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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS Series
Product Type: DWDM SFP Module
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Product Description

The ONS-SC-2G-50.9 is a Cisco-based networking component with a transmitter wavelength of 1550.92 nm, operating effectively within a receiver wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1620 nm. It features a spectral width of 200 pm, transmit power ranging from 0 dBm to 4 dBm, and maintains transmitter stability between -100 to +100 pm. Designed for longevity and efficiency, it boasts a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 5,346,554 hours, a maximum power consumption of 1 W, and is compliant with ITU G694, GR2918 standards, supporting LC-LC cable connections and operating temperatures from 0 °C to 70 °C.

FAQs for the ONS-SC-2G-50.9

  • What is the wavelength of this networking hardware?
    The wavelength is 1550.92 nm.
  • How does the part's receiver performance vary across wavelengths?
    The receiver operates effectively between a minimum wavelength of 1260 nm and a maximum wavelength of 1620 nm.
  • Can you detail the transmitter stability range for this device?
    Transmitter stability ranges from -100 pm in the low range to +100 pm in the high range.
  • What is the spectral width of the product?
    The spectral width is 200 pm.
  • What range of transmit power does the device support?
    It supports a minimum transmit power of 0 dBm and a maximum of 4 dBm.
  • What is the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) for this device?
    The MTBF is 5,346,554 hours.
  • How much power does the device consume at maximum?
    Maximum power consumption is 1 W.
  • What type of cable connection is supported by this networking hardware?
    It supports an LC-LC cable connection.
  • Which standards does this device comply with?
    It complies with ITU G694 and GR2918 standards.
  • What are the operating temperature limits for this device?
    The operating temperature can range from 0 °C to 70 °C.

Product Review

The CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9 demonstrates a broad operating wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1620 nm, accommodating various networking demands with a focus on the 1550.92 nm wavelength for optimized performance. However, its transmitter stability fluctuates between -100 to +100 pm, potentially affecting precision in sensitive environments. With a notable MTBF of over 5 million hours and a low power consumption of 1 W, it offers reliability and efficiency, albeit the spectral width of 200 pm might limit performance in specific high-precision applications.


The CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9 is a specialized optical networking SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) module designed to deliver high-speed data transmission over fiber optic networks. This module operates at a specific wavelength of 1550.92 nm, making it suitable for long-distance communication applications. It is engineered to support a broad range of receiver wavelengths from 1260 nm to 1620 nm, accommodating various fiber optic networking standards and ensuring compatibility across different systems. This module's transmitter exhibits a stability range from -100 pm in the lower range to +100 pm in the high range, with a spectral width of 200 pm. These specifications ensure precise and reliable data transmission, minimizing signal degradation over long distances. The minimum transmit power of the module is 0 dBm, and it can go up to a maximum of 4 dBm. This power range allows for flexible deployment in both short-range and long-distance applications, providing efficient power usage while maintaining high-quality signal transmission. The CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9 boasts an impressive mean time between failures (MTBF) of 5,346,554 hours, indicating a high level of reliability and reduced maintenance requirements over its operational lifespan. It has a maximum power consumption of 1 W, which contributes to energy efficiency in network operations. The module supports LC-LC cable connections, a common interface in fiber optic networking, facilitating easy integration into existing infrastructures.
  • Applicable Standard: ITU G694, GR2918
  • Supported Cable Connection: LC-LC
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 1 W
Operating temperature ranges from a minimum of 0 °C to a maximum of 70 °C, allowing the module to perform reliably in a wide variety of environmental conditions. This temperature flexibility ensures that the module can be deployed in diverse settings, from data centers with controlled climates to outdoor installations exposed to more extreme temperatures. The CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9 is compliant with ITU G694 and GR2918 standards, ensuring its suitability and interoperability in global optical networks. This compliance underscores the module's versatility and its ability to meet the rigorous demands of modern fiber optic communication systems. In summary, the CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9 is a highly capable optical networking module that offers reliable performance, energy efficiency, and broad compatibility with existing fiber optic infrastructures. Its precise transmitter stability, wide operational temperature range, and adherence to international standards make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to enhance their data transmission capabilities over long distances.


Item Number CISCO ONS-SC-2G-50.9
Manufacturer CISCO
Emission Wavelength 1550.92 nm
Lowest Receiver Wavelength 1260 nm
Highest Receiver Wavelength 1620 nm
Lower Limit of Transmitter Stability -100 pm
Upper Limit of Transmitter Stability +100 pm
Bandwidth 200 pm
Least Transmit Power 0 dBm
Highest Transmit Power 4 dBm
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 5,346,554 Hours
Peak Power Usage 1 W
Compatible Cable Type LC-LC
Compliance ITU G694, GR2918
Minimum Temp for Operation 0 °C
Maximum Temp for Operation 70 °C

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