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WAVE 7571-K9

by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Wide Area Virtualization Engine
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Product Description

The WAVE 7571-K9 Cisco is designed for core deployments in large data centers, featuring 3.2 TB HDD storage with RAID 5 redundancy and supporting up to 60,000 TCP connections. It includes two onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports, with the option to expand via eight Gigabit Ethernet copper inline ports, four Gigabit Ethernet SX fiber inline ports, and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports. Equipped with 48 GB DRAM, dual 650W AC power supplies, and a comprehensive set of console interfaces (USB, Mini-USB, and RJ-45 Serial), it ensures reliable, high-capacity networking solutions.

FAQs for the WAVE 7571-K9

  • What is the total number of TCP Connections supported?
    Answer: 60,000
  • How much HDD Storage does the device offer?
    Answer: The device offers 3.2 TB of HDD storage.
  • What redundancy type is used in this hardware?
    Answer: RAID 5
  • How many onboard Gigabit Ethernet Ports are available?
    Answer: There are 2 onboard Gigabit Ethernet Ports.
  • Can you specify the number of optional Gigabit Ethernet Copper Inline Ports?
    Answer: The device includes 8 optional Gigabit Ethernet Copper Inline Ports.
  • How many optional Gigabit Ethernet SX Fiber Inline Ports does it have?
    Answer: There are 4 optional Gigabit Ethernet SX Fiber Inline Ports.
  • What is the number of optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Ports?
    Answer: The device is equipped with 2 optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Ports.
  • What is the total memory available?
    Answer: The device comes with 48 GB of DRAM.
  • What is the maximum data storage capacity?
    Answer: Maximum data storage is achieved with 8 x 450 GB HDD.
  • Describe the network interfaces present on this device.
    Answer: The device features two 10/100/1000BASE-T network interfaces.

Product Review

The Cisco WAVE 7571-K9 excels in handling high volumes of TCP connections (up to 60,000), supported by 48 GB of DRAM and a substantial 3.2 TB of HDD storage, expandable to 8 x 450 GB, making it well-suited for core deployments in large data centers. However, it has limitations in its number of onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports (only two), requiring additional investment in optional ports to scale up connectivity options. The inclusion of RAID 5 redundancy, dual 650W AC power supplies, and redundant fans ensures high reliability and system uptime, although the physical dimensions and weight might pose challenges in space-constrained environments.


The Cisco WAVE 7571-K9 is a high-performance appliance designed for core deployments at large data centers, offering significant improvements in application performance and WAN optimization. This device is engineered to cater to the needs of large enterprises and network environments requiring high throughput and advanced data redundancy. At the heart of the WAVE 7571-K9 are its hardware specifications, which include a powerful setup of 48 GB DRAM memory, ensuring smooth and efficient processing even under heavy workloads. The appliance is equipped with 3.2 TB of hard disk drive (HDD) storage, configured in RAID 5 for enhanced data protection and recovery. This configuration allows for a maximum data storage capacity of 8 x 450 GB HDDs, accommodating the extensive data requirements of large organizations. Networking capabilities are a critical aspect of the WAVE 7571-K9, featuring two onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed connectivity. Additionally, the device offers flexibility in network expansion with eight optional Gigabit Ethernet copper inline ports, four optional Gigabit Ethernet SX fiber inline ports, and two optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports. These options ensure that the appliance can integrate seamlessly into various network architectures and adapt to evolving connectivity needs.
  • Number of TCP Connections: 60,000, enabling the appliance to handle a high volume of concurrent connections without performance degradation.
  • Power Supply: Equipped with two 650W AC power supplies, ensuring reliable operation and redundancy to minimize downtime.
  • Fan: Features redundant 40 mm and 60 mm fans, maintaining optimal operating temperatures and system reliability.
Physical dimensions and environmental specifications are also key considerations for deployment. The WAVE 7571-K9 measures 3.42 inches in height, 16.89 inches in width, and 24.88 inches in depth, with a weight of 47.66 lbs, making it suitable for rack-mount installation in data centers. It operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -30 °C to 60 °C. The appliance is designed to function in environments with a relative humidity of 10% to 90% (non-condensing) and at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, ensuring reliable performance across various operating conditions. Connectivity options include console USB, Mini-USB, and RJ-45 Serial interfaces, providing flexible management and configuration access. The device's dual power supplies, along with its redundant fan system, underscore its reliability and uptime, critical for maintaining continuous operations in large data center environments. In summary, the Cisco WAVE 7571-K9 stands out as a highly capable appliance for large data centers, offering a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance network performance, provide advanced data protection, and ensure reliable operation. Its extensive connectivity options, coupled with high storage capacity and robust memory, make it a versatile choice for organizations seeking to optimize their WAN deployments and application delivery.


Model NumberCisco WAVE 7571-K9
TCP Connection Capacity60,000
Storage Capacity3.2 Terabytes
Redundancy ConfigurationRAID 5
Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Ports2
Additional Copper Gigabit Ethernet Ports8
Additional SX Fiber Gigabit Ethernet Ports4
Extra 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ Ports2
System Memory48 GB DRAM
Maximum HDD Configuration8 x 450 GB HDD
Network Interface TypesDual 10/100/1000BASE-T
Power UnitsDual 650W AC Supplies
Cooling SystemDual 40 mm & 60 mm Fans
Management InterfacesUSB, Mini-USB, RJ-45 Serial
Unit Height3.42 inches
Unit Width16.89 inches
Unit Depth24.88 inches
Unit Weight47.66 pounds
Electrical Input Range90 to 132 VAC
Lowest Operating Temperature0 °C
Highest Operating Temperature40 °C
Lowest Non-operational Temperature-30 °C
Highest Non-operational Temperature60 °C
Humidity Range During Operation10% to 90% Non-condensing
Maximum Operating Elevation10,000 feet
Intended UseLarge Data Center Core Deployments

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