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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: SAS RAID Controller
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Product Description

The UCSB-MRAID12G-HE is equipped with a 12G SAS interface, ensuring high-speed data transfer. It features a 2 GB Flash-Backed Write Cache for reliable data retention and faster write operations. Designed with a front mezzanine connector, it seamlessly integrates into drive bays for expanded storage solutions.


  • What is the speed of the networking hardware?
    The networking hardware operates at a speed of 12G.
  • How much cache is available in part number ABC123?
    Part number ABC123 comes with 2 GB of Flash-Backed Write cache.
  • Does this hardware support drive bays?
    Yes, it supports drive bays for additional storage options.
  • What type of connector does part number XYZ789 use?
    Part number XYZ789 utilizes a front mezzanine connector for easy integration.
  • Can the cache support data integrity during power loss?
    The 2 GB Flash-Backed Write cache is designed to protect data integrity during unexpected power loss.
  • What is the main advantage of the front mezzanine connector in part number ABC123?
    The main advantage of the front mezzanine connector in part number ABC123 is its ease of connectivity and flexibility in system configuration.
  • Is the 12G speed suitable for high-performance computing environments?
    Yes, the 12G speed is well-suited for high-performance computing environments, offering fast data transfer rates.
  • How does the Flash-Backed Write cache in part number XYZ789 enhance system performance?
    The Flash-Backed Write cache in part number XYZ789 enhances system performance by providing faster write operations and ensuring data integrity.
  • Are there any specific requirements for installing drive bays with this hardware?
    While installation requirements can vary, generally, it requires adequate space within the system chassis and compatibility with the connector type.
  • What makes the front mezzanine connector preferred in modern networking hardware like part number ABC123?
    The front mezzanine connector is preferred for its compact design and ease of access, which facilitates quicker and more efficient system upgrades and repairs.

Product Review

The CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE offers a commendable 12G speed and a 2 GB Flash-Backed Write Cache, enhancing data transfer and write performance. Its support for drive bays and a front mezzanine connector facilitates flexible storage expansion and easy integration into existing systems. However, the reliance on proprietary connectors might limit compatibility with third-party components, potentially restricting system upgrade paths.


The CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE is a high-performance RAID controller designed to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise-level data environments. This controller operates at a speed of 12Gbps, ensuring swift data transfer rates that are essential for applications requiring quick access to large volumes of data. It is equipped with a 2GB Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC), which plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall system performance and reliability. The FBWC is instrumental in protecting data integrity by preserving data in the event of a power loss, system crash, or other unexpected disruptions. This RAID controller is designed for compatibility with numerous drive bays, making it a versatile solution for businesses looking to expand their storage capabilities. By supporting multiple drive bays, the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE allows for significant storage expansions, enabling organizations to scale their storage infrastructure as their data requirements grow. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for enterprises that anticipate future growth and require a scalable storage solution. One of the unique features of the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE is its connector type, which is a front mezzanine. This design allows for easy and efficient integration into server environments, facilitating a seamless installation process. The front mezzanine connector ensures that the RAID controller can be easily accessed and maintained, reducing downtime and ensuring that the system runs smoothly. Key hardware specifications of the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE include: -
  • Speed: 12Gbps, ensuring fast data transfer rates for high-performance computing environments.
  • Cache: 2GB Flash-Backed Write Cache, enhancing system performance and data integrity.
  • Drive Bays: Compatibility with multiple drive bays, allowing for scalable storage solutions.
The inclusion of a Flash-Backed Write Cache is particularly noteworthy, as it significantly improves the reliability and performance of the RAID controller. This feature ensures that data is protected and preserved, even in the event of unexpected system failures, making the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE a reliable choice for critical data storage applications. Overall, the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE RAID controller is a powerful and reliable solution for enterprises seeking to enhance their data storage and retrieval capabilities. Its high-speed performance, coupled with a large cache and compatibility with multiple drive bays, makes it an excellent choice for businesses requiring a scalable and efficient storage solution. The front mezzanine connector further ensures easy integration and maintenance, highlighting the controller's design for convenience and reliability. Whether for data-intensive applications or for expanding storage infrastructure, the CISCO UCSB-MRAID12G-HE meets the needs of modern enterprises looking for top-tier storage solutions.


Data Transfer Rate 12Gbps
Memory 2GB (Flash-Backed Write Cache)
Support for Drive Slots Available
Connection Interface Front Mezzanine Slot

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