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by Ruckus
Product Line: Ruckus ZoneDirector Series
Product Type: Wireless LAN Controller
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Product Description

The ZD3000 Ruckus features a 220 watt internal power supply and operates on a 100 – 250V AC Universal, IEC 320 connector, designed to fit in a 1RU space with dimensions of 35.52cm(L) x 43.18cm(W) x 4.39cm(H) and a weight of 14 lbs (6.37 kilograms). It is equipped with two Ethernet ports that support auto MDX and auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps, and can manage up to 500 APs, support 1,024 WLANs (BSSIDs), and handle up to 10,000 concurrent stations. The device supports a wide range of features including Guest Access, Captive Portal, Mesh networking, and advanced capabilities such as 802.11e/WMM for Voice, automatic client load balancing, and traffic classification for efficient network management and optimization.

Key Feature for the ZD3000

  • What power supply specifications does the networking hardware support?
    The hardware comes with a 220-watt internal power supply and supports 100 – 250V AC Universal with an IEC 320 connector.
  • How many Ethernet ports are available, and what are their capabilities?
    It features 2 Ethernet ports that support auto MDX, auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps connections using RJ-45 connectors.
  • Can you provide the physical dimensions of this device?
    The device measures 35.52cm in length, 43.18cm in width, and 4.39cm in height, conforming to a 1RU physical size.
  • What is the weight of the networking hardware?
    The hardware weighs 14 lbs (6.37 kilograms).
  • What temperature range does the hardware operate within?
    It operates within a temperature range of 41°F (5°C) to 104°F (40°C).
  • How many Access Points (APs) can the hardware manage?
    The hardware can manage up to 500 Access Points (APs).
  • What features are supported for guest access?
    Guest access, captive portal, and mesh networking are supported features.
  • What voice communication protocols are supported?
    It supports 802.11e/WMM, U-APSD, and tunneling to AP for voice communication.
  • How does the hardware handle IP addressing and VLANs?
    It supports IPv4, IPv6, dual-stack IPs, and 802.1Q VLAN tagging (1 per BSSID) with dynamic VLAN assignment.
  • What client load balancing capabilities does the device offer?
    The device offers automatic client load balancing to optimize network performance.

Product Review

The Ruckus ZD3000 stands out for its ability to manage up to 500 access points and support for 1,024 WLANs (BSSIDs), making it suitable for large-scale network deployments. Its dual power supply option (220 watt internal and 100 – 250V AC universal) ensures reliability and continuous operation. However, its limitation to 2 Ethernet ports might restrict connectivity options for complex network setups, potentially necessitating additional network switches or hardware to expand its utility.


The Ruckus ZD3000 is a high-performance wireless LAN controller designed to efficiently manage up to 500 access points (APs), catering to medium to large-scale wireless environments. It supports up to 10,000 concurrent stations, making it suitable for high-density scenarios such as universities, hotels, and large enterprises. This controller is engineered to optimize wireless networking by offering advanced features such as guest access, captive portal, and mesh networking capabilities. At the core of the ZD3000's hardware specifications is its power system, equipped with a 220-watt internal power supply and capable of operating on a 100–250V AC universal input with an IEC 320 connector. This flexibility ensures that the device can be deployed in various geographical regions without the need for additional power converters. The device's physical dimensions are compact, fitting into a 1RU space on a rack with measurements of 35.52cm in length, 43.18cm in width, and 4.39cm in height, and it weighs 14 lbs (6.37 kilograms), making it relatively easy to integrate into existing network infrastructure. Connectivity is facilitated through two Ethernet ports that support auto MDX, auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds with RJ-45 connectors, ensuring high-speed connections and compatibility with various network architectures. The operating temperature range of the Ruckus ZD3000 is from 41°F (5°C) to 104°F (40°C), indicating its suitability for deployment in environments with standard temperature conditions.
  • Managed APs: Capable of managing up to 500 APs.
  • WLANs (BSSIDs): Supports up to 1,024 WLANs (BSSIDs) for extensive network segmentation.
  • Concurrent Stations: Can support up to 10,000 concurrent stations, highlighting its capacity for large user bases.
In terms of network management and optimization, the ZD3000 excels with features like voice support through 802.11e/WMM and U-APSD, tunneling to AP for enhanced voice quality, and support for both IPv4 and IPv6, ensuring future-proof operation in evolving network environments. VLAN support is provided through 802.1Q with one VLAN per BSSID and dynamic VLAN capabilities, enhancing network segmentation and security. The device also offers redundancy through a 1+1 configuration with auto-synchronization, ensuring network reliability and uptime. A built-in DHCP server adds to the device's flexibility, simplifying network configuration and management. Rate limiting and traffic classification are supported, with automatic, heuristics, and TOS-based or VLAN-defined mechanisms, ensuring optimal network performance and resource allocation. WLAN prioritization, automatic client load balancing, and support for guest access and captive portals are critical features that enhance user experience and network management. These features, along with mesh support, make the Ruckus ZD3000 a comprehensive solution for managing complex wireless networks, delivering a seamless and efficient wireless experience across a wide range of applications and environments.


Part Number Ruckus ZD3000
Manufacturer Ruckus
Power Specification 220W built-in power source
Power Input Universal 100–250V AC, IEC 320 plug
Length 35.52cm, 1 rack unit (1RU)
Width 43.18cm, 1 rack unit (1RU)
Height 4.39cm, 1 rack unit (1RU)
Unit Weight 6.37kg (14 pounds)
Network Interfaces Dual Ethernet ports, MDX auto-crossover, speed sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps, RJ-45 interface
Lowest Operating Temp 5°C (41°F)
Highest Operating Temp 40°C (104°F)
Access Point Management Supports up to 500 APs
Wireless LANs Supports 1,024 BSSIDs
Maximum Client Support Supports up to 10,000 clients
Guest Networking Capability Available
Login Portal for Guests Available
Wireless Mesh Networking Available
Voice Communication Support 802.11e/WMM, U-APSD, AP Tunneling
IP Support IPv4, IPv6, and dual-stack support
VLAN Support 802.1Q standard, one per BSSID, dynamic VLAN assignment
System Redundancy 1+1 configuration with automatic synchronization
DHCP Server Functionality Available
Bandwidth Management Available
Traffic Categorization Automatic, based on heuristics, TOS, or VLAN
Wireless LAN Priority Available
Client Balancing Automatic

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