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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Series
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-500AC-F is a 500 Watt AC power supply designed specifically for Arista 7050X and 7280 Switches, ensuring compatibility with devices that require front-to-rear airflow. It supports the demanding power needs of 10/40GbE speeds and advanced networking features, including wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 capabilities, while maintaining efficiency with a typical power usage under 2W per 10GbE port. Additionally, this power supply offers 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable capabilities and over 94% efficiency, making it an essential component for high-availability and cost-effective network operations.

FAQs for the PWR-500AC-F

  • What is the power capacity of the spare AC power supply for the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches?
    The spare AC power supply for these switches has a capacity of 500 Watts and supports front-to-rear airflow.
  • How many 1/10GbE and 40GbE ports does the 7050SX-128 model support?
    The 7050SX-128 model supports 96 x 1/10GbE ports and 8 x 40GbE ports.
  • What are the key features of the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches?
    Key features include wire speed Layer 2 and 3 capabilities, advanced cloud networking features, VXLAN and VM Tracer support, OpenFlow, DirectFlow, eAPI, and high performance with a x86 CPU.
  • What is the typical power consumption per 10GbE port on these Arista switches?
    Typical power consumption is under 2W per 10GbE port, contributing to a lower cost of ownership.
  • Describe the redundancy features of the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches.
    They feature 1+1 redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, along with N+1 redundant and hot-swappable fans.
  • How many MAC entries, IPv4 routes, and IPv4 host routes can the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches support?
    These switches support 288K MAC entries, 144K IPv4 Routes, and 208K IPv4 Host Routes.
  • What cooling options are available for these switches?
    Cooling options include front-to-rear or rear-to-front cooling configurations.
  • What are the storage and memory specifications for the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches?
    They come equipped with up to 8GB DRAM, 4GB Flash, and an option for a Solid State Drive to store logs and data captures.
  • Can user applications run on these Arista switches?
    Yes, user applications can run in a VM, leveraging Linux tools without limitations.
  • What installation features do the Arista 7050X and 7280 switches offer?
    They offer tool-less rails for simple installation, facilitating easier setup and maintenance.

Product Review

The Arista PWR-500AC-F power supply offers efficient energy use and redundancy options, compatible with Arista 7050X and 7280 switches, ensuring reliable operation in demanding data center environments. Its efficiency exceeds 94%, aligning with the need for cost-effective power usage per 10GbE port, vital for large-scale deployments. However, the specificity to Arista's 7050X and 7280 models may limit its applicability across diverse network infrastructures, potentially restricting its use to existing Arista environments.


The Arista PWR-500AC-F is a 500-watt AC power supply designed to support Arista 7050X and 7280 switches, enhancing their performance and reliability. This power supply is specifically engineered to accommodate front-to-rear airflow configurations, ensuring optimal cooling and efficiency for network operations. It is an essential component for enterprises and data centers requiring high-speed 10/40GbE connectivity and advanced layer 2 and layer 3 functionalities. With a focus on software-defined cloud networking, the Arista PWR-500AC-F is compatible with switches like the 7050SX-128, which offers 96 x 1/10GbE and 8 x 40GbE ports, and the 7050SX-96, featuring 48 x 1/10GbE and 12 x 40GbE ports. This compatibility underscores the power supply's role in facilitating wire-speed data transmission and advanced networking features without compromising on efficiency or performance. Key specifications include: - The power supply operates with over 94% efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. Its design ensures that power usage is typically under 2W per 10GbE port, highlighting its cost-effectiveness for organizations aiming to lower their total cost of ownership. - It supports 1+1 redundancy and hot-swappable capabilities, allowing for uninterrupted network operations and easy maintenance. This feature is complemented by N+1 redundant and hot-swappable fans, which further enhance the system's reliability and uptime. - The PWR-500AC-F is designed for seamless integration into networking environments, featuring tool-less rails for simple installation. This ease of deployment ensures that network infrastructures can be quickly and efficiently upgraded with minimal downtime. Moreover, Arista's focus on versatile and high-performance networking solutions is evident in the supported switches' capabilities: - High-performance x86 CPU, up to 8GB DRAM, and 4GB Flash, enabling robust processing power for demanding applications and network functions. - The ability to run user applications in a VM and the option for a solid-state drive (SSD) provide flexibility for custom solutions and storage of logs and data captures. - Advanced networking features such as VXLAN and VM Tracer, along with support for OpenFlow, DirectFlow, and eAPI, allow for dynamic and scalable network configurations. - The switches boast significant capacity for MAC entries, IPv4 routes, and host routes, alongside a dynamic buffer allocation of 12MB, ensuring efficient data flow and routing capabilities. In summary, the Arista PWR-500AC-F power supply is a critical component for enterprises and data centers leveraging Arista's 7050X and 7280 series switches. Its design and specifications ensure efficient power usage, reliability through redundancy features, and ease of installation. When integrated with Arista's advanced switches, it enables high-speed, reliable, and scalable networking solutions suitable for modern, software-defined cloud networking environments.


Item Number Arista PWR-500AC-F
Manufacturer Arista Networks
Description 500W AC Replacement Power Supply for Arista 7050X and 7280 Series Switches, with airflow from front to back
Compatibility Designed for Arista 7050X and 7280 Series, supporting 10/40GbE optimized for layer 2/3 switching and advanced cloud networking functionalities
7050SX-128 Configuration 96 ports supporting 1/10GbE and 8 ports for 40GbE
7050SX-96 Configuration 48 ports for 1/10GbE connectivity and 12 for 40GbE
Energy Efficiency Average consumption below 2W per 10GbE port, enhancing total cost savings
Power Supply Efficiency Above 94% efficiency rating
Power Redundancy Supports both 1+1 power redundancy and hot-swap capability
Fan Redundancy Includes N+1 hot-swappable fan modules
Cooling Direction Adaptable cooling with options for front-to-back or back-to-front airflow
Installation Mounting rails that require no tools for installation
Networking Features Supports VXLAN, VM Tracer, OpenFlow, DirectFlow, and eAPI for enhanced network programmability
MAC Address Table Size Supports up to 288K MAC addresses
IPv4 Routing Capacity Can handle up to 144K IPv4 routes
IPv4 Host Routes Capable of 208K IPv4 host routes
Buffer Memory 12MB for dynamic buffer allocation
Processor Equipped with a high-speed x86 CPU
Memory Options Up to 8GB DRAM and 4GB Flash storage
Virtualization Allows running user applications within a virtual machine environment
Storage Enhancements Option for Solid State Drive to store logs and capture data
Linux Compatibility Full access to Linux tools without restrictions

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