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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15216 Series
Product Type: Channel Patch Panel
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Product Description

The 15216-EF-40-EVEN CISCO operates at a reference wavelength of 1530.72 nm within a wavelength range of 1530.33 nm, ensuring precise optical networking performance. It is designed to function in environments with temperatures ranging from 23°F to 149°F and relative humidity levels between 5-95%. With dimensions of 3.4 in. height, 17.2 in. width, and 10.9 in. depth, and a minimum weight of 10.36 lbs. (4.7 kg), it fits standard networking racks and enclosures efficiently.

FAQs for the 15216-EF-40-EVEN

  • What is the reference wavelength of the device?
    The reference wavelength of the device is 1530.72 nm.
  • How does the temperature affect the device's performance?
    It operates efficiently between 23°F and 149°F. Outside this range, performance may be impacted.
  • What is the range of wavelengths the device supports?
    The wavelength range supported by the device is 1530.33 nm to 1530.72 nm.
  • Can the device operate in high humidity environments?
    Yes, it can operate in environments with relative humidity between 5% and 95%.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the device?
    The device measures 3.4 inches in height, 17.2 inches in width, and 10.9 inches in depth.
  • What is the weight of the device?
    The minimum weight of the device is 10.36 lbs. (4.7 kg).
  • Is the device suitable for use in both hot and cold climates?
    Yes, with a temperature range of 23°F to 149°F, it is suitable for diverse climates.
  • How does relative humidity impact the device?
    It is designed to operate reliably within a relative humidity range of 5% to 95%, ensuring performance is not affected under most conditions.
  • What are the device's storage requirements?
    It should be stored within its operational temperature and humidity range to maintain optimum performance.
  • How does the device's size compare to standard networking equipment?
    With dimensions of 3.4 in. (H) x 17.2 in. (W) x 10.9 in. (D), it aligns with the standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment size.

Product Review

The CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN supports a narrow wavelength range from 1530.33 nm to 1530.72 nm, catering to specific network demands but limiting broader application flexibility. Its operational temperature range from 23°F to 149°F and relative humidity tolerance of 5-95% ensure reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions. However, the unit's dimensions and weight (3.4 in. height, 17.2 in. width, 10.9 in. depth, and 10.36 lbs.) may require careful consideration for rack space planning in densely packed data centers.


The CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN is a specialized piece of networking hardware designed for precise optical networking tasks. With a focus on hardware specifications, this device stands out for its precision in managing wavelengths and its durable construction, tailored for a wide range of environmental conditions. Central to the CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN's capabilities is its reference wavelength of 1530.72 nm, making it suitable for dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) applications. This is complemented by a wavelength range of 1530.33 nm, which ensures flexibility and efficiency in transmitting multiple signals over the same optical fiber by using different wavelengths of laser light. This feature allows for the expansion of bandwidth over existing fiber networks without the need for additional cables.
  • Reference Wavelength: 1530.72 nm
  • Wavelength Range: 1530.33 nm
  • Minimum Weight: 10.36 lbs. (4.7 kg)
Designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, the CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN operates efficiently within a temperature range from 23°F to 149°F. This wide operating temperature range ensures reliability in both cold and hot environments, making it suitable for deployment in a diverse array of geographical locations. Additionally, it can function in relative humidity levels ranging from 5% to 95%, allowing it to perform in both dry and humid conditions without condensation issues, which could otherwise impact performance. Physically, the unit measures 3.4 inches in height, 17.2 inches in width, and 10.9 inches in depth. With a minimum weight of 10.36 lbs. (4.7 kg), it presents a compact yet sturdy structure that is easy to install in various settings. The dimensions and weight of the device make it an efficient use of space within data centers or networking closets, where space can often be at a premium. The CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN's design and construction are centered around providing reliable, high-capacity optical connections. Its precise wavelength management capabilities make it an essential component for service providers and enterprises looking to maximize the efficiency of their optical networking infrastructure. The device's durability and flexibility in various environmental conditions further ensure that it can be deployed in a wide range of operational scenarios, providing consistent performance and reliability. In summary, the CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN emerges as a critically designed piece of networking hardware for applications requiring high precision in wavelength management and environmental resilience. Its specifications cater to the demanding needs of modern optical networks, offering an efficient solution for expanding bandwidth capabilities while ensuring reliable performance across diverse conditions.


Item Number CISCO 15216-EF-40-EVEN
Manufacturer CISCO
Central Wavelength 1530.72 nanometers
Wavelength Span 1530.33 nanometers
Lowest Operating Temperature -5°C
Highest Operating Temperature 65°C
Ambient Humidity Range 5% to 95%
Unit Height 3.4 inches
Unit Width 17.2 inches
Unit Depth 10.9 inches
Starting Weight 10.36 pounds (4.7 kilograms)

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