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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper SRX Series Series
Product Type: Switch Control Board
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Product Description

The SRX5K-SCB3 is a Switch Control Board designed for the SRX5000 line, featuring 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology and supporting optical fiber media with a network technology of 10GBase-X. It includes two SFP+ expansion slots, I2C bus logic for component communication, and component redundancy circuitry to ensure reliability. The board is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet switch connected to the CPU complex, switch fabric for MPC switching functions, and control FPGA for PCI interface to the Routing Engine, requiring 300 W of power and weighing 9.6 lb (4.4 kg) with the Routing Engine installed.

FAQs for the SRX5K-SCB3

  • What is the Ethernet technology supported by SCB3 SRX5000 line Switch Control Board?
    The SCB3 supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.
  • How does the SCB3 ensure component redundancy?
    It incorporates component redundancy circuitry to maintain operational reliability.
  • What type of media does the SCB3 SRX5000 line Switch Control Board support?
    The SCB3 supports optical fiber as its media type.
  • Can you explain the role of the I2C bus in the SCB3?
    The I2C bus is used for low-level communication with each component on the SCB3.
  • What network technology is utilized by the SCB3 SRX5000 line Switch Control Board?
    The SCB3 utilizes 10GBase-X network technology.
  • What is the function of the Control FPGA on the SCB3?
    The Control FPGA provides the PCI interface to the Routing Engine, facilitating communication and data transfer.
  • How many total expansion slots does the SCB3 have, and what type are they?
    The SCB3 has 2 total expansion slots, and they are of the SFP+ type.
  • What is the significance of the switch fabric on the SCB3?
    The switch fabric provides the necessary switching functions for the Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs).
  • Describe the power requirements and weight of the SCB3 with the Routing Engine installed.
    The SCB3 requires 300 W of power and weighs 9.6 lb (4.4 kg) with the Routing Engine installed.
  • What are the operating temperature and humidity ranges for the SCB3?
    The operating temperature ranges from 41°F to 104°F (long term) and 23°F to 131°F (short term). Humidity ranges from 5% to 85% noncondensing (long term).

Product Review

The Juniper SRX5K-SCB3 Switch Control Board, designed for the SRX5000 series, offers 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and supports optical fiber media, catering to high-speed networking requirements. However, its limitation to only two SFP+ expansion slots may restrict scalability for some network designs. It features advanced components like I2C bus logic for component communication, redundancy circuitry for reliability, and a control FPGA for efficient Routing Engine interfacing, although its power consumption of 300W and weight of 9.6 lb with the Routing Engine installed might be considerations for deployment in environments with strict power or space constraints.


The Juniper SRX5K-SCB3, part of the SRX5000 line, is a Switch Control Board designed to enhance the performance and reliability of network infrastructures. It features 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, primarily through optical fiber media, supporting the 10GBase-X network technology. This board is equipped with two total expansion slots, specifically designed for SFP+ modules, providing flexibility in network connections and expansions. At the core of the SRX5K-SCB3 is the I2C bus logic, which facilitates low-level communication with each component on the board. This is critical for monitoring and managing the health and performance of the network hardware. Additionally, the board includes component redundancy circuitry, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime in case of component failure. Another key feature is the Control Board/Routing Engine mastership mechanism, which determines the active and standby statuses between the two, ensuring seamless operation and failover capabilities. The hardware also boasts a Gigabit Ethernet switch connected to the embedded CPU complex, which is essential for managing internal data flow and processing. Moreover, the switch fabric integrated into the SRX5K-SCB3 provides the necessary switching functions for the Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs), enhancing the efficiency and speed of data routing within the network. Control over the hardware is further extended through the Control field-programmable gate array (FPGA), which offers a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) interface to the Routing Engine. This interface is crucial for high-speed data transfers and communication between the Routing Engine and other components. The board also includes circuits dedicated to chassis management and control, alongside power circuits designed to supply the Routing Engine and SCB3, ensuring stable operation under various conditions. The SCB3 is designed with a slot specifically for the Routing Engine, underlining its role in centralizing network control and management functions. With a power requirement of 300 W and a weight of 9.6 lb (4.4 kg) when outfitted with the Routing Engine, this board is both efficient and relatively lightweight for its capability set.
  • Supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet with optical fiber media.
  • Features two SFP+ expansion slots for network flexibility.
  • Incorporates I2C bus logic and component redundancy circuitry for enhanced reliability.
The SRX5K-SCB3 operates optimally within a long-term temperature range of 41° F to 104° F and can withstand short-term operational temperature extremes from 23°F to 131°F. Humidity tolerance is also built into the design, with the board capable of operating in conditions ranging from 5% to 85% noncondensing humidity over the long term. These environmental specifications ensure the board's reliability and longevity in various operating conditions. In summary, the Juniper SRX5K-SCB3 Switch Control Board is a critical component for networks requiring high-speed, reliable data transmission and routing. Its design emphasizes flexibility, reliability, and control, making it an essential part of the SRX5000 series' infrastructure solutions.


Item Number and Manufacturer Juniper SRX5K-SCB3
Ethernet Capability 10 Gbps Ethernet
Supported Media Fiber Optic
Supported Network Standard 10GBase-X
Total Expansion Slots Available 2
Type of Expansion Slot SFP+
Low-Level Communication Protocol I2C bus
Redundancy Features Component redundancy
Mastership Control System Control Board/Routing Engine hierachy
CPU Network Connection 1 Gbps Ethernet link to CPU complex
Switching Functionality Switch fabric for MPC switching operations
Control Interface Control FPGA for PCI interface with Routing Engine
Chassis Management Circuits Management and control circuitry for chassis
Routing Engine Power Supply Power circuits for Routing Engine and SCB3
Routing Engine Slot SCB3 equipped with Routing Engine slot
Power Consumption 300 W
Weight 9.6 lb (4.4 kg) with Routing Engine installed
Connectivity Options Routing Engine connectivity slot
Minimum Operating Temperature (Long Term) 41° F
Maximum Operating Temperature (Long Term) 104°F
Minimum Operating Temperature (Short Term) 23°F
Maximum Operating Temperature (Short Term) 131°F
Minimum Humidity (Long Term) 5% non-condensing
Maximum Humidity (Long Term) 85% non-condensing

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