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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Networks
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7500-SUP2 Arista features a 1.9 GHz multi-core, x86, 64-bit processor, 32 GB system memory, and 4 GB flash storage memory, designed for compatibility with chassis models DCS-7508, DCS-7504, DCS-7512N, DCS-7508N, and DCS-7504N. It supports a comprehensive redundancy system including N+N grid redundant power, 1+1 supervisor redundancy, N+1 fabric module redundancy, and N+1 fan module redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The unit provides front-to-rear airflow for efficient cooling, AC and DC power options, and can scale up to 864 100GbE ports per 42U rack, with a deep packet buffer of 24GB per line card, optimizing network performance and reliability.

Key Feature for the DCS-7500-SUP2

  • What are the physical dimensions of this networking hardware?
    The dimensions are 8.5” (W) x 1.75” (H) x 23” (D) or 21.6 cm x 4.4 cm x 58.4 cm.
  • How much does the device weigh?
    It weighs 5 lbs (2.4 kg).
  • What is the typical and maximum power consumption?
    Typical power consumption is 80W, with a maximum of 120W.
  • Can you list the chassis that support this device?
    Supported chassis include DCS-7508, DCS-7504, DCS-7512N, DCS-7508N, and DCS-7504N.
  • What are the processor specifications?
    The processor is a 1.9 GHz, multi-core, x86, 64-bit.
  • How much system memory is included?
    The device comes with 32 GB of system memory.
  • What is the capacity of the flash storage memory?
    Flash storage memory is 4 GB.
  • Describe the connectivity options available on this device.
    It includes one RS-232 serial port (RJ-45), two 100/1000 management ports (RJ-45), and two USB 2.0 interfaces.
  • Is SSD storage available, and if so, what is its capacity?
    SSD storage is optional with a capacity of 120 GB.
  • What redundancy and power options does this device offer?
    It features N+N Grid redundant power system, 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, N+1 Fabric and Fan module redundancy, AC and DC power options, and front-to-rear airflow for cooling.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7500-SUP2 offers notable scalability and redundancy features, including support for up to 864 100GbE ports per 42U rack and comprehensive redundancy options such as N+N grid redundant power system, 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, and N+1 for both fabric and fan modules. On the downside, its physical dimensions and weight (21.6 cm W x 4.4 cm H x 58.4 cm D, 2.4 kg) may pose challenges for space-constrained installations. Additionally, the unit's power consumption, at 80W typical and 120W maximum, requires careful consideration in planning for energy efficiency and operational costs in dense deployments.


The Arista DCS-7500-SUP2 is a supervisor engine designed for high-performance computing environments, offering advanced capabilities in processing, memory, and network management. It serves as a critical component in Arista's 7500 series chassis, including the DCS-7508, DCS-7504, DCS-7512N, DCS-7508N, and DCS-7504N, enhancing their functionality and reliability in data center operations. This supervisor module is powered by a 1.9 GHz multi-core, x86, 64-bit processor paired with 32 GB of system memory, ensuring efficient handling of network management tasks and processes. It also features 4 GB of flash storage memory for firmware and configurations, with the option to expand storage via a 120 GB SSD for additional capacity and speed in data logging and software execution. Connectivity options on the DCS-7500-SUP2 are ample, with one RS-232 serial port (RJ-45) for console management, two 100/1000 management ports (RJ-45) for network connections, and two USB 2.0 interfaces for external storage and devices. These ports facilitate easy management and integration into existing network infrastructures. The hardware specifications of the DCS-7500-SUP2 emphasize durability and efficiency, with a compact physical footprint of 8.5” (21.6 cm) in width, 1.75” (4.4 cm) in height, and 23” (58.4 cm) in depth, and a weight of 5 lbs (2.4 kg). It operates within a typical power range of 80W, with a maximum threshold of 120W, demonstrating its energy efficiency. Key features of the Arista DCS-7500-SUP2 include: - N+N Grid redundant power system: This ensures continuous operation and high availability by providing backup power sources in the event of a failure. - 1+1 Supervisor redundancy: A redundant supervisor setup guarantees non-stop service, automatically switching to a backup supervisor engine if the primary encounters a fault. - N+1 Fabric module redundancy: This feature enhances the reliability of the network fabric, allowing for uninterrupted connectivity even if a fabric module fails. Furthermore, the DCS-7500-SUP2 supports both AC and DC power options, accommodates front-to-rear airflow for optimal cooling, and offers a low power consumption rate of 25W per 100GbE port, making it an environmentally conscious choice for data centers. It is capable of supporting up to 864 100GbE ports per 42U rack when fully populated, showcasing its scalability and capacity for large-scale deployments. The inclusion of dual supervisor modules allows for seamless failover and high availability, while the deep packet buffer (24GB per line card) ensures efficient data processing and traffic management, even during peak loads. In summary, the Arista DCS-7500-SUP2 stands out as a powerful and reliable supervisor engine for data centers requiring high availability, scalability, and efficient network management. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with robust hardware specifications, makes it a pivotal component in maintaining smooth and efficient network operations.


Item Number and MakerArista DCS-7500-SUP2
Width8.5 inches (21.6 cm)
Height1.75 inches (4.4 cm)
Depth23 inches (58.4 cm)
Mass5 pounds (2.4 kilograms)
Power Use (Typical/Peak)80W/120W
Compatible ChassisDCS-7508, DCS-7504, DCS-7512N, DCS-7508N, DCS-7504N
CPU1.9 GHz, Multi-Core, x86, 64-bit
Main Memory32 GB
Embedded Storage4 GB
RS-232 Serial InterfacesOne (RJ-45)
Management Ports Speed100/1000 Mbps (Two RJ-45)
USB PortsTwo USB 2.0
Optional SSD Capacity120 GB
Power Grid RedundancyN+N
Supervisor Engine Redundancy1+1
Fabric Module RedundancyN+1
Cooling Fan RedundancyN+1
Power Supply TypesAC/DC
Cooling Airflow DirectionFront-to-rear
Energy Efficiency25W per 100GbE port
Max 100GbE DensityUp to 864 ports per 42U rack
Supervisor Module CountDual
Buffer Size24GB per line card

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