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by Arista
Product Line: Arista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7500E-6C2-LC is a high-capacity line card designed for Arista networks, supporting up to 6 CFP2 ports for 10G/40G/100G connectivity, making it versatile for various bandwidth requirements. It features a substantial 9 GB port buffer to enhance data flow and reduce congestion, alongside broad protocol support including 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree, 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, and 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP for improved network resilience and efficiency. With dimensions of 17.5 x 1.75 x 23 in and a weight of 12.4 lb, this line card fits seamlessly into DCS-7508 and DCS-7504 chassis, supporting advanced features such as Jumbo Frames and Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) for enhanced performance and scalability.

Key Feature for the DCS-7500E-6C2-LC

  • What is the weight of the networking hardware?
    The hardware weighs 12.4 lb (5.6 kg).
  • How many ports does the device support?
    The device has 6 CFP2 ports, supporting 10G/40G/100G configurations.
  • Can you list the power requirements?
    Typical power consumption is 300W, with a maximum of 320W.
  • What chassis are compatible with this hardware?
    It supports DCS-7508 and DCS-7504 chassis.
  • What are the device dimensions?
    Dimensions are 17.5 x 1.75 x 23 in (44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4 cm).
  • How many 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE ports are supported?
    The device supports up to 62 10GbE, 12 40GbE, and 6 100GbE ports.
  • What is the total port buffer size?
    The port buffer size is 9 GB.
  • Does the hardware support VLANs?
    Yes, it supports 4096 VLANs, including Q-in-Q and 802.1Q VLANs/Trunking.
  • What protocols are supported for ensuring network reliability and performance?
    Supported protocols include 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree, 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree (RPVST+), 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP, and Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG).
  • What features are available for managing network traffic and enhancing security?
    Features include IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping, Storm Control, 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol, 802.3x Flow Control, and Jumbo Frames up to 9216 Bytes.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC module offers a versatile range of connectivity options with its support for 10G, 40G, and 100G speeds across 6 CFP2 ports, catering to diverse networking demands. With a substantial port buffer of 9 GB, it ensures efficient handling of high-volume traffic, mitigating congestion and packet loss. However, its power consumption of up to 320W may pose challenges for energy-sensitive deployments, necessitating careful consideration of operational costs and cooling requirements.


The Arista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC is a high-performance networking module designed for the Arista 7500E Series modular switches, specifically compatible with the DCS-7508 and DCS-7504 chassis. This module is engineered to enhance the scalability and flexibility of data center networks, catering to the demands of high bandwidth applications and dense multi-tenancy environments. Weighing 12.4 lb (5.6 kg) and with dimensions of 17.5 x 1.75 x 23 inches (44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4 cm), the module is compact yet powerful, designed to maximize space and efficiency in data centers. It operates typically at 300W power consumption, with a maximum of 320W, balancing performance with energy efficiency. The DCS-7500E-6C2-LC is equipped with 6 CFP2 ports, supporting 10G, 40G, and 100G Ethernet connections. This flexibility allows for up to 62 10GbE connections, 12 40GbE connections, or 6 100GbE connections, providing a versatile platform for various network architectures and scalability options. The module boasts a 9 GB port buffer, ensuring smooth data transmission and minimizing packet loss even under heavy network loads. Key features of the DCS-7500E-6C2-LC include: - Support for 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree, 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol, and Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree (RPVST+) for enhanced network reliability and resilience. - Implementation of VLANs, with support for 4096 VLANs, Q-in-Q tunneling, and 802.1Q VLAN tagging, allows for efficient network segmentation and improved security. - Advanced traffic management features, such as 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG), and 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol, facilitate higher throughput and network flexibility. - Support for Jumbo Frames up to 9216 Bytes, enabling the efficient handling of large data packets and reducing the overhead associated with smaller packet sizes. - Comprehensive multicast and broadcast traffic control features, including IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and Storm Control, ensure optimized network performance and mitigate the risk of traffic flooding. The Arista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC is designed with industry standards in mind, offering compatibility with a wide range of protocols and features to ensure seamless integration into existing network infrastructures. Its advanced capabilities make it an ideal solution for data centers looking to upgrade their network's performance, scalability, and reliability. In summary, the Arista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC is a versatile and efficient networking module that provides a comprehensive solution for modern data centers. Its support for high-speed Ethernet standards, combined with advanced traffic management and network resilience features, positions it as a key component in the infrastructure of any demanding data center environment.


Item Number and ProducerArista DCS-7500E-6C2-LC
Weight5.6 kg (12.4 lb)
Maximum Standard Power Consumption300 Watts (Peak 320 Watts)
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4 cm (17.5 x 1.75 x 23 in)
Compatible ChassisDCS-7508, DCS-7504
Interface Ports6 CFP2 (Supports 10G/40G/100G speeds)
Maximum Number of 10GbE Ports62
Maximum Number of 40GbE Ports12
Maximum Number of 100GbE Ports6
Memory per Port9 GB
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol Support802.1w
Support for Multiple Spanning Trees802.1s
Rapid PVST+Supported
VLAN Capacity4096
802.1Q TunnelingSupported
Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)802.3ad
Multi-Chassis AggregationMLAG Supported
VLAN and Trunking802.1Q
Link Layer Discovery802.1AB
Flow Control802.3x
Maximum Frame Size9216 Bytes (Jumbo Frames)
IGMP SnoopingVersions 1, 2, and 3
Broadcast, Multicast, and Unicast Storm ControlSupported
Audio Video Bridging (AVB)802.1AVB

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