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by Aruba
Product Line: Aruba 9000 Series
Product Type: Gateway
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Product Description

The R1B20A Aruba features dimensions of 3.82 cm (H) x 19.85 cm (W) x 15.31 cm (D) and weighs 1.143 kg, designed for compact and efficient networking solutions. It operates within a temperature range of 0° C to 40° C and a humidity range of 10% to 90% RH, non-condensing, ensuring reliability in various environments. Connectivity options include a micro USB console port and USB 3.0 Type-A port, with a maximum power consumption of 25W and supported by a 12v DC, 2.5A AC-to-DC power adapter.

FAQs for the R1B20A

  • What are the dimensions of this device?
    The device measures 3.82 cm (1.5”) in height, 19.85 cm (7.815”) in width, and 15.31 cm (6.03”) in depth.
  • How much does the product weigh?
    It weighs 1.143 kg (2.519 lbs).
  • What is the operating temperature range?
    The operating temperature can vary from 0° C (32° F) to 40° C (104° F).
  • Can you specify the device's storage temperature range?
    Storage temperatures range from -40° C (-40° F) to 70° C (158° F).
  • What humidity levels can this device operate within?
    Operating humidity ranges from 10% to 90% (RH), non-condensing.
  • What are the device's storage humidity specifications?
    The device can be stored within a humidity range of 10% to 95% (RH), non-condensing.
  • At what altitude is the device operational?
    It operates effectively up to 10,000 feet.
  • What cooling mechanism does the device employ?
    The device utilizes conduction cooling and operates silently with 0 dBA acoustic noise due to its fanless design.
  • What is the maximum power consumption?
    Maximum power consumption is 25W when used with USB.
  • What are the power adapter specifications?
    The power adapter operates within a temperature range of -0° to +40° C, weighs 0.28 kg (.61 lbs), and outputs +12VDC, 2.5A with an input voltage range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC.

Product Review

The Aruba R1B20A is a compact networking device, measuring 19.85 cm in width, 15.31 cm in depth, and 3.82 cm in height, with a weight of 1.143 kg, making it suitable for environments where space is at a premium. It operates silently, thanks to its fanless design and conduction cooling system, eliminating noise and moving parts, which is beneficial for deployment in quiet areas or offices. However, its maximum operating temperature of 40°C may limit its use in high-temperature environments, potentially necessitating additional cooling solutions in hot climates or densely packed data centers.


The Aruba R1B20A is a compact, high-performance networking hardware designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring efficient and reliable network connectivity. This product boasts precise dimensions, with a height of 3.82 cm (1.5 inches), a width of 19.85 cm (7.815 inches), and a depth of 15.31 cm (6.03 inches), making it suitable for environments where space is at a premium. Weighing only 1.143 kg (2.519 lbs), the Aruba R1B20A is lightweight, facilitating easy installation and handling. This device operates effectively within a broad temperature range, from 0° C (32° F) to 40° C (104° F), ensuring reliability across various environments. It also offers a wide storage temperature range, from -40° C (-40° F) to 70° C (158° F), providing flexibility in storage conditions without compromising the device's integrity. Humidity levels are also accommodated extensively, with operational non-condensing humidity ranging from 10% to 90% RH, and storage non-condensing humidity from 10% to 95% RH, ensuring the device's performance in diverse environmental conditions. The Aruba R1B20A can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, expanding its suitability for organizations located in high-altitude areas. It is designed with a fanless cooling system, resulting in 0 dBA acoustic noise, which is ideal for noise-sensitive environments like offices or hospitals. Its maximum power consumption is 25W (with USB), reflecting its energy-efficient design. The device is powered through a 12v DC, 2.5A AC-to-DC power adapter, compatible with an input voltage range of 90 VAC to 264 VAC and an output voltage of +12VDC, 2.5A. The input frequency spans from 47-63 Hz, with an AC line input current (steady state) of 1.0A, highlighting its adaptability to various power supplies. Connectivity options include a console port available in both micro USB and RJ45 formats, along with a USB 3.0 Type-A port, facilitating versatile connections with a broad range of devices and peripherals. These features ensure that the Aruba R1B20A can seamlessly integrate into existing network infrastructures or serve as the foundation for new deployments.
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.82 cm, Width: 19.85 cm, Depth: 15.31 cm
  • Operating Conditions: Temperature range from 0° C to 40° C, Humidity 10% to 90% RH
  • Connectivity: Includes micro USB and RJ45 console ports, and a USB 3.0 Type-A port
The hardware specifications of the Aruba R1B20A make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a network solution that offers both high performance and reliability. Its compact size, environmental resilience, quiet operation, and efficient power usage, combined with flexible connectivity options, ensure it meets the demands of modern network environments. Whether for small businesses or large enterprises, the Aruba R1B20A is designed to support secure, dependable network connectivity.


Product CodeAruba R1B20A
Height3.82 cm
Width19.85 cm
Depth15.31 cm
Mass1.143 kilograms
Lowest Operating Temperature0° Celsius
Highest Operating Temperature40° Celsius
Lowest Storage Temperature-40° Celsius
Highest Storage Temperature70° Celsius
Operating Humidity Minimum10% RH, without condensation
Operating Humidity Maximum90% RH, without condensation
Storage Humidity Minimum10% RH, without condensation
Storage Humidity Maximum95% RH, without condensation
Maximum Altitude for Operation3,048 meters
Noise Level0 decibels, no fans
Thermal ManagementConduction based cooling
Peak Power Use25 Watts (including USB)
Power Supply12V DC, 2.5A AC-to-DC adapter
Voltage Input Range90V AC to 264V AC
DC Output+12VDC, 2.5A
Frequency of Input47Hz to 63Hz
AC Input Current1.0A at steady state
Power Adapter Operating Temperatures-0° to +40° Celsius
Power Adapter Mass0.28 kilograms
Interface PortsMicro USB, RJ45
USB PortsSingle USB 3.0 Type-A

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