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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Product Type: Router Bundle
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Product Description

The ASR1002X-AES-AX is equipped with advanced integration services, including AX, AVC, AES encryption, and vWAAS for optimized application performance and security. This Cisco router offers scalable, high-performance service delivery, supporting multiple concurrent services. Designed for flexibility and reliability, it addresses the demanding needs of high-end networks.

FAQs for the ASR1002X-AES-AX

  • What is AX in networking hardware?
    AX refers to Application Acceleration, enhancing the performance of applications over a network by reducing latency and improving data transfer speeds.
  • How does AVC support network performance?
    Application Visibility and Control (AVC) allows for the monitoring and management of application traffic on a network, enabling prioritization and optimization of bandwidth usage.
  • Can AES be integrated into any networking device?
    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a security protocol that can be integrated into networking devices that support encryption capabilities, providing secure data transmission.
  • What benefits does vWAAS offer?
    Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) provides optimization techniques for applications over wide-area networks (WAN), improving speed and reducing bandwidth consumption.
  • Is AX compatible with all network types?
    Application Acceleration (AX) is designed to be compatible with a wide range of network types, but its effectiveness can vary depending on the network infrastructure and configuration.
  • What differentiates AVC from traditional network management tools?
    AVC offers deep packet inspection and analysis, allowing for more detailed visibility and control over application traffic compared to traditional network management tools that may only monitor general traffic flow.
  • How does AES encryption impact network performance?
    While AES encrypts data securely, it can introduce a slight delay due to the encryption and decryption process. However, modern hardware is typically optimized to minimize this impact on performance.
  • Can vWAAS be used with cloud services?
    Yes, vWAAS is designed to optimize application performance for both on-premises and cloud-based services, ensuring efficient data transfer and access to applications hosted in the cloud.
  • What hardware requirements are needed for AX implementation?
    Implementing Application Acceleration (AX) may require networking hardware that supports advanced data processing capabilities, including sufficient CPU and memory resources to handle the additional processing load.
  • How does AVC handle encrypted application traffic?
    AVC can analyze and control encrypted application traffic by using techniques such as SSL decryption, allowing for visibility and management of encrypted applications while maintaining data security.

Product Review

The CISCO ASR1002X-AES-AX router offers integrated services of AX, AVC, AES, and vWAAS, enabling efficient traffic management and security encryption. However, its complexity and the associated learning curve can pose challenges for deployment and configuration. Its high throughput and adaptability for growing network demands make it a suitable option for enterprise-level environments seeking scalability and advanced features.


The Cisco ASR1002-X is a high-performance router designed for mid-sized and enterprise branch offices, offering advanced services integration. This device is part of Cisco's Aggregation Services Router (ASR) family, providing a significant upgrade in terms of throughput and processing power compared to its predecessors. With included services such as Application Experience (AX), Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security, and virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS), this router is engineered to deliver secure, high-quality network performance. At the core of the ASR1002-X's capabilities is its integrated services processor, which supports up to 36 Gbps of bandwidth, ensuring that network operations run smoothly even under heavy data traffic conditions. This is a substantial improvement, enabling enterprises to manage their growth efficiently and effectively without the need for frequent hardware upgrades. One of the standout features of the ASR1002-X is its flexibility in connectivity options. The router comes equipped with three onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports, which provide high-speed connectivity and support for a variety of network interfaces. Additionally, it has a built-in six shared port adapters (SPAs) slots and one SPA interface processor slot, offering further customization and scalability options to meet specific networking requirements. Security is a paramount concern for any enterprise network, and the ASR1002-X addresses this with its integrated AES feature. This provides high-level encryption standards for data, ensuring secure transmission across the network. The router also supports a wide range of VPN technologies, further enhancing its security capabilities and making it an ideal solution for businesses with multiple branches or remote operations. The AX and AVC features bring an advanced level of application optimization and visibility. These services allow network administrators to monitor and control application performance and traffic in real-time, ensuring optimal network usage and efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on cloud-based applications or have significant internal data traffic. The inclusion of vWAAS on the ASR1002-X enables better management of WAN resources, reducing latency and improving overall application performance across wide-area networks. This is crucial for enterprises with dispersed geographical operations, ensuring consistent application experiences for all users, regardless of location. Key specifications and features include: - Up to 36 Gbps of bandwidth capacity. - Three onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed connectivity. - Six shared port adapters (SPAs) slots and one SPA interface processors (SIP) slot for enhanced network interface options. Overall, the Cisco ASR1002-X is a powerful and versatile router that offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Its combination of high-performance hardware, advanced security, and application optimization features make it an essential component of any enterprise network infrastructure, ensuring reliable, secure, and efficient operation.


Model Number Manufacturer Features
ASR1002X-AES-AX CISCO Includes Application Experience (AX), Application Visibility and Control (AVC), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS)

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