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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Network Cables
Product Type: Ethernet Cable
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Product Description

The CAB-Q-S-0.5M Arista cable features a 0.5m (1.64ft) length and supports a maximum data rate of 40Gbps, suitable for high-speed data transmission. It is designed for optimal performance with a 30 AWG wire and PVC (OFNR) jacket, ensuring durability and compliance with various protocols including 40G InfiniBand, 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel. This cable is hot-pluggable, QSFP+ and SFP+ MSA compliant, supports 40G to 4x 10G Ethernet interoperability, and ensures low insertion loss and minimal crosstalk for reliable connectivity in datacom and telecom switch and router connections.

Key Feature for the CAB-Q-S-0.5M

  • What is the maximum power consumption of the QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ cable?
    The maximum power consumption is 0.5W.
  • How long is the cable provided with part number QSFP+ to 4xSFP+?
    The cable length is 0.5m (1.64ft).
  • What data rate does this networking cable support?
    It supports a maximum data rate of 40Gbps.
  • What is the wire gauge for the QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ cable?
    The wire gauge is 30 AWG.
  • Can you describe the jacket material of the cable?
    The jacket material is PVC (OFNR).
  • What protocols are supported by part number QSFP+ to 4xSFP+?
    Supported protocols include 40G InfiniBand 8x DDR, 4x QDR, 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel.
  • What are the operating temperature limits of this cable?
    The operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 70°C.
  • What is the minimum bending radius for the QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ cable?
    The minimum bend radius is 21mm for flexible routing.
  • Is digital diagnostic monitoring available on this cable?
    No, digital diagnostic monitoring is not available.
  • What are some of the key features of the QSFP+ to 4xSFP+ networking cable?
    Key features include low insertion loss, ultra-low crosstalk, supports 40G to 4x 10G Ethernet interoperability, and is hot pluggable QSFP+ and SFP+ MSA compliant.

Product Review

The Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M cable excels in data transmission, supporting up to 40Gbps rates, suitable for high-speed networks and various protocols like 40G InfiniBand and 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet. However, its limited 0.5m length restricts deployment flexibility in larger setups. Additionally, while the cable's PVC jacket and 30 AWG wire gauge ensure durability and compliance with OFNR standards, the absence of digital diagnostic monitoring might limit troubleshooting capabilities in complex network environments.


The Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M is a high-speed networking cable designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and networking environments. With a maximum data rate of 40Gbps, it ensures fast and efficient data transfer over a distance of 0.5 meters (1.64 feet), making it ideal for connecting hardware within close proximity. The cable utilizes 30AWG wire gauge, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for high-speed data communication. Constructed with PVC (OFNR) jacket material, the Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M guarantees durability and safety in a wide range of operating conditions. It operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0°C to 70°C, and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. This wide temperature tolerance ensures that the cable remains reliable in various environments, from controlled data centers to demanding industrial settings. The cable supports a variety of protocols, including 40G InfiniBand 8x DDR, 4x QDR, 10G/40Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel, making it versatile for different network configurations and requirements. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing network setups, facilitating easy upgrades and expansions. Key features of the Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M include: - Hot pluggable QSFP+ and SFP+ MSA compliance, allowing for easy installation and maintenance without the need to power down the network or disrupt service. - Supports 40G to 4x 10G Ethernet interoperability, providing flexibility for network design and scalability. - Low insertion loss and ultra-low crosstalk, enhancing signal integrity and network reliability. The Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M is designed with a minimum bend radius of 21mm, offering flexible routing options in tight spaces. This feature is particularly useful in densely packed data centers, where space optimization is critical. Despite its high-performance capabilities, the cable has a maximum power consumption of only 0.5W and operates on a supply voltage of 3.3V, making it an energy-efficient choice for networking hardware. With an impedance of 100 Ω and a weight of 0.3 kg, the Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M combines lightweight design with robust electrical specifications. Although it does not support digital diagnostic monitoring, its reliable performance and compliance with multiple industry standards, including QSFP+ and SFP+ MSA, ensure it meets the needs of demanding datacom and telecom switch and router connections. In summary, the Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M is a versatile and efficient networking cable that offers high-speed data transfer, flexible installation options, and compatibility with a wide range of protocols and standards. Its durable construction and energy-efficient design make it a suitable choice for a variety of networking applications, from enterprise data centers to industrial environments.


Part Number Arista CAB-Q-S-0.5M
Manufacturer Arista
Maximum Consumption of Power 0.5 Watts
Length of Cable 0.5 meters (1.64 feet)
Peak Data Transfer Speed 40 Gbps
Gauge of Wire 30 AWG
Material of Outer Jacket PVC (OFNR)
Supported Protocols 40G InfiniBand 8x DDR, 4x QDR, 10G/40G Ethernet, Fibre Channel
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70°C
Minimum Storage Temperature -40°C
Maximum Storage Temperature 85°C
Operating Voltage 3.3 Volts
Electrical Impedance 100 Ohms
Gauge of Cable 30 AWG
Type of Jacket PVC
Monitoring of Digital Diagnostics Not Available
Mass 0.3 kilograms
Flexible Routing Minimum Bend Radius 21 mm
40G to 4x 10G Ethernet Conversion Support Yes
Hot-Swap Capability QSFP+ and SFP+ MSA Compliant
Signal Loss Insertion Low Low
Minimum Crosstalk Ultra-low
Connector Types QSFP+/4xSFP+
Usage Datacom/Telecom switch & router connections

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