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Product Line: Palo alto PA-3200 Series
Product Type: Next-Generation Firewall
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Product Description

The PA-3260 Palo Alto firewall delivers high-speed networking with a firewall throughput of 8.8 Gbps, threat prevention throughput of 4.7 Gbps, and IPsec VPN throughput of 4.8 Gbps. It supports a maximum of 3,000,000 sessions, with the capacity to handle 135,000 new sessions per second, and offers scalability in virtual systems from 1 to 6. Connectivity options include (12) 10/100/1000 and (8) 1G/10G SFP/SFP+ ports, (4) 40G QSFP+ ports, along with dedicated management and high availability interfaces, housed in a 2U rack-mountable chassis with 240GB SSD storage.

FAQs for the PA-3260

  • What is the firewall throughput capability of the device?
  • The firewall throughput capability is 8.8 Gbps.
  • How many maximum sessions can this device handle?
  • This device can handle up to 3,000,000 sessions.
  • What is the Threat Prevention throughput?
  • The Threat Prevention throughput is 4.7 Gbps.
  • Can the device support virtual systems, and if so, how many?
  • Yes, the device supports virtual systems with a base of 1 and can be expanded up to 6.
  • What are the I/O specifications for this device?
  • The I/O specifications include (12) 10/100/1000, (8) 1G/10G SFP/SFP+, and (4) 40G QSFP+ ports.
  • What power supply options are available for this device?
  • This device has redundant 650-watt AC or DC power supply options, with average and maximum power consumption of 180/240 watts.
  • What is the maximum operating altitude for the device?
  • The maximum operating altitude for the device is 10,000 feet or 3,048 meters.
  • Does the device support VLANs, and if so, how many?
  • Yes, the device supports VLANs with up to 4,094 VLAN tags per device and per interface.
  • What storage capacity is available on this device?
  • The device is equipped with a 240GB SSD for storage.
  • Describe the management I/O ports available on this device.
  • Management I/O ports include (1) 10/100/1000 out-of-band management port, (2) 10/100/1000 high availability ports, (1) 10G SFP+ high availability port, (1) RJ-45 console port, and (1) Micro USB port.

Product Review

The Palo Alto PA-3260 offers a solid firewall throughput of 8.8 Gbps and a threat prevention throughput of 4.7 Gbps, ensuring efficient traffic handling and security measures. However, its IPsec VPN throughput is capped at 4.8 Gbps, which may limit performance in high-demand VPN scenarios. The device supports a high number of sessions and new sessions per second, making it suitable for large-scale operations, but the initial limitation of virtual systems might require expansions for complex network architectures.


The Palo Alto PA-3260 is designed to meet the rigorous needs of modern network environments, delivering comprehensive security without compromising on performance. This model provides a firewall throughput of 8.8 Gbps and a threat prevention throughput of 4.7 Gbps, ensuring efficient handling of traffic and security threats. It also supports IPsec VPN throughput at 4.8 Gbps, enabling secure remote connections. With the ability to manage up to 3,000,000 sessions and establish up to 135,000 new sessions per second, the PA-3260 is equipped to handle high volumes of traffic. It starts with a single virtual system and can scale up to six, offering flexibility in deployment. The device's I/O capabilities are extensive, including twelve 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, eight 1G/10G SFP/SFP+ ports, and four 40G QSFP+ ports for high-speed connectivity options.
  • Management is facilitated through a dedicated 10/100/1000 out-of-band management port, two 10/100/1000 high availability ports, one 10G SFP+ high availability port, an RJ-45 console port, and a Micro USB port.
  • The unit comes with a 240GB SSD for storage, ensuring ample space for logs and other data.
  • Power efficiency is optimized with redundant 650-watt AC or DC power supplies, with an average power consumption of 180W and a maximum of 240W.
Designed for durability and reliability, it operates within a temperature range of 32° to 122° F and can withstand non-operating temperatures from -4° to 158° F. Humidity tolerance is set between 10% to 90%, and it can function at altitudes up to 10,000 feet. The PA-3260 also ensures optimal cooling with a front-to-back airflow mechanism, crucial for maintaining performance in dense rack environments. It is rack-mountable in a 2U form factor, with dimensions of 3.5" H x 20.53" D x 17.34" W, and weighs 29 lbs standalone, increasing to 41.5 lbs when shipped. The device is engineered for flexibility in deployment with support for Layer 2, Layer 3, tap, and virtual wire (transparent mode) interface modes. It is capable of sophisticated routing functionalities, including OSPFv2/v3 and BGP with graceful restart, RIP, and static routing, ensuring comprehensive network management capabilities. VLAN support is robust, allowing for up to 4,094 VLAN tags per device and per interface, facilitating complex network segmentation strategies. Its power requirements are adaptable, with an AC power supply range of 100-240VAC at 50-60 Hz and a DC power supply requirement of -48 to -60VDC. The maximum current consumption is efficiently managed, with AC consumption at 2.3A@100VAC and 1.0A@240VAC, and DC consumption at -48V@4.7A and -60V@3.8A. The Palo Alto PA-3260 is built to provide secure, reliable, and high-performance networking solutions for enterprises, adapting seamlessly to evolving network demands while maintaining stringent security controls.


Item NumberPalo Alto PA-3260
ManufacturerPalo Alto Networks
Data Processing Rate8.8 Gigabits per second
Threat Management Speed4.7 Gigabits per second
IPsec VPN Data Rate4.8 Gigabits per second
Session Capacity Maximum3 million
Session Establishment Rate135,000 per second
Virtual System Capacity1/6 (base/maximum)
Interfaces(12) 10/100/1000, (8) SFP/SFP+ 1G/10G, (4) QSFP+ 40G
Management Interfaces(1) 10/100/1000 management port, (2) 10/100/1000 HA, (1) 10G SFP+ HA, (1) RJ-45 console, (1) Micro USB
Internal Storage240GB Solid State Drive
Power ConfigurationDual 650W AC/DC (Average/Maximum Consumption: 180/240W)
Heat Dissipation819 British Thermal Units per hour
Electrical Input SpecsAC: 100-240V (50-60Hz), DC: -48 to -60V
Current DrawAC: 2.3A@100V, 1A@240V; DC: 4.7A@-48V, 3.8A@-60V
Mounting Specifications2U height, fits 19-inch rack (Dimensions: 3.5" H x 20.53" D x 17.34" W)
Device Weight29 lbs (stand-alone), 41.5 lbs (packaged)
Operational Temperature Range32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Storage Temperature Range-4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)
Humidity Range10% to 90% non-condensing
Maximum Operating Elevation10,000 feet (3,048 meters)
Cooling MethodFront-to-back airflow
Supported Interface ModesLayer 2, Layer 3, tap, and virtual wire
Routing ProtocolsOSPFv2/v3, BGP (both with graceful restart), RIP, static routes
VLAN Support802.1q tagging, 4,094 VLANs per device/interface

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