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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Solid State Drive
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Product Description

The UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP is a 400GB hard drive featuring a 2.5" form factor and utilizes SAS-6Gbps interface for connectivity. It is designed with 1MLC flash technology, enhancing data storage reliability and speed. This drive is categorized as a SAS type without wireless LAN capabilities.

FAQs for the UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP

  • What is the disk capacity of this SAS hard drive?
    The disk capacity is 400GB.
  • Can I use the 400GB drive in a laptop?
    Yes, if the laptop supports a 2.5" (SFF) drive bay and a SAS-6Gbps interface.
  • What interface does this hard drive use?
    It uses a SAS-6Gbps interface.
  • Is the 400GB SAS drive compatible with servers?
    Yes, as long as the server supports the 2.5" form factor and SAS-6Gbps interface.
  • What flash technology is used in this hard drive?
    This hard drive utilizes 1MLC flash technology.
  • What is the height of this hard drive?
    The drive height is 2.5" (SFF).
  • Is this a wireless hard drive?
    No, this hard drive does not feature wireless LAN capabilities.
  • Can I use this 400GB SAS drive in a desktop?
    Yes, if the desktop has a compatible SAS controller and a 2.5" drive bay or an adapter.
  • What category does this hard drive belong to?
    It falls under the category of Hard Drive.
  • Is this drive suitable for data-intensive applications?
    Yes, given its SAS interface and 400GB capacity, it is suitable for data-intensive applications.

Product Review

The CISCO UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP hard drive offers a solid 400GB capacity on a 2.5" SAS interface, catering well to high-speed, enterprise-level storage needs. However, its use of 1MLC flash technology might not provide the same endurance and performance consistency as newer flash technologies. Additionally, the lack of wireless LAN capability limits its flexibility in rapidly evolving network environments.


The Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP is a 2.5-inch small form factor (SFF) hard drive, designed to meet the storage demands of high-performance computing environments. With a disk capacity of 400GB, it offers a balance between size and storage, catering to a variety of enterprise applications and workloads. This hard drive utilizes SAS interface technology, specifically SAS-6Gbps, providing a high-speed data transfer rate that is essential for applications requiring fast access to data, such as databases and online transaction processing systems. One of the key features of this hard drive is its utilization of 1MLC flash technology. MLC, or Multi-Level Cell technology, allows each memory cell to store more than one bit of information, enhancing the drive's capacity without compromising its footprint. The use of 1MLC in the Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP ensures a good balance between cost, performance, and endurance, making it a suitable choice for both read-intensive and mixed-use application workloads. Despite its advanced features, the Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP does not support wireless LAN connectivity. This focus on direct, high-speed wired connections ensures more reliable and secure data transfers, which is critical in enterprise settings where data integrity and security are paramount. Below are key highlights of the Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP's specifications: - Disk capacity of 400GB, accommodating substantial data storage needs within a compact 2.5-inch SFF. - SAS-6Gbps interface, ensuring high-speed data transfer rates that are essential for performance-sensitive applications. - Utilization of 1MLC flash technology, providing an effective balance between performance, cost, and endurance. The absence of wireless LAN functionality underscores the drive's suitability for environments where direct, high-speed connections are preferred for their reliability and security. This makes the Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP an ideal choice for data centers and enterprise environments that require dependable, high-capacity storage solutions. In summary, the Cisco UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP hard drive is engineered to support the rigorous demands of enterprise computing. Its combination of a 400GB storage capacity, fast SAS-6Gbps interface, and efficient 1MLC flash technology makes it a compelling choice for organizations looking to optimize their data storage solutions. Whether deployed in data centers, networked storage devices, or as part of a high-performance computing system, this hard drive delivers the performance and reliability expected from a leading networking hardware manufacturer.


Item Number UCS-SD400G0KS2-EP by CISCO
Storage Size 400GB
Form Factor 2.5 inches (Small Form Factor)
Connection Type SAS 6 Gb/s
Product Classification Hard Disk Drive
Memory Cell Design Single-Level Cell (1MLC)
WiFi Capability Not Supported

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