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by Cisco
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Product Description

The UCSB-5108-AC2 Cisco is a rack-mountable chassis with a 6U form factor, designed to support up to 8 blades. It features two I/O bays for Fabric Extenders or Fabric Interconnects, ensuring versatile connectivity options. With dimensions of 44.5 cm x 81.2 cm x 26.7 cm and a gross weight of 83000 Gram, it includes 8 fans for cooling, though it does not come with a power supply, it supports power redundancy.

FAQs for the UCSB-5108-AC2

  • Q: What is the form factor of the networking hardware with EAN 882658728334?
    A: The form factor is Rack-mountable - 6U.
  • Q: How many blades does the device support?
    A: The device supports up to 8 blades.
  • Q: Does the hardware include a power supply?
    A: No, the hardware does not include a power supply.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of the product with part number 882658728334?
    A: The dimensions are 44.5 cm in width, 81.2 cm in depth, and 26.7 cm in height.
  • Q: Is power redundancy supported by this networking hardware?
    A: Yes, power redundancy is supported.
  • Q: How many I/O bays are available for Fabric Extenders or Fabric Interconnects?
    A: There are two I/O bays available.
  • Q: What is the gross weight of the device, including packaging?
    A: The gross weight, including the package, is 83000 grams.
  • Q: How many fans are included with this networking hardware?
    A: The hardware includes 8 fans.
  • Q: What UNSPSC code is assigned to this product?
    A: The assigned UNSPSC code is 43211501.
  • Q: Can you provide the gross weight in kilograms for the device with EAN 882658728334?
    A: The gross weight is approximately 83 kilograms.

Product Review

The Cisco UCSB-5108-AC2, a 6U rack-mountable chassis, supports up to 8 blades and is equipped with 8 fans, ensuring adequate cooling for high-density configurations. However, it lacks an included power supply, necessitating an additional purchase, though it does support power redundancy for increased reliability. Its design includes two I/O bays for Fabric Extenders or Fabric Interconnects, offering flexibility in network connections but may require further investment for full functionality.


The Cisco UCSB-5108-AC2 is a blade server chassis designed for high-density server deployments. It is a key component of Cisco's Unified Computing System, which combines computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system. This chassis is rack-mountable, taking up 6U of rack space, and supports up to 8 blade servers, making it a scalable solution for data centers. One of the distinguishing features of the UCSB-5108-AC2 is its cooling efficiency, facilitated by 8 integrated fans. These fans ensure that the servers housed within the chassis operate within optimal temperature ranges, thereby reducing the risk of overheating and improving reliability. The chassis itself has dimensions of 44.5 cm in width, 81.2 cm in depth, and 26.7 cm in height, and a gross weight of 83,000 grams including packaging, highlighting its substantial build and capacity for housing multiple blade servers. For connectivity and network integration, the UCSB-5108-AC2 is equipped with two I/O bays. These bays can accommodate Fabric Extenders or Fabric Interconnects, enabling flexible and scalable network configurations. This feature is particularly important for organizations that require high-speed networking and seamless integration with existing network infrastructures. The power system of the UCSB-5108-AC2 is designed with redundancy in mind, although it does not come with a power supply unit. The power redundancy feature is critical for maintaining uptime and ensuring that the servers remain operational in the event of a power supply failure. This is essential for mission-critical applications where downtime can have significant financial or operational impacts.
  • Form Factor: Rack-mountable - 6U
  • Supported Blades Qty: Up to 8
  • Power Redundancy: Yes
With a focus on high-density server deployment, the UCSB-5108-AC2 is optimized for organizations looking to maximize their data center space while ensuring high performance and reliability. The chassis's design and features make it an adaptable solution that can grow with the needs of the business, providing a scalable platform for deploying and managing blade servers. The chassis is also classified under UNSPSC v5.03 with the code 43211501, indicating its categorization in the realm of computer servers, and its EAN is 882658728334. This information is useful for inventory and procurement processes, ensuring that businesses can accurately track and manage their Cisco UCSB-5108-AC2 chassis. In summary, the Cisco UCSB-5108-AC2 chassis stands out for its capacity to hold up to 8 blade servers within a compact 6U form factor, its cooling efficiency with 8 integrated fans, and its flexible networking options through two I/O bays for Fabric Extenders or Fabric Interconnects. Additionally, its power redundancy feature ensures that the servers remain operational even in the event of a power supply failure, making it a reliable choice for data centers.


Item Number UCSB-5108-AC2
Producer Cisco
Total Weight with Packaging 83000g
Size (Width x Depth x Height) 44.5cm x 81.2cm x 26.7cm
UNSPSC Code 43211501
Barcode 882658728334
Enclosure Type 6U Rack-mountable
Maximum Blade Support 8
Electrical Supply Requirement Not included
Redundancy in Power Supply Supported
Expansion Slots 2 for Fabric Extenders or Interconnects

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