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by Hp
Product Line: Hp HPE M-series Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The SN2745M HP is a 1U form factor, rackmountable Gigabit Ethernet Network DC Switch with 32 x 100GBase-X Layer 2 managed ports, designed for high-density, high-speed networking environments. It supports a maximum port speed of 100 Gbps Ethernet and an aggregate switch bandwidth of 6.4 Tbps, with 32x QSFP28 100Gbps media types for connectivity. This switch also features hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays for uninterrupted operation and maintenance.

FAQs for the SN2745M

  • What is the form factor of the 32-port 100GBase-X Layer 2 Managed Ethernet Switch?
    The switch has a 1U rackmount form factor.
  • Can the power supplies of the Ethernet Network DC Switch be replaced while the system is operational?
    Yes, it features hot-swappable power supplies.
  • What is the maximum aggregate switch bandwidth of the 32 x Ports 100GBase-X Layer 2 Managed rackmountable Gigabit Ethernet Network DC Switch?
    The maximum aggregate switch bandwidth is 6.4 Tbps.
  • Does the switch support encryption?
    No, the switch does not have encryption capability.
  • What type of media connection does the switch use?
    The switch uses QSFP28 media types for connections.
  • How many rack units (RU) does the switch occupy?
    The switch occupies 1 rack unit (1U).
  • What protocol does the 32 x Ports 100GBase-X Layer 2 Managed rackmountable Gigabit Ethernet Network DC Switch support?
    The switch supports the Ethernet protocol.
  • Are the fan trays of the Ethernet Network DC Switch replaceable without turning off the switch?
    Yes, it has hot-swappable fan trays.
  • How many ports does the switch have and what is their speed?
    The switch has 32 QSFP28 ports, each capable of 100 Gbps Ethernet.
  • What is the port configuration of the switch?
    The switch features 32x QSFP28 100Gbps ports.

Product Review

The HP SN2745M offers a high port density with 32x 100Gbps QSFP28 ports, suitable for data centers requiring extensive bandwidth and connectivity options. The switch supports a substantial aggregate bandwidth of 6.4 Tbps, catering to high-speed networking demands, though it lacks encryption capabilities, potentially limiting its use in environments requiring secure data transmission. Its design includes hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays, enhancing reliability and ease of maintenance in a compact 1U form factor.


The HP SN2745M is a high-capacity, 1U form factor, rackmountable Gigabit Ethernet Network DC Switch designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and high-speed networks. With a focus on speed and efficiency, this switch offers 32 ports of 100GBase-X connectivity, ensuring ample bandwidth for even the most data-intensive operations. The device is engineered to handle an impressive aggregate switch bandwidth of 6.4 terabits per second, making it an ideal solution for environments where high data throughput and capacity are required. Each of the 32 ports on the HP SN2745M supports a speed of 100 Gbps Ethernet, maximizing the data flow rate per port to meet the needs of advanced networks. This capability ensures that the switch can support high-speed connections without bottlenecking, providing a seamless and efficient networking environment. The ports are equipped with QSFP28 modules, a standard for high-density, high-speed networking that offers flexibility and scalability for network design and expansion. The HP SN2745M is designed with critical operational features to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance. It includes hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays, allowing for uninterrupted service during hardware replacements or upgrades. This feature is vital for maintaining network uptime and ensuring that any necessary maintenance does not impact network performance or availability.
  • 32 x QSFP28 100Gbps ports for high-speed network connectivity
  • Hot-swappable power supplies and fan trays for easy maintenance without downtime
  • 6.4 Tbps aggregate switch bandwidth to support data-intensive applications
Despite its high performance and capacity, the HP SN2745M does not support encryption capability, indicating that it is focused on providing high-speed data transfer and connectivity rather than secure data transmission. This aspect is crucial in planning network architecture, especially in environments where data security and encryption are paramount. The switch is managed and supports the Ethernet protocol, allowing for easy integration into existing network infrastructures and seamless compatibility with a wide range of network devices and services. The managed nature of the switch provides network administrators with the control and flexibility needed to optimize network performance, manage traffic efficiently, and ensure the highest levels of network reliability. The HP SN2745M's 1U height in rack units makes it a compact solution for data centers where space efficiency is critical. Its rackmountable design allows for easy installation and integration into standard rack configurations, maximizing space utilization while providing the high-capacity networking capabilities that modern data centers require. In summary, the HP SN2745M is a powerful and efficient networking solution designed for high-speed data environments. With its 32 QSFP28 100Gbps ports, hot-swappable components, and impressive aggregate bandwidth, it is equipped to handle the demands of large-scale, data-intensive operations. However, its lack of encryption capability should be considered when deploying in security-sensitive environments. This switch represents a significant advancement in network technology, offering the speed, capacity, and reliability required for today's data-driven world.


Part Number HP SN2745M
Manufacturer HP
Ports Quantity 32
Port Type 100GBase-X
Switch Type Layer 2, Managed, suitable for rack installation, Gigabit Ethernet DC Switch
Speed per Port 100 Gbps Ethernet
Total Switching Capacity 6.4 Terabits per second
Encryption Support Unavailable
Supported Network Protocol Ethernet
Power Supplies Modular and replaceable
Cooling Fans Replaceable units without power off
Chassis Height 1U
Interface Type 32x QSFP28 at 100 Gbps

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