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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade BR-5320-0008
Product Type: switch
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Product Description

The BR-5320-0008 Brocade features 48 Fibre Channel Ports with a data transfer rate of 8 Gbit/s, and supports expansion through an SFP slot. It is designed for 2U rack-mount installations, with a system weight of 15.6 kg and dimensions of 42.88 cm width, 8.60 cm height, and 61.05 cm depth. The device offers an aggregate bandwidth of 640 Gbps, fibre channel fabric latency of 700 ns, and supports frame sizes up to 2112-byte payload, with 1460 dynamically allocated frame buffers.

Key Feature for the BR-5320-0008

  • Q: What is the data transfer rate of the networking hardware?
    A: The data transfer rate is 8 Gbit/s.
  • Q: How many Fibre Channel Ports does the device have?
    A: It has 48 Fibre Channel Ports.
  • Q: What type of expansion slot is available on this device?
    A: The device comes with an SFP expansion slot type.
  • Q: What is the compatible rack unit size for the networking hardware?
    A: It is compatible with a 2U rack unit.
  • Q: Can you detail the form factor of this networking device?
    A: The form factor is rack-mountable.
  • Q: What is the maximum aggregate bandwidth the device can support?
    A: The aggregate bandwidth supported is 640 Gbps.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of this networking hardware?
    A: Width is 42.88 cm, height is 8.60 cm, and depth is 61.05 cm.
  • Q: What types of media are supported by this device?
    A: It supports hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector media types.
  • Q: What is the operating temperature range for this hardware?
    A: Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
  • Q: How many frame buffers does the device have, and how are they allocated?
    A: The device has 1460 dynamically allocated frame buffers, with a maximum of 268 per port.

Product Review

The Brocade BR-5320-0008 offers high-density networking capabilities with 48 Fibre Channel ports supporting up to 8 Gbit/s data transfer rates, which, combined with its ability to scale up to 64 Gbps per ISL trunk with an additional license, makes it suitable for environments requiring high throughput. However, its non-port to port side airflow design may present challenges in certain rack configurations, potentially impacting cooling efficiency. Additionally, the switch's aggregate bandwidth of 640 Gbps supports large-scale operations, but the requirement for an optional license for full ISL trunking capabilities could increase total cost of ownership.


The Brocade BR-5320-0008 is a high-performance networking hardware designed for data centers requiring efficient, high-speed data transfer capabilities. This device comes equipped with 48 Fibre Channel ports, each capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 8 Gbit/s, ensuring rapid movement of large data volumes across networks. The inclusion of SFP expansion slots enhances its connectivity options, allowing for network customization based on specific requirements. With a 2U compatible rack unit size, this rack-mountable device is engineered for easy integration into existing data center infrastructures. Its design facilitates efficient use of rack space without compromising on performance. The hardware supports up to eight 8 Gbps ports per Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunk, with the potential to reach 64 Gbps per ISL trunk with an optional license, providing a scalable solution for growing data demands. The aggregate bandwidth capability of the Brocade BR-5320-0008 reaches an impressive 640 Gbps, calculated as 80 ports multiplied by 8 Gbps. This high level of bandwidth availability ensures that data flows smoothly and efficiently across the network, minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing performance. The device boasts a fabric latency of just 700ns, enabling quick data processing and transfer times, which is critical for time-sensitive applications. Key hardware specifications include: - Maximum frame size support of a 2112-byte payload, allowing for efficient data packet processing. - A dynamic allocation of 1460 frame buffers, with up to 268 buffers available per port, ensuring reliable data transmission even under heavy load. - A versatile selection of media types supported, including hot-pluggable SFP+ with LC connectors, providing flexibility in network design and connectivity. Additional features of the Brocade BR-5320-0008 include a USB port for easy management and firmware updates, a 10/100 Ethernet port for in-band management over Fibre Channel, and a serial port (RJ-45) for out-of-band management. This device is designed with non-port to port side airflow, ensuring optimal cooling and reliable performance under various operational conditions. The physical dimensions of the device are conducive to easy installation and maintenance in standard 19-inch EIA-compliant racks. It measures 42.88 cm in width, 8.60 cm in height, and 61.05 cm in depth. With a system weight of 15.6 kg when equipped with dual power supplies, it represents a balance between sturdiness and ease of handling. Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 40°C, with a non-operating and storage temperature range of –25°C to 70°C, ensuring reliability and longevity in a wide range of environmental conditions. This makes the Brocade BR-5320-0008 a versatile choice for data centers located in various geographical locations with differing climate conditions. In summary, the Brocade BR-5320-0008 is a powerful, scalable Fibre Channel switch designed to meet the demands of modern data centers. Its advanced features and specifications ensure high-speed data transfer, efficient network management, and reliable performance, making it an essential component of any high-performance networking infrastructure.


Part Number Brocade BR-5320-0008
Fibre Channel Ports Count 48
Maximum Data Rate 8 Gbps
Slot Type for Expansion SFP
Compatible Rack Size 2U
Installation Type Rack-mount
ISL Trunking Up to eight ports at 8 Gbps with optional license, totaling up to 64 Gbps
Total System Bandwidth 640 Gbps (80 ports × 8 Gbps)
Network Latency 700 nanoseconds
Maximum Transmission Unit 2112-byte payload
Dynamic Frame Buffers 1460, with up to 268 per port
USB Ports 1
Supported Media Types Hot-pluggable SFP+, LC connector
Connectivity Options 10/100 Ethernet (RJ-45), Fiber Channel in-band, serial port (RJ-45)
Airflow Direction Non-port to port side
Compliance 19-inch EIA
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 42.88 cm x 8.60 cm x 61.05 cm
Weight 15.6 kg with dual power supplies
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 40°C
Temperature Range (Non-operating and Storage) –25°C to 70°C

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