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by Arista
Product Line: Arista 7300 Series Series
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-3K-AC-R is a 3kW AC power supply designed specifically for the Arista 7300 series, facilitating rear-to-front airflow to enhance system cooling and reliability. It supports extensive network scalability and flexibility with capabilities such as over 20 Terabits per second fabric capacity, up to 15 billion packets per second, and provides 1,024 wire-speed 10GbE ports and 256 wire-speed 40GbE ports. This power supply unit is integral for high-density deployments requiring low latency below 2usec, N+1 fan module redundancy, and advanced network services including VXLAN, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), and DANZ Advanced Mirroring for comprehensive network visibility and management.

FAQs for the PWR-3K-AC-R

  • Q: What is the power capacity of the spare AC power supply for the 7300 series switches?
  • A: The spare AC power supply for the 7300 series provides a 3kW power capacity.
  • Q: How does the switch's design enhance data center operations?
  • A: The switch increases flexibility and scalability, essential for optimizing data center switches.
  • Q: What is the fabric capacity of the switch?
  • A: The switch supports over 20 Terabits per second of fabric capacity.
  • Q: How many packets per second can the switch process?
  • A: It can process up to 15 billion packets per second.
  • Q: What is the maximum throughput per line card?
  • A: Each line card can handle up to 2.56 Terabit per second.
  • Q: Can the switch perform wire speed forwarding for both Layer 2 and Layer 3?
  • A: Yes, the switch supports wire speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding.
  • Q: What is the maximum number of 10GbE and 40GbE ports supported?
  • A: The switch supports up to 1,024 wire-speed 10GbE ports and 256 wire-speed 40GbE ports.
  • Q: What is the switch's latency?
  • A: The switch has a latency below 2 microseconds.
  • Q: How does the switch ensure high availability?
  • A: It features 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, N+N Grid redundant power system, N+1 Fan module redundancy, and redundant fabric modules.
  • Q: What network virtualization technologies does the switch support?
  • A: The switch supports VXLAN and VM Tracer, among other network virtualization technologies.

Product Review

The ARISTA PWR-3K-AC-R provides essential scalability and flexibility for data center switches, accommodating over 20 Terabits per second of fabric capacity and supporting up to 1,024 10GbE ports and 256 40GbE ports with wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding. Its design ensures high reliability through 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, N+N Grid redundant power system, and N+1 Fan module redundancy, among other features, facilitating uninterrupted operation and service continuity. However, the complexity and high-density capabilities may present challenges in initial setup and configuration, demanding a high level of technical skill and thorough planning for optimal deployment and management.


The ARISTA PWR-3K-AC-R is a spare 3kW AC Power Supply designed specifically for the 7300 series switches. This component is crucial for ensuring that data center switches operate with optimal efficiency, offering both rear-to-front airflow switch capabilities. This power supply is part of a system designed to enhance the flexibility and scalability of network infrastructures, accommodating the ever-growing demands of modern data centers. At the heart of its capabilities, the ARISTA PWR-3K-AC-R supports an impressive fabric capacity of over 20 Terabits per second, ensuring that data flow remains uninterrupted and efficient across the network. It facilitates up to 15 billion packets per second, with a capacity of up to 2.56 Terabit per second per line card. This high-performance throughput is essential for applications requiring wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding. The hardware specifications reveal a system capable of handling extensive network demands: - 1,024 wire-speed 10GbE ports and 256 wire-speed 40GbE ports, providing ample connectivity options for high-speed data transfer and networking flexibility. - Latency is kept below 2 microseconds, ensuring rapid data processing and minimal delay, crucial for time-sensitive applications. - 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, N+N Grid redundant power system, and N+1 Fan module redundancy, along with redundant fabric modules, offer high reliability and uptime by minimizing potential points of failure. In addition to its impressive speed and connectivity options, the ARISTA PWR-3K-AC-R incorporates advanced networking features to support complex data center operations. These include VXLAN and VM Tracer for efficient network virtualization and segmentation, OpenFlow, DirectFlow, and eAPI for flexible network programming, and a 12MB Dynamic Buffer per port group to manage sudden spikes in network traffic. To simplify network management and reduce deployment times, the system supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), allowing devices to be automatically configured with minimal manual intervention. LANZ for microburst detection and DANZ Advanced Mirroring enhance network visibility and troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring network performance can be closely monitored and maintained. The hardware is powered by a quad-core Hyper-threaded x86 CPU, supported by 16GB DRAM and 4GB Flash, providing the computational power needed for advanced network operations and services. Dual Supervisor modules ensure management and control planes are always available, enhancing the system’s overall reliability. Advanced Event Monitoring and the ability to self-configure and recover from a USB drive further contribute to the system’s robust management and operational capabilities. These features, combined with the ARISTA PWR-3K-AC-R’s comprehensive hardware specifications, make it a critical component for maintaining high-performance, reliable network infrastructures in demanding data center environments.


ManufacturerArista Networks
Description3kW AC Power Supply Unit for the Arista 7300 series, supporting rear-to-front airflow configuration
Design IntentEnhances data center switch adaptability and growth capability
Fabric ThroughputExceeds 20 Tbps
Packet Processing RateMaximum of 15 billion pps
Line Card ThroughputMaximum of 2.56 Tbps per card
Forwarding CapabilityLine-rate Layer 2 and Layer 3
10GbE Ports1,024 at line-rate
40GbE Ports256 at line-rate
LatencyUnder 2 microseconds
Supervisor Engine Redundancy1+1 configuration
Power RedundancyN+N Grid configuration
Fan RedundancyN+1 configuration
Fabric Module RedundancyYes
Networking FeaturesSupports VXLAN, VM Tracer, OpenFlow, DirectFlow, eAPI
Buffer Size12MB Dynamic per port group
Configuration MethodZero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
Microburst IdentificationLANZ technology
Visibility ToolsDANZ for enhanced mirroring
Self-ManagementAutomatic configuration and recovery via USB
MonitoringAdvanced Event Monitoring
ProcessorQuad-core, Hyper-threaded x86 CPU
Memory16GB DRAM and 4GB Flash
Control ModulesDual Supervisor modules

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