C and 40 °C. Non-operating temperature ranges from -28 °C to 70 °C.
  • Can you specify the weight of the device?
    The device weighs 1.08 kg.
  • What is the device's form factor?
    The form factor is Plug In.
  • What connectivity technology does the part use?
    It uses Wired connectivity technology.
  • What is the operational humidity range?
    Operational humidity ranges from 5% (Noncondensing) to 85% (Noncondensing).
  • Is this device suitable for high humidity environments?
    Yes, it can operate in short-term humidity up to 90% (Noncondensing).
  • What are the minimum and maximum non-operating temperatures?
    The minimum is -28 °C, and the maximum is 70 °C.
  • How does the device handle short-term operating relative humidity?
    It can handle short-term humidity from 5% (Noncondensing) to 90% (Noncondensing).
  • What are the operating temperature limits?
    The device operates between 0 °C and 40 °C.

Product Review

The CISCO NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9, with its dimensions of 6.4 x 11 x 1.1 inches and weighing 1.08 kg, offers a compact and lightweight solution for network infrastructure, optimizing space in tightly packed data centers. Its operating temperature range from 0 °C to 40 °C and relative humidity tolerance from 5% to 85% ensure reliable performance in various environmental conditions. However, the device's reliance on wired connectivity technology may limit flexibility in rapidly evolving network architectures favoring wireless solutions.


The CISCO NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 is a controller module designed for advanced networking applications. Its physical dimensions include a width of 6.4 inches, a depth of 11 inches, and a height of 1.1 inches, making it compact and suitable for various network environments. The unit's total weight is 1.08 kg, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. This device operates efficiently within a wide range of temperatures, from a minimum operating temperature of 0 °C to a maximum of 40 °C. It also demonstrates resilience in storage conditions, with nonoperating temperature tolerances stretching from -28 °C to 70 °C. Humidity levels within operational environments are crucial for maintaining the longevity and reliability of networking hardware. The CISCO NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 operates effectively in conditions with a minimum operating relative humidity of 5% (noncondensing) and can withstand up to 85% (noncondensing) for extended periods. For short-term scenarios, it can handle relative humidity levels from 5% (noncondensing) to a maximum of 90% (noncondensing), ensuring performance stability in varying environmental conditions. This controller's form factor is designed as a plug-in module, indicating ease of integration into existing network infrastructures. Its wired connectivity technology underscores its role in facilitating secure and reliable network connections. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • Form Factor: Plug In, highlighting its ease of installation and compatibility with various network setups.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired, ensuring stable and secure connections essential for critical networking tasks.
  • Environmental Tolerances: Capable of operating efficiently across a broad spectrum of temperature and humidity levels, ensuring reliability in diverse operating conditions.
The design and construction of the CISCO NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 cater to the demanding requirements of modern network environments. Its robust operating temperature and humidity ranges ensure that the device remains functional in a variety of climatic conditions, thus maintaining network integrity. The wired connectivity technology guarantees a consistent and dependable communication link, vital for the seamless operation of networks. In summary, the CISCO NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 combines compact design, environmental resilience, and reliable connectivity to support the demanding needs of contemporary networking tasks. Its specifications are tailored to ensure seamless integration, operational reliability, and adaptability to changing environmental conditions, making it an essential component for maintaining robust network infrastructures.


Part Number NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9
Manufacturer CISCO
Width 6.4 inches
Depth 11 inches
Height 1.1 inches
Weight 1.08 kilograms
Operating Temperature Range (Min) 0 degrees Celsius
Operating Temperature Range (Max) 40 degrees Celsius
Non-Operating Temperature Range (Min) -28 degrees Celsius
Non-Operating Temperature Range (Max) 70 degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity Range (Min) 5% (Noncondensing)
Operating Humidity Range (Max) 85% (Noncondensing)
Short-Term Humidity Range (Min) 5% (Noncondensing)
Short-Term Humidity Range (Max) 90% (Noncondensing)
Installation Type Plug-In Module
Data Link Protocol Wired

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