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Product Description

The SPA2XCT3DS0 Cisco module features a 2-port channelized T3 to DS0 capability, allowing for efficient division of a T3 line into individual DS0 channels. It has a lightweight design, weighing only 3lbs (1Kgs), facilitating easy installation and handling in network racks. This module is designed for high-density voice and data applications, supporting scalable integration within existing infrastructure.

FAQs for the SPA2XCT3DS0

  • What is the primary function of the 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0?
    The primary function is to convert T3 lines into 64 individual DS0 channels, allowing for flexible data transmission and voice communication options.
  • How much does the device weigh?
    The device weighs 3 pounds (approximately 1 kilogram).
  • Can the 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0 support simultaneous data and voice transmission?
    Yes, it supports simultaneous data and voice transmission by dividing the T3 line into individual DS0 channels.
  • What type of interface does the device use for connectivity?
    It uses a serial interface for connectivity, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment.
  • Is there any redundancy feature available in the 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0?
    Yes, it includes redundancy features to ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime in case of a port failure.
  • How can the device be managed or configured?
    It can be managed and configured via a console port or network management software, providing flexibility in network management.
  • Does the 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0 support any form of error correction?
    Yes, it supports error correction protocols to maintain data integrity over transmission.
  • What is the power requirement for this device?
    The device requires a standard AC power supply, making it suitable for deployment in most network environments.
  • Are there any specific environmental conditions required for the 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0?
    It operates within a broad range of temperatures and humidity levels, but it's recommended to keep it in a controlled environment to ensure longevity.
  • How does the device handle network security?
    While the device itself does not include built-in security features, it can be integrated into a secure network architecture with proper configuration and external security appliances.

Product Review

The Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0 offers reliable connectivity and bandwidth partitioning, allowing for efficient data transmission across networks. However, its weight of 3lbs (1Kg) may be considered heavy for some rack configurations, potentially complicating installations in denser setups. Additionally, the device's channelization flexibility is a significant advantage, enabling precise control over data flow and service allocation.


The Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0 is a high-capacity, 2-port channelized T3 to DS0 Shared Port Adapter designed to deliver efficient and scalable data and voice integration for service providers and enterprise networks. This adapter allows for the flexible and cost-effective termination of multiple T3 lines, presenting a solution for businesses seeking to optimize their network infrastructure. By converting T3 links into as many as 1344 individual DS0 channels, this device paves the way for granular bandwidth management and facilitates the deployment of diverse services such as voice, data, and video over a single connection. Weighing in at 3 lbs (1 kg), the SPA2XCT3DS0 is compact yet powerful, making it an ideal choice for environments where space and power are at a premium. The hardware specifications of this adapter are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-traffic networks, ensuring reliable performance under various conditions. Key features of the Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0 include: - 2-Port Channelized T3 to DS0: This feature enables the adapter to split T3 links into DS0 channels, allowing for the efficient allocation of bandwidth to different services. This capability is crucial for organizations that require the flexibility to adjust their bandwidth usage based on evolving needs. - High-Density Design: Despite its compact size, the SPA2XCT3DS0 supports up to 1344 DS0 channels, providing a high-density solution that maximizes the utilization of network infrastructure. This design is particularly beneficial for service providers and businesses aiming to deliver a wide range of services without incurring the cost of additional hardware. - Scalable and Flexible Deployment: The adapter's scalable architecture enables organizations to expand their network capacity as needed, without significant upfront investments. This flexibility ensures that the network can grow in tandem with the business, supporting new services and increasing traffic volumes without degradation in performance. The SPA2XCT3DS0 also offers advanced features such as online insertion and removal (OIR), which minimizes downtime by allowing the module to be added or replaced without interrupting the network operation. Additionally, the adapter is compatible with Cisco's I-Flex design, which combines shared port adapters and SPA interface processors, enhancing the modularity and versatility of the device. In terms of compatibility, the Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0 is designed to work seamlessly with a range of Cisco routers and switches, ensuring easy integration into existing networks. This compatibility simplifies the deployment process and reduces the potential for compatibility issues that could impact network performance. Overall, the Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0 Shared Port Adapter is a powerful solution for organizations looking to optimize their network's performance. Its combination of high-density channelization, scalability, and compatibility with existing Cisco devices makes it an excellent choice for service providers and businesses aiming to enhance their data and voice services delivery while maintaining cost efficiency.


Item Number and Maker Cisco SPA2XCT3DS0
Functionality Dual-Port, Channelized T3 to DS0 Interface
Mass 3 pounds (approximately 1 kilogram)

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