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Product Description

The DCS-7508E-BND Arista features 16 total expansion slots compatible with line cards and supports Layer 3 networking capabilities. It is designed for rack-mounting in an 11U space, with dimensions of 17.5" width, 19" height, and 30" depth, and weighs approximately 300 lb (136 kg). The chassis includes 4 x 2900W AC power supply modules, 6 x fabric modules, 1 x supervisor module, 6 x fan modules, and supports redundant power supply, ensuring reliable operation with a typical power consumption of 10 watts.

Key Feature for the DCS-7508E-BND

  • What is the total number of expansion slots available in the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis?
    There are 16 expansion slots available, designed for line cards.
  • How much power does the device typically consume?
    The typical power consumption is 10 watts.
  • Which layer is supported by the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis?
    It supports Layer 3.
  • Does the device support a redundant power supply?
    Yes, a redundant power supply is supported.
  • What is the compatible rack unit size for this device?
    The compatible rack unit size is 11U.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis?
    The dimensions are 17.5 inches in width, 19 inches in height, and 30 inches in depth, with an approximate weight of 300 lb (approximately 300 kg).
  • Can the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis be mounted in a rack?
    Yes, it is rack-mountable.
  • What components are included with the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis?
    Included are 4 x 2900W AC power supply modules, 6 x fabric modules, 1 x supervisor module, 6 x fan modules, 1 x accessory kit, 4 x power cords (C19-C20), and blank covers for all unused slots.
  • Is the DCS-7508 Switch Chassis environmentally certified?
    Yes, it has an RoHS-5 environmental certification.
  • What is the power source for the device?
    The power source is a power supply.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7508E-BND offers substantial scalability with 16 total expansion slots, accommodating a variety of line cards for diverse networking needs. However, its considerable size and weight (300 lb) necessitate ample rack space and physical planning in a data center environment. The inclusion of redundant power supplies and efficient power consumption at 10 watts per slot enhance its reliability and operational cost-effectiveness.


The Arista DCS-7508E-BND is a high-capacity, networking hardware solution designed for efficiency and scalability in data centers and large network environments. This product features a total of 16 expansion slots, tailored specifically for line card integration, facilitating flexible network configuration and expansion capabilities. With support for Layer 3 operations, the device is well-suited for complex routing tasks, enhancing network performance and reliability. At the heart of its design, the DCS-7508E-BND incorporates a power-efficient architecture, with a typical power consumption of just 10 watts. This not only contributes to lower operational costs but also supports organizations in achieving their energy efficiency goals. The system is equipped with a power supply that supports redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing downtime in the event of a power supply failure. The chassis is compatible with an 11U rack unit, adopting a rack-mountable form factor that optimizes space within a data center. The dimensions are measured at a height of 19 inches, a width of 17.5 inches, and a depth of 30 inches, with an approximate weight of 300 lb (approximately 136 kg), ensuring a substantial yet manageable footprint within its operating environment. Key components included with the DCS-7508E-BND are: - 4 x 2900W AC Power Supply Modules, providing ample power for the system's needs and allowing for redundancy. - 6 x Fabric Modules, which enhance the switch’s performance and scalability by facilitating efficient data flow across different parts of the network. - 1 x Supervisor Module, central to managing the switch’s operations and ensuring smooth network performance. - 6 x Fan Modules, critical for maintaining optimal operating temperatures and ensuring the longevity of the hardware. - 1 x Accessory kit, 4 x Power Cord (C19-C20), and blank covers for all unused slots, completing the setup for immediate deployment. The switch's commitment to environmental standards is evident in its RoHS-5 environmental certification, indicating compliance with restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. In summary, the Arista DCS-7508E-BND combines efficient power consumption, redundancy features, and a compact, rack-mountable design, making it a compelling choice for data centers looking to optimize their network infrastructure. Its comprehensive set of components ensures that the system is ready for immediate deployment, while the inclusion of blank covers for unused slots signifies attention to detail, protecting the system against dust and other potential harms. This switch represents a strategic investment for enterprises seeking to enhance their network's performance, reliability, and scalability.


Item Number and Producer Arista DCS-7508E-BND
Total Number of Expansion Slots 16
Type of Expansion Slot Line Card
Average Power Usage 10 watts
Network Layer Support 3
Power Supply Origin Power Supply
Support for Redundant Power Supply Yes
Rack Unit Compatibility 11U
Installation Style Rack-mountable
Unit Height 19 inches
Unit Width 17.5 inches
Unit Depth 30 inches
Approximate Mass 300 pounds
Components DCS-7508 Switch Chassis, 4 x 2900W AC Power Supplies, 6 x Fabric Modules, 1 x Supervisor Module, 6 x Cooling Fans, 1 x Accessory Kit, 4 x Power Cables (C19-C20), Unused Slot Blanks
Mass 300 kilograms
Size 17.5 × 19 centimeters
Environmental Compliance RoHS-5

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