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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Solid State Drive
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Product Description

The UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP is an internal drive featuring a 200 GB storage capacity, designed for compact storage solutions with its 2.5" (SFF) drive height. It utilizes a SAS (6Gb/s) drive interface for high-speed data transfer and connectivity. This model does not support wireless LAN, focusing on reliable wired connections.

FAQs for the UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP

  • What is the storage capacity of this internal drive?
    The drive has a storage capacity of 200 GB.
  • Can the drive with part number operate wirelessly?
    No, this drive does not support wireless LAN connectivity.
  • What interface does the drive use for data transfer?
    It uses the SAS (6Gb/s) interface for data transfer.
  • Is the drive with part number designed for external or internal use?
    This drive is designed for internal use.
  • What is the height of the drive, and does it fit in small form factor (SFF) slots?
    The drive height is 2.5", making it suitable for SFF slots.
  • Does the drive with part number require a wireless LAN to operate?
    No, it does not require a wireless LAN as it does not support wireless connectivity.
  • What type of drive interface is equipped on this drive for connectivity?
    The drive is equipped with a SAS (6Gb/s) drive interface.
  • Is the internal drive with part number compatible with all device sizes?
    It is specifically designed as a 2.5" drive, ideal for devices supporting SFF.
  • How does the drive interface speed affect data transfer rates?
    The SAS (6Gb/s) interface ensures fast data transfer rates for improved performance.
  • Can the drive with part number be installed in an external enclosure?
    While designed for internal use, it may be installed in an external enclosure if the enclosure supports SAS interfaces and 2.5" drives.

Product Review

The CISCO UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP offers a 200 GB storage capacity, suitable for environments requiring high-speed access to smaller datasets. Its use of a SAS interface ensures reliable data transfer speeds of up to 6Gb/s, beneficial for tasks demanding quick access times. However, the lack of wireless LAN capability limits its deployment flexibility in environments increasingly favoring wireless configurations.


The Cisco UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP is a high-performance enterprise-class storage solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern data centers and computing environments. With a storage capacity of 200 GB, this internal drive is engineered to provide a reliable and secure way to store critical data. Its compact 2.5" form factor, also known as Small Form Factor (SFF), ensures that it can be easily integrated into various server and storage systems without occupying excessive space, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their data center real estate. This drive leverages a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface, operating at a speed of 6Gb/s, which facilitates fast data transfer rates and enhances overall system performance. The SAS interface is known for its ability to support high-throughput and high-availability enterprise applications, making the Cisco UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP a suitable option for critical business operations that require rapid access to data with minimal latency. Key features of the Cisco UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP include:
  • 200 GB Storage Capacity: Offers ample space for storing applications, files, and data crucial for business operations.
  • SAS Drive Interface (6Gb/s): Provides high-speed data transfers, ensuring efficient performance for enterprise workloads.
  • 2.5" Drive Height (SFF): Allows for easy integration into various server and storage solutions, optimizing space in data centers.
It's important to note that this drive does not come with wireless LAN capabilities. This focus on a wired connection ensures stable and secure data transmission, which is a critical requirement for enterprise environments where data integrity and security are paramount. The absence of wireless connectivity emphasizes the drive's role in environments where reliable, high-speed data access and transfer are more critical than the flexibility of wireless connections. The Cisco UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP is designed for compatibility with a wide range of Cisco Unified Computing Systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructures. This compatibility simplifies the deployment process and minimizes potential compatibility issues, thereby reducing setup times and helping businesses quickly leverage their storage investments. In conclusion, the Cisco UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP is a strategic choice for enterprises seeking a dependable, high-capacity, and high-performance storage solution. Its integration of a 200 GB capacity, a fast SAS interface, and a compact form factor makes it a versatile component for enhancing data storage and access capabilities. Whether deployed in data centers, enterprise servers, or storage networks, this drive is built to support the critical operations of modern businesses, ensuring that data is always available when and where it is needed.


Item Number UCS-SD200G0KS2-EP
Producer CISCO
Capacity 200GB
WLAN Support Not available
Connection Type SAS
Location Type Within system
Size 2.5 inches, Small Form Factor

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