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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Networks DCS-7000 Series Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R is a high-performance switch designed for data centers and enterprise networks. It features 48 10GBASE-T ports and 4 40G QSFP+ ports, providing flexible connectivity options for a range of network environments. The switch supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols, including advanced features such as IPv6, VXLAN, and OpenFlow, and can handle data rates of up to 1.44 Tbps.

Key Feature for the DCS-7120T-4S-R

1. 48 10GBASE-T ports and 4 40G QSFP+ ports 
2. Data rates of up to 1.44 Tbps 
3. Supports Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols 
4. IPv6, VXLAN, and OpenFlow support 
5. Low-latency design for high-performance applications 
6. Energy-efficient with a maximum power consumption of 280W

Product Review

Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R is a leading product in its category thanks to its impressive hardware features. Its innovative dual fixed-pluggable form factor, with four SFP+ 1/10 GbE ports, allows for the utmost flexibility when deploying solutions. Additionally, the DCS-7120T-4S-R is equipped with a high performance data center switching ASIC, enabling it to deliver wire-speed switching over 10 GbE and 40Gbps of line rate throughput. These features guarantee users enhanced network performance, enabling them to optimally manage their computing resources.


The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R is a dense, high-performance switch delivering an ultra-low latency switching solution for large data centers and enterprise networks. The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R provides up to two times the switching capacity, four times the port density, and twenty times the forwarding performance of traditional network switches. The switch offers 12 x 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet ports enabling superior performance in any customer or enterprise application. It comes with 1x slot for dedicated supervisor module and 3x expansion slots supporting 4 SFP+ 10GbE ports. Additionally, the system supports dual clock modes including a macro and micro timeline for precise event synchronization. The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R supports up to 480Gbps of switching capacity with a packet throughput rate of 424Mpps. With 24GB of onboard memory, the switch can handle up to seven million routes in a fully populated system, allowing you to build a highly scalable network in any size deployment. The switch also includes advanced forwarding technologies such as OTV (overlay transport virtualization), LISP (location/identifier separation protocol) and TRILL (transparent interconnection of lots of links). By utilizing these technologies the users can create a distributed SDN (software defined networking) environment to simplify and unify network management. The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R is equipped with an array of power saving capabilities including dynamic power capping technology. It also utilizes dynamic fan control for efficient thermal management, allowing automatic adjustments in the fan speed to keep your system running at an optimal temperature without wasting power. The Arista DCS-7120T-4S-R is an innovative network solution designed to deliver outstanding performance while providing energy efficiency and scalability. It meets the needs of both large data centers and enterprise networks while providing simplified network management at an affordable price.

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