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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Wavelength Selective Switch
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Product Description

The 15454-32-WSS is a Cisco optical add/drop multiplexer designed for efficient wavelength management across 32 channels in the Band C spectrum. It features MPO connectors for the add path and LC connectors for interconnections, enhancing compatibility and ease of integration. The device includes two 2-meter LC/LC fiber optic cables to facilitate immediate setup and connectivity.

FAQs for the 15454-32-WSS

  • What is the number of channels available on this device?
    The device supports 32 channels.
  • Can you specify the band type supported by part number?
    The supported band type is C.
  • What type of connectors does the device use for adding paths?
    It uses MPO connectors for adding paths.
  • What are the connectors for interconnection featured in this model?
    LC connectors are used for interconnection.
  • Does the device come with any fiber optic cables?
    Yes, it includes two 2-meter LC/LC fiber optic cables.
  • What is the primary use of this networking hardware?
    It is used for Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing.
  • Are additional cables required for setup?
    The package includes necessary cables for basic setup, but additional or replacement cables may be needed depending on the installation requirements.
  • Is there a need for external power supply for this device?
    Specific power requirements, if any, should be checked in the device specifications. Typically, networking hardware like this may require an external power source.
  • Can this device support connections over long distances?
    Yes, with appropriate fiber optic cables and under optimal conditions, it can support long-distance connections.
  • Is the hardware compatible with all network infrastructures?
    Compatibility can vary. It's essential to verify the device's specifications against your current network infrastructure to ensure compatibility.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-32-WSS, supporting 32 channels on the C band, is designed for optical add/drop multiplexing, making it suitable for scalable network infrastructures. The inclusion of MPO connectors for the add path and LC connectors for interconnection, along with two 2-meter LC/LC fiber optic cables, facilitates straightforward integration into existing setups. However, the device's reliance on specific connector types may limit flexibility in diverse network configurations.


The CISCO 15454-32-WSS is a specialized piece of networking hardware designed for optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM) applications. This device operates within the C band, the most commonly used frequency range for telecommunications, and offers a capacity for 32 channels. This allows for the efficient management of multiple optical signals, making it an essential component for service providers and networks that require high bandwidth and flexibility. Key to the CISCO 15454-32-WSS are its connectors, which facilitate the add path and interconnection processes crucial for OADM. The device is equipped with an MPO connector for the add path, enabling the integration of new signals into the fiber optic cable without significant signal loss or degradation. For interconnection purposes, the CISCO 15454-32-WSS utilizes LC connectors, known for their compact size and reliability in maintaining stable connections. This combination of connectors ensures that the device can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures while providing the necessary adaptability for network expansions or reconfigurations. Included with the CISCO 15454-32-WSS are two 2-meter LC/LC fiber optic cables. These cables are essential for establishing immediate connections, allowing for quick setup and integration into the network. The provision of these cables ensures that the device can be deployed rapidly, minimizing downtime and simplifying the installation process. The CISCO 15454-32-WSS offers several notable features: - 32 Channels: Supports up to 32 channels, enabling substantial data throughput and efficient use of the C band. - C Band Operation: Operates in the C band, ensuring compatibility with the majority of telecommunication applications and offering optimal performance. - Connectors: Features MPO connectors for add paths and LC connectors for interconnection, providing flexibility and ease of integration into existing networks. This device is an ideal solution for service providers and networks looking to enhance their optical networking capabilities. By facilitating the add/drop of optical channels, the CISCO 15454-32-WSS enhances network flexibility, allowing for the dynamic allocation of bandwidth in response to changing demands. Its use of reliable connectors and inclusion of essential fiber optic cables further ensure that networks can achieve high levels of performance and reliability. In summary, the CISCO 15454-32-WSS is a comprehensive solution for optical add/drop multiplexing, combining efficient channel management with ease of integration. Its specifications, including the number of channels, operational band, and types of connectors, make it a versatile and effective choice for enhancing network capacity and flexibility. Whether for upgrading existing infrastructures or deploying new networks, this device offers the essential features and capabilities needed for modern optical networking.


Model Number CISCO 15454-32-WSS
Channel Count 32
Optical Band C
Add Path Connector Type MPO
Interconnect Connector Type LC
Included Accessories Two LC/LC Fiber Optic Cables (2 meters each)
Application Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing

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