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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Optical Interleaver
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Product Description

The 15216-MD-ID-50 features a polarization mode dispersion (PMD) of 0.3 ps and a polarization-dependent loss (PDL) of 0.4 dB, ensuring minimal signal degradation. It is equipped with an LC-UPC II connector type for reliable fiber optic connections. Additionally, it boasts an optical return loss of 40.0 dB and operates effectively in environments with 5-95% noncondensing humidity.

FAQs for the 15216-MD-ID-50

  • What is the polarization mode dispersion (PMD) value of this device?
    The PMD value is 0.3 picoseconds.
  • How does the device handle polarization-dependent loss (PDL)?
    It has a PDL of 0.4 dB, ensuring minimal signal degradation due to polarization effects.
  • What is the optical return loss specification?
    The optical return loss is specified at 40.0 dB, providing efficient signal reflection management.
  • Can the device operate in high humidity environments?
    Yes, it is designed to operate in environments with 5-95% non-condensing humidity.
  • What type of connector does the device use?
    It utilizes an LC-UPC II connector for reliable optical fiber connections.
  • Is the device resistant to environmental conditions?
    Yes, with its humidity tolerance of 5-95% noncondensing, it's well-suited for various environmental conditions.
  • How does polarization mode dispersion affect network performance?
    PMD of 0.3 ps minimizes time delay variations between different polarization modes, ensuring stable network performance.
  • What significance does the optical return loss hold in network hardware?
    An optical return loss of 40.0 dB indicates strong signal reflection control, crucial for maintaining signal integrity.
  • What is the importance of PDL in optical devices?
    A low PDL of 0.4 dB ensures consistent signal strength across different polarizations, enhancing overall network reliability.
  • How does connector type impact network installations?
    Using an LC-UPC II connector facilitates easy and secure optical fiber connections, streamlining network installations.

Product Review

The CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50 offers a low Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) of 0.3 ps and a Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL) of 0.4 dB, indicating high signal integrity for optical networking. With an Optical Return Loss of 40.0 dB, it ensures minimal signal reflection, enhancing network performance. However, its reliance on LC-UPC II connectors might limit compatibility with some existing network infrastructure.


The CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50 is a specialized device designed to enhance and optimize network performance through advanced optical networking capabilities. This device is tailored for networks that require high levels of data integrity and speed, making it an essential component for telecommunications providers, large enterprises, and data centers that manage large volumes of data transmission. At the core of the CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50's specifications is its exceptional handling of polarization mode dispersion (PMD), which is maintained at a minimal 0.3 ps. This low PMD value is crucial for maintaining the integrity of optical signals over long distances, ensuring that data transmission remains both fast and reliable. The device's ability to keep PMD to such a low level makes it an ideal solution for applications that cannot tolerate signal degradation, such as high-speed broadband networks and critical data links. Another key specification of this device is its polarization-dependent loss (PDL), which stands at 0.4 dB. This measurement indicates the device's efficiency in maintaining signal strength despite the polarization of light in the fiber, which can often lead to variations in signal loss. By keeping the PDL low, the CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50 ensures consistent performance and reduces the likelihood of data errors due to signal attenuation. Optical return loss is another critical specification, with the CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50 boasting a high rating of 40.0 dB. This high level of optical return loss is indicative of the device's effectiveness in minimizing back reflections, which can cause interference and degrade the quality of the signal. By effectively managing these reflections, the device helps to maintain a clear, uninterrupted signal path, which is essential for the transmission of high-speed data. The device is designed to operate efficiently in a wide range of environmental conditions, with an operational humidity range of 5-95% noncondensing. This broad humidity tolerance ensures that the device can perform reliably in various climates and conditions without the risk of condensation affecting its components or performance.
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD): 0.3 ps
  • Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL): 0.4 dB
  • Optical Return Loss: 40.0 dB
Connectivity is facilitated through the use of LC-UPC II connectors, which are widely recognized for their high performance and reliability in optical networks. These connectors ensure a stable and secure connection, minimizing the risk of signal loss or degradation at the connection points. The choice of LC-UPC II connectors also supports easy integration with existing network infrastructure, allowing for seamless upgrades or expansions without the need for extensive modifications. In summary, the CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50 is designed to meet the needs of high-performance optical networks, offering low PMD and PDL, high optical return loss, and reliable operation across a range of environmental conditions. Its use of LC-UPC II connectors further ensures compatibility and ease of integration with existing network components, making it a valuable addition to any network seeking to enhance its optical networking capabilities.


Model Number CISCO 15216-MD-ID-50
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) 0.3 picoseconds
Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL) 0.4 decibels
Optical Return Loss 40 decibels
Operational Humidity Range 5% to 95%, Non-condensing
Connector Specification LC-UPC Type II

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