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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA 5585-X Series
Product Type: Firewall Module
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Product Description

The ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9 Cisco features an SSP 20 security services processor designed for high-performance security capabilities. It includes 8GE ports for versatile connectivity options. This model supports 3DES/AES encryption standards, ensuring secure data transmission across networks.

FAQs for the ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9

  • What is the encryption capability of the SSP 20?
    The SSP 20 supports both 3DES and AES encryption methods.
  • How many Gigabit Ethernet ports are available on this device?
    There are 8 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports available.
  • Can the encryption on the device be upgraded or changed?
    Yes, the encryption methods supported by the SSP 20, including 3DES and AES, can be updated based on firmware revisions and security policy requirements.
  • What is the part number for a networking device with 8GE ports and encryption capabilities?
    The part number for a device that features 8GE ports with 3DES/AES encryption capabilities is SSP 20.
  • Is the SSP 20 suitable for enterprise-level networks?
    Yes, with its 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and advanced encryption options, the SSP 20 is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level networks.
  • Can the SSP 20 device support both wired and wireless connections?
    The primary function of the SSP 20 is to provide wired connections through its 8GE ports. Wireless functionality would require additional hardware or configurations.
  • What type of encryption does the device with part number SSP 20 offer for data security?
    The SSP 20 offers 3DES and AES encryption to ensure data security across the network.
  • How does the encryption feature of the SSP 20 enhance network security?
    Encryption on the SSP 20, including 3DES and AES, protects data in transit from unauthorized access and ensures secure communication across the network.
  • Is it possible to configure all 8GE ports on the SSP 20 simultaneously?
    Yes, all 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports on the SSP 20 can be configured and used simultaneously, providing flexibility in network design.
  • What makes the SSP 20 a preferred choice for secure network deployments?
    Its combination of 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and strong encryption options (3DES/AES) make the SSP 20 a reliable choice for secure network deployments.

Product Review

The Cisco ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9, with its 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports, offers a solid foundation for high-speed networking and efficient data handling. It supports 3DES/AES encryption, ensuring secure data transmission across the network. However, the hardware may be seen as lacking in scalability for future network expansions or for handling significantly increased data loads.


The Cisco ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9 is a high-performance security module designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation Firewalls. This module provides a comprehensive security solution that integrates advanced firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and VPN technologies. It is engineered to meet the demands of modern network environments, ensuring secure and efficient data transmission. At the heart of the ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9 is the SSP 20, a security services processor that delivers exceptional throughput and processing power. This processor is adept at handling high traffic loads, making it suitable for both medium-sized enterprises and large data centers. Its advanced architecture enables it to process and secure traffic more efficiently, ensuring that network performance is not compromised. Connectivity is a critical aspect of the ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9, and it excels in this area with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports. These ports facilitate high-speed connections and allow for the segmentation of networks into multiple security zones. By providing multiple ports, the module offers flexibility in network design, enabling organizations to tailor their network architecture to meet specific security requirements. Encryption is another key feature of the ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9, supporting both 3DES and AES algorithms. This capability ensures that data transmitted across the network is protected against unauthorized access and eavesdropping. The support for these encryption standards makes the module highly effective in securing VPN connections and safeguarding sensitive information.
  • SSP 20 Security Services Processor for high-performance traffic processing
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports for flexible connectivity and network segmentation
  • Supports 3DES and AES encryption standards for secure data transmission
The ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9 is designed for easy integration into existing network infrastructures. Its compatibility with Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Firewalls allows for seamless deployment, enabling organizations to enhance their network security without significant hardware changes. The module's design also facilitates easy management and maintenance, reducing the overall operational costs associated with network security. In summary, the Cisco ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9 is a powerful security module that offers advanced protection for networks. With its high-performance processor, multiple connectivity options, and strong encryption capabilities, it provides an effective defense against a wide range of cyber threats. Whether deployed in a medium-sized enterprise or a large data center, this module is capable of meeting the complex security demands of modern network environments.


Model Number ASA-SSP-SFR20-K9
Manufacturer Cisco
Interface Quantity 8 Gigabit Ethernet
Security Protocols Triple DES & Advanced Encryption Standard

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