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Product Line: Mellanox Series
Product Type: Switch Systems
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Product Description

The SX6036 MELLANOX is a 19’’ rack-mountable 1U switch featuring 36 QSFP non-blocking ports achieving an aggregate data throughput of up to 4.032Tb/s (FDR), and a port-to-port latency of 200ns. It supports a 4X48K entry linear forwarding database, dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, and offers advanced features such as adaptive routing, congestion control, and port mirroring. Designed for efficiency, it includes options for redundant power supplies, operates within a 100-240VAC input range, and features auto-heat sensing for silent fan operation, with a typical power consumption of 126W with passive cables and 231W with active cables.

FAQs for the SX6036

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the 19’’ rack mountable chassis?
    The chassis measures 1.72’’H x 16.84’’W x 24.7’’D and weighs 20.5lb (9.3kg).
  • How does the device support network redundancy?
    It supports network redundancy with optional redundant power supplies and fan units, ensuring continuous operation.
  • What type of ports does the device feature?
    The device is equipped with 36 QSFP non-blocking ports, offering an aggregate data throughput of up to 4.032Tb/s (FDR).
  • What is the port-to-port latency?
    The port-to-port latency is 200ns, facilitating swift data transfer.
  • Can you explain the compliance standards of the device?
    The device complies with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3 standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • What are the virtual lanes configuration?
    It has 9 virtual lanes: 8 for data and 1 for management, optimizing data flow and control.
  • What features enhance network performance and reliability?
    Features like adaptive routing, congestion control, and port mirroring enhance network performance and reliability.
  • How does the device manage large-scale fabric networks?
    With an on-board SM for fabrics up to 648 nodes and Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) Agent, it efficiently manages large-scale fabric networks.
  • What are the power requirements and consumption for the device?
    It requires 100-240VAC, with a frequency of 50-60Hz, single phase AC. Power consumption varies: 126W with passive cable and 231W with active cable.
  • What additional connectivity options are included?
    The device includes dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, an RS232 port over DB9, and a USB port for versatile connectivity options.

Product Review

The Mellanox SX6036 stands out for its high data throughput, capable of reaching up to 4.032Tb/s across its 36 QSFP ports, which supports efficient, non-blocking network traffic flow. However, the variation in power consumption between passive (126W) and active (231W) cabling could be a concern for energy-conscious deployments. Additionally, the unit's comprehensive feature set, including adaptive routing, congestion control, and port mirroring, alongside support for a large node fabric up to 648 nodes, equips network engineers with extensive control and scalability options, although it might introduce complexity in configuration and management.


The Mellanox SX6036 is a high-performance, 1U rack-mountable switch designed for efficient data center networking. It features a compact chassis that can be equipped with optional redundant power supplies and fan units, ensuring reliable operation and system redundancy. This switch is designed to meet the needs of high-throughput, low-latency networks, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-performance computing (HPC), enterprise data centers, and cloud computing environments. At the core of the Mellanox SX6036 are 36 QSFP non-blocking ports, delivering an impressive aggregate data throughput of up to 4.032Tb/s using FDR InfiniBand technology. This high level of performance is complemented by a remarkably low port-to-port latency of 200ns, ensuring efficient data transfer and processing speeds critical for demanding applications. The switch is compliant with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3 standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability within InfiniBand networks. The SX6036 supports 9 virtual lanes—8 for data and 1 for management—providing flexibility in managing traffic and enhancing network efficiency. It offers a configurable MTU ranging from 256 to 4Kbytes, adaptive routing, and congestion control to optimize network performance and reliability. Additional features such as port mirroring and a 4X48K entry linear forwarding database further enhance its capabilities, making it a versatile solution for complex networking environments. For connectivity, the switch includes dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, an RS232 port over DB9, and a USB port, facilitating easy management and configuration. It also features an on-board subnet manager (SM) capable of managing fabrics up to 648 nodes, and it comes with the Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) Agent, simplifying network management and monitoring. - QSFP connectors and fiber media adapters support flexible network configurations and high-speed connections. - The switch's dimensions are 1.72’’H x 16.84’’W x 24.7’’D, and it weighs 20.5lb (9.3kg), making it suitable for space-constrained environments. - Designed with dual redundant slots, the SX6036 operates on an input range of 100-240VAC and a frequency of 50-60Hz, single-phase AC, with typical power consumption for FDR passive and active cables being 126W and 231W, respectively. The SX6036 also includes an auto-heat sensing feature for silent fan operation, ensuring that the switch maintains optimal performance without generating excessive noise, making it ideal for office environments as well as data centers. In summary, the Mellanox SX6036 switch offers a powerful, scalable, and efficient solution for building high-performance computing networks. Its advanced features and specifications ensure that it can meet the demands of the most data-intensive applications, providing a reliable foundation for enterprise and cloud computing environments.


Part NumberMELLANOX SX6036
ManufacturerMellanox Technologies
Form Factor1U height, 19" rack-mountable chassis with optional dual power supply units and cooling fans
Ports36 QSFP ports, non-blocking, total bandwidth up to 4.032Tbps (FDR)
Latency200 nanoseconds port-to-port
Standards ComplianceMeets IBTA 1.21 and 1.3 specifications
Virtual Lanes9 lanes: 8 for data, 1 for management
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)Range from 256 to 4096 bytes
Congestion ManagementFeatures built-in congestion control
Port DuplicationSupports port mirroring
Forwarding DatabaseLinear structure with 4X48K entries
Management InterfacesDual RJ45 Ethernet ports, one RS232 port via DB9 connector, one USB interface
Subsystem ManagementBuilt-in Subnet Manager for networks up to 648 nodes
Management SoftwareUnified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) Agent integrated
Connector TypeQSFP
Media CompatibilitySupports fiber media adapters
Physical DimensionsHeight: 1.72'', Width: 16.84'', Depth: 24.7''
Unit Weight20.5 pounds (9.3 kg)
Power RedundancyDual slots for redundant power supplies
Electrical InputVoltage range: 100-240VAC, Frequency: 50-60Hz, AC single phase
Energy ConsumptionPassive cable usage: 126W typical, Active cable usage: 231W typical
Cooling FeatureThermal sensor for automated silent fan operation

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