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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA 5500 Series
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 CISCO features 8 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports and 2 Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, designed for versatile connectivity and power supply options. It supports up to 25 concurrent AnyConnect or Clientless VPN sessions and the same number of Site-to-Site and IPsec IKEv1 VPN sessions, with a VPN throughput of 100 Mbps, catering to secure communication needs. Additionally, the device is equipped with 512 MB of RAM, 3 Hi-Speed USB Type A ports for peripheral connections, and offers firewall throughput of 150 Mbps, ensuring efficient traffic management and network security.

FAQs for the ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8

  • What is the maximum VPN throughput of this device?
    The maximum VPN throughput is 100 Mbps.
  • How many Fast Ethernet ports does the device have?
    It has 8 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports.
  • Can this device support Stateful Failover?
    No, Stateful Failover is not supported.
  • What is the total number of PoE ports available?
    The device offers 2 PoE ports.
  • Is DMZ support available on this networking hardware?
    Yes, DMZ support is available.
  • What kind of VPN sessions can it handle concurrently?
    It can handle 25 concurrent AnyConnect or Clientless VPN sessions and 25 Site-to-Site and IPsec IKEv1 VPN sessions.
  • What are the firewall throughput capabilities of this device?
    The firewall throughput is capable of reaching 150 Mbps.
  • How much RAM is equipped in this device?
    This device is equipped with 512 MB of RAM.
  • Does the device offer VPN load balancing?
    No, VPN load balancing is not available.
  • What types of licenses are required for this device?
    The device requires Security Plus and DES licenses.

Product Review

The CISCO ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 offers a solid array of connectivity options with 8 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports and 2 Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports, catering well to small office environments. However, its maximum VPN throughput of 100 Mbps and support for only 25 concurrent VPN sessions might limit performance in scenarios demanding high bandwidth or numerous remote connections. Additionally, the lack of stateful failover and VPN load balancing capabilities could be significant drawbacks for organizations requiring high availability and optimized network traffic distribution.


The CISCO ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 is a comprehensive security solution designed for small to medium-sized networks. It combines firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities. This product is engineered to deliver high security and connectivity performance. This device features eight 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports, facilitating high-speed connectivity and network efficiency. Among these, two ports support Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling the device to power PoE-capable devices such as IP phones and wireless access points directly through the network cables, reducing the need for additional power supplies. The ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 is designed to handle a maximum VPN throughput of 100 Mbps, ensuring secure and efficient remote access. It supports up to 25 concurrent AnyConnect or clientless VPN sessions, in addition to 25 concurrent site-to-site and IPsec IKEv1 VPN sessions, making it suitable for businesses with remote employees or multiple office locations.
  • DMZ support is available, allowing for secure and isolated hosting of public-facing services.
  • It includes three high-speed USB Type A ports for connecting external devices and storage.
  • The device is equipped with one management console port and one expansion slot, offering flexibility for future upgrades.
Despite its compact desktop form factor, measuring 6.9 x 1.7 inches, the ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 does not support stateful failover or VPN load balancing. It operates without a shared VPN license option. The security licensing options available with this device include Security Plus and DES, providing a foundational level of security features. For networking, the device includes six Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45 ports and two network/power-Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45 ports, offering a total of eight wired connectivity options. The data link protocol supported is Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, with the network/transport protocol being IPSec, catering to various network configurations and requirements. The ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 boasts a firewall throughput of 150 Mbps and a VPN throughput of 100 Mbps, ensuring robust protection and performance for network traffic. It can manage up to 10,000 concurrent sessions, highlighting its capability to support busy networks without compromising on speed or security. Equipped with 512 MB of RAM, this device is built to handle the demands of processing multiple security functions simultaneously, ensuring efficient operation and minimal latency. The inclusion of SSL VPN peers is limited to 2, which allows for secure connections over the internet. In summary, the CISCO ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8 is a versatile and efficient networking hardware solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses seeking a secure, reliable, and high-performance network. Its comprehensive security features, combined with efficient connectivity options and expandability, make it a valuable asset for any organization looking to protect its network from various threats while ensuring seamless operation.


Part Number and ManufacturerCISCO ASA5505-U-AIP5P-K8
Fast Ethernet Ports (10/100)8
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ports2
VPN Throughput Capacity100 Mbps
Max VPN Users (AnyConnect or Clientless)25
Max VPN Users (Site-to-Site + IPsec IKEv1)25
Device TypeDesktop
SSL VPN Peer Limit2
Support for Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)Yes
Capability for Stateful FailoverNo
VPN Balancing CapabilitiesNo
Shared VPN LicensingNo
License TypeSecurity Plus, DES
Ethernet Ports (RJ-45, 10Base-T/100Base-TX)6
Network/Power-Ethernet Ports (RJ-45, 10Base-T/100Base-TX)2
USB Ports (High-Speed, Type A)3
Console Port for Management1
Expansion Slot Count1
Protocols for Data LinkEthernet, Fast Ethernet
Network and Transport ProtocolsIPSec
Firewall Data Throughput150 Mbps
Simultaneous Sessions Supported10,000
Physical Dimensions (Depth x Height)6.9 x 1.7 in.
Memory Capacity512 MB

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