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by Arista
Product Line: Arista DCS-7516N-CH
Product Type: Chassis Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7516N-CH Arista boasts a 150 Terabits per second fabric capacity and supports up to 576 wire-speed 100GbE ports, making it suitable for high-density networking environments. It features N+N Grid redundant power systems, N+1 Fabric module redundancy, and front-to-rear airflow for enhanced reliability and cooling efficiency. With 25W per 100GbE port typical power consumption and the ability to scale up to 864 100GbE ports per 42U rack, this switch is designed for optimal performance and scalability in enterprise data centers.

Key Feature for the DCS-7516N-CH

  • What is the fabric capacity of this networking device?
    The device supports a fabric capacity of 150 Terabits per second.
  • How many 100GbE ports does the device support?
    It supports up to 576 wire-speed 100GbE ports.
  • Can you detail the power redundancy options available?
    The device features N+N Grid redundant power system, ensuring high availability and reliability.
  • What power options are available for this device?
    Both AC and DC power options are available, catering to diverse operational needs.
  • What is the maximum packet processing capability?
    It can process up to 69 billion packets per second, ensuring efficient data handling.
  • How is the airflow designed for cooling?
    The device utilizes front-to-rear airflow to optimize cooling efficiency across its components.
  • What is the typical power consumption per 100GbE port?
    The typical power consumption is 25W per 100GbE port.
  • How many 100GbE ports can fit in a 42U rack with this device?
    Up to 864 100GbE ports can be accommodated per 42U rack, maximizing space efficiency.
  • What are the redundancy features for the supervisor and fabric modules?
    It includes 1+1 Supervisor redundancy and N+1 Fabric module redundancy, enhancing system reliability.
  • What are the physical dimensions and weight of the chassis?
    The chassis measures 50.3x19x37.1 inches (128.9 x 48.3 x 94.1cm) / 29RU and weighs 295 lbs (134 kg) without additional components.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7516N-CH offers a significant capacity with a 150 Terabit per second fabric, supporting up to 576 100GbE ports, making it highly suitable for data centers requiring high bandwidth and port density. However, its considerable weight at full system capacity (1025 lbs) and size (29RU) may pose challenges for space-constrained environments. It provides comprehensive redundancy options including N+N Grid power, 1+1 Supervisor, and N+1 for both Fabric and Fan modules, ensuring high reliability and uptime, but these features contribute to its overall complexity and cost.


The Arista DCS-7516N-CH is a high-performance networking switch designed for data centers requiring massive throughput and scalability. This model boasts a fabric capacity of 150 Terabits per second, making it capable of handling extensive data traffic without bottlenecks. Its processing power can reach up to 69 billion packets per second, ensuring efficient data transmission across networks. One of the standout features of the DCS-7516N-CH is its slot capacity, offering up to 9.6 Terabit per second per slot. This capability allows for up to 576 wire-speed 100GbE ports, providing ample connectivity options for high-demand environments. For larger setups, this switch can support up to 864 100GbE ports per 42U rack, demonstrating its exceptional scalability. The device is engineered with redundancy and reliability in mind, featuring an N+N Grid redundant power system, 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, N+1 Fabric module redundancy, and N+1 Fan module redundancy. These features ensure continuous operation, even in the event of component failures. It supports both AC and DC power options, catering to various data center power infrastructures. Additionally, the front-to-rear airflow design optimizes cooling, maintaining operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of the hardware. Power efficiency is another critical aspect of the DCS-7516N-CH, with a typical power consumption of just 25W per 100GbE port. This efficiency helps in reducing operational costs and supports sustainability goals within data center operations. The hardware configuration includes 2 Supervisor slots, 16 Linecard Slots, 6 Fabric Module Slots, and 20 Power Supply Slots. Its physical dimensions are 50.3x19x37.1 inches (or 128.9 x 48.3 x 94.1cm), and it occupies 29RU in a rack. The chassis alone weighs 295 lbs (134 kg), while a fully equipped system can weigh up to 1025 lbs (465 kg).
  • Maximum 10GbE Density: 2,304 Ports
  • Maximum 25GbE Density: 2,304 Ports
  • Maximum 50GbE Density: 1,152 Ports
These specifications highlight the Arista DCS-7516N-CH's capability to handle dense network configurations, making it an ideal solution for data centers that require high-capacity, high-speed networking. Its design caters to the needs of modern data centers, offering both the performance and reliability needed to support critical operations.


Part Number and ManufacturerArista DCS-7516N-CH
Power Configuration OptionsSupports both AC and DC power sources
Switching Capacity150 Tbps fabric throughput
Packet Forwarding RateSupports processing up to 69 billion packets per second
Per Slot CapacityMaximum of 9.6 Tbps for each slot
100GbE Ports CapacitySupports up to 576 100GbE ports at full line-rate
Power System RedundancyAdopts N+N Grid for enhanced reliability
Supervisor Engine RedundancyImplements 1+1 redundancy for supervisor modules
Fabric Module RedundancyFeatures N+1 redundancy for fabric modules
Fan Module RedundancyIncludes N+1 redundancy for cooling modules
Power Supply OptionsAvailable with both AC and DC power supplies
Airflow DirectionDesigned for front-to-rear airflow to ensure efficient cooling
Power ConsumptionAverage of 25W per 100GbE port
Density per RackCapability of up to 864 100GbE ports in a 42U rack
Number of Supervisor Slots2 slots dedicated for supervisor modules
Number of Linecard Slots16 slots available for linecards
Fabric Module Slots6 slots designated for fabric modules
Power Supply Slots20 slots allocated for power supplies
Dimensions50.3x19x37.1 inches (128.9x48.3x94.1 cm) / 29RU
Weight of Chassis295 pounds (134 kilograms)
Full System Weight1025 pounds (465 kilograms)
Maximum 10GbE PortsUp to 2,304 ports supported
Maximum 25GbE PortsAllows for a maximum of 2,304 ports
Maximum 40GbE PortsSupports up to 576 ports
Maximum 50GbE PortsCan accommodate up to 1,152 ports

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